I really liked this episode (OVA)

Based Aguri dropping some hard facts about the current shitty game industry

People buying meaningless DLC, lootboxes, etc

Gamers always being angry and stressed because modern games are shit

Makes me want to quit games and watch anime full time.

You're on Sup Forums, why aren't you?

This episode was pure shit, had to skip through it because it was so boring

>main story ends with the penultimate episode
>final episode is just SOL antics

Why shows do this?

Chiaki a best. A BEST.

>show called gamers
>only last episode about games
fucking nips


Why though?

It was actually about videogames, also lots of fanservice

Disgusting fat pig.

Karen > Konoha > Aguri > Chiaki

Tendou-san is perfect.

Yeah, but they talked about stuff that everyone who has slightly interest in videogames should already know. Apart from that, GAMERS! was a show about love, comedy and misunderstandings, which was fine so why change it now?

>GAMERS! was a show about love, comedy and misunderstandings, which was fine so why change it now?

The show pretty much ended in episode 11

episode 12 basically an OVA


I like Tendou!

Yeah I know, and I think thats sad, would have prefered a episode thats just like theres 6.5 or something like that in between the main 1-11 story desu

desu desu

Second season when?

Never. It flopped hard.


I get it now. The director wasn't a Tendoufag, he was an Agurifag all along there's at least 5 scenes in this episode alone where we see Aguri flirting with either Amano or Tasuku.

What's the chance for this scene to be uncensored on the BDs? Zero or less than zero?


their critique on the industry is pretty weak. it's disappointing that they have a character that's literally an indie developer and don't say a single thing about that scene or chiaki's perspective during the arguments. it wouldn't have even mattered if they just continued ignoring games like in every other episode, instead they decided to juxtapose some weak ass criticism with several consecutive minutes of tit and thigh shots, why even try in the last episode?

Aguri is best girl

Good, trash like this shouldn't exist.

>disk sales

Don't listen to that guy. The creator's works can get an anime even if they aren't high sellers like his previous work.

It took you 12 episodes to figure that out?

>eleven epsodes of nogames, misunderstandings, romance
>episode number twelve is a thin commentary on DLC, game pricing, and what's fun about games
>they literally don't shut the fuck up about vidya for 20 minutes straight



Konoha> Aguri> Chiaki>>> Shit> Karen

>episode 12 basically an OVA
It was a dlc.

Season 3 when?


>hot spring scene
>characters are talking about DLC
>if you want to see it uncensored you have to buy the blu-rays
Well fucking played.

>Chiaki's chiakis

Speaking of DLC, new LN called DLC just came out.

Aguri wants to dungeon crawl with Amanocchi

>delicious large chest

I find it hard to put into words just how much better Aguri is than every other girl.

those are some real deformed chiakis there


Normalfags like Tendou. Ironic weebs like Aguri. True autists like Chiaki.

What's wrong with them? They look fine to me.

Never. Shit show.

I don't see why people say Karen's karens are average.

I prefer Konoha.

You're shit.

You're a patrician.

>Tendou and Karen don't kiss
>stage clear
>Karen also has a switch

They look medium-sized to me. But then again, who knows what her true BWH measurements are.

>Tendou and Karen don't kiss
pretty unreasonable expectation but now I want that too

>Tendou and Karen don't kiss

>Tendou and Karen don't kiss

they are different in almost every official art. bad show bad everything

I love Aguri!

This image is too exploitable. It's like that megumeme succubus pic all over again.

>tags: exhibitionism, ahegao


I like aguri's hobo outfit, its cute




>she sees your video games

I hope season 2 focuses on imouto becoming a lewd streamer on twitch

>heartshaped pupils
>mentions of bed breaking sex

>those childbearing hips

Amano and Karen should've kissed. Can you imagine it
>Amano and Karen slowly start to play games with each other more and more, go out and hang out and grow closer and closer
>they already used the L word with each other
>fireworks are up in the air
>Amano kisses Karen unexpectidly
>shes shocked at first but her eyes turns into hearts and she finally cries tears of joy knowing that Amano is hers now and forever
>they embrace, and say they love each other
>you can see the despair in Chaika's eyes as she's witnessing all of this and realizes that she failed attempting to be with Amano, all this by accident
>she slowly starts spiraling into depression and despair as she sees Amano and Karen grow more and more together
>classes end, Amano agrees to go to the same university as Karen so they can still stay together, same with Uehara and Aguri, Chiaki is left alone with no one

its weird that they say 'i love you' but they haven;t kissed
i did the same thing with my firstonly gf

>people actually think e11 was a satisfactory ending to the main plot of the show
fucking what

oy vey

>LN based anime
>even having a satisfactory ending

This was like a more civilized Sup Forums thread turned into an anime episode. It even had food analogies and normalfags.

Don't forget the flirting

Uehara and Keita didn't flirt with each other though.

The true ending is a DLC. It also comes with swimsuits and a voice track that has no Aguri in it.

I kinda wanna see an anime adaptation of a less civil Sup Forums thread, that'd be some shit.

The whole episode should have been about Eishi desu.

> tags: Aheago, perflat, Heart throat

>its a Gamers episode where they actually talk about games for most of the episode
Well aint this a treat

>ywn have gf as perfect as her

>I kinda wanna see an anime adaptation of a less civil Sup Forums thread, that'd be some shit.
Keita and Chiaki arguing about moeshit, except every other word is "faggot".

Buy the BDs to get the anime ending and then buy the LNs to get the true ending.

His story sounds amazing, it's almost like he's a character straight out of Arcade Gamer Fubuki or the first two seasons of Hayate no Gotoku.


>you will never have a cute jealous imouto

Real talk nigga
Who are these people

random guy from game club and best girl


>tsundere NBR imouto
>best girl
Yeah, I'm sure.

These niggas didn't appear in the anime at all. Maybe 1 or 2 scenes
So fuckin wack

>first couple minutes explain his story
>still creates more questions than answers


this chick was voiced by megumins seiyuu wasn't she
sure sounded like it

Looks like the author has a thing for twintailed imoutos. Do the LNs have more of amnesia-kun's story?

Games never fail to deliver cutting edge breast physics, do they?

Okay for real what the FUCK did I just watch?

Shit like this is the only reason I kept watching the show. Uehara's faces fucking got me every time.

You wanted games, you got games.

He was a back alley mahjong player that took a blow to the head and now he has to find himself and save his waifu by playing puzzle games

If you have to know, the guy's story is sort of explained in the LN. He's supposedly an amnesiac agent of a secret organization and he's being chased by other agents who challenge him to games. He can copy his opponent's gaming skills, also he unlocks cheat level powers in gaming.

Still loses to Amano in a weird fighting game which is heavily implied to be made by Chiaki.

I know muh LN riles people, but this was an example of a very good adaptation of an ongoing novel. The pivotal scenes were all there, paced to give each episode a proper arc.
However, cutting silly bits inevitably makes a story seem more dramatic than it really is. The last episode really served to go back and reinstate the bantering about games that got cut, in order to give a better picture of what to expect if you buy the novels.

>shonen plot
>in MY crazy misunderstandings romcom

Gamers Side B when?

They barely played...any games.

Not part of the club. She goes to a different school.

Ugly is hardly part of the club either.