Ballroom e Youkoso

Am I the only one that just does not like these two together? The entire conflict of this arc could be easily solved by her doing what a follower is supposed to do and following. Tatara has shown several times that he can be an aggressive and commanding lead but every time he tries to leave that way she refuses to follow. Why?

It's why she's called a "Wild Mare". Regardless, the arc is near it's finish so I'm interested to see what the author does with her. My guess is that she's going to stay since Tatara needs a partner who he has synergy with to reach his goal of competing against Shizuku. And the amount of development that Tatara and Chinatsu got would have been a massive waste of time if she just fucks off after this.

Why are the designs so UGLY?

you are ugly

I find them exceptional.

>My guess is that she's going to stay

I want her to be a recurring member of the cast. But I don't want her to be his permanent partner unless she has a major personality change and learns to chill out and follow where he leads not just in dancing but in their day-to-day lives

I love the designs I think they're terrible in the anime and beautiful in the manga.

oh so you prefered the first heroine? the one that's already taken?
so you'd prefer seeing MC being a beta cuckold? hmm

is this like a self insert thing or something?

The anime is plain ugly but the manga designs can get very creepy

>MC being a beta cuckold?
How? He's the one who steals Shizuku from Hyoudou. He's the one made Mako "bloom" right in front of her brother.

She danced in girls only competitions her whole life. Her lesbian friend also made her be the lead the entire time so chinatsu has zero experience following. She's also assertive, which goes counter to Tatara's betaness. Tatara also needs to earn her trust before she's ready to open up. It's been a good arc, both characters had to grow and connect with each other. I'd be disappointed if they broke up so soon.

one dance is not exactly "stealing" anyone
or is it really something you think?

i bet you also thought if you borrowed that one cute girl in your classroom a pen you already beat the chad and steal his girl

Which of the main pairs are most likely to do a photoshoot like Sengoku and Hongou?

It is when both of them are so affected by that one dance that they can't get their minds off of it.

>oh so you prefered the first heroine?
Yes but i don't necessarily want Chinatsu be as submissive as MakoI

My main problem with Chinatsu is that every conflict between her and Tatara has either been caused or prolonged way past the point in which it should have been resolved by her.

Also don't try to pretend like Mako isn't mad adorable.

>but the manga designs can get very creepy
How can you post an example?

None of them. Mako would never do something like that and would be way too embarrassed, Shizuku despite her confidence and demeanor on the dance floor is just as embarrassed as Mako when it comes to lewd things, and Chinatsu is too much of a prude. On the boys side Hyoudou is too autistic to give a fuck, and Tatara would be too embarrassed. Gaju is the only one who would probably agree to that.

Kiyoharu and Shizuku

It's not about who would but who would most likely.

>that pic
Oh god why

Then my point still stands. None of the pairs have that oozing confidence that Sengoku and Hongou have. And all the girls still get flustered over minor things. You really think any of them would pose half naked with their partner for a magazine that whole world can see?

I don't see Shizuku doing that.

>Am I the only one
>that gif
your chinatsu faggotry reeks a 1 mile away.
nice try user

Shizuru best girl

Oh thank god I'm not the only one. Chinatsu is simply a huge brat who wants to show off to that lesbian.

Literally made for rough sweaty sex.

What about my post makes you think that I am a chinatsu faggotry?

Exactly if she doesn't want to follow why did she even start dancing again.

They're gonna end up like Chizuru and Sengoku, they'll argue and beat each other up when it comes to dance, but outside of that they'll be friendly to each other.

this is 14 or 15

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>She wants the dance

he needs to be even more aggressive
and the moment she resists it he needs to double the aggression
that's how you tame girls