Why are they so hit or miss?

Why are they so hit or miss?

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>gives up OPM for moe shit
Thank you madhouse.

It's a madhouse.

Hopefully this will be good, Badhouse has been awful for years.

All their directors died of cancer

But they always hit. Not doing anything is not missing.

Where is Kaiji S3

pachinko machines
not even trolling

>make a pachinko machine with full animation for minefield mahjong arc when the anime does not exist
>not for the arc where they actually fucking play pachinko
what the fuck japan

They made one for the panchinko arc aswell
They also made one prior to the anime that covered the first 3 arcs with the manga style

Because they frikkin TAKE RISKS, in contrast to studios who play it safe like KyoAni.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails. But when they succeed, the product is of a very high quality

Because all their talent went to MAPPA

Studios don't choose what they animate for adaptations

No, they gave up OPM for Card Captor Sakura AND Overlord, you know series that sold better than OPM.


So, I don't really get why Sup Forums lauded fucking OPM while it was just the manga, but now the community is divided between people that think the anime was the best thing ever, and others that think over-hyped shit like SnK.

The mangafags still seem to love it as passionately as they did before the anime, though.

For one, it's a bad adaptation. But more importantly, the anime gives it a much bigger audience so there's greater diversity of opinion.

But it was tiny difference in sales

obligatory yuri on ice comment

most of Sup Forums wouldn't like any mainstream anime past 2010 wither it's good or bad any OPM by no means is bad.
I'm just waiting for code Geass S3 to see if Sup Forums's old soul still exists or not which I highly doubt

Madhouse was always the best studio

Big studios do and this one is an anime original.