Say that you love black panties

Say that you love black panties.
Say it.

They are the best, but only if the girl has fair/pale skin. The contrast is what makes it so attractive to me. A tan girl is better off with white or some color combination

What the fuck with that leg?

The correct question is what is in between those legs?


>They are the best, but only if the girl has fair/pale skin. The contrast is what makes it so attractive to me.
This is very true.

It's so fucking easy to fix that leg. Is Aka baiting us? Because he knows we're looking for lewd Kaguyas?

>Because he knows we're looking for lewd Kaguyas?
Well it sure worked for me.

But that was Miko's imagination, wasn't it? Why is she such a degenerate? I thought she was pure.

styles of the panties > colour of them.

>not thinking white is the best
I'm a simple man.


Smartest thing I've read on this board all week.

plain white panties with pink bow > all

I miss the early days of the manga when they constantly tried to make each other confess and Kaguya came up with retarded elaborated plans, shit was funny.

Now it's just a romcom. Still good but the quality went down.

i know alot of anons arent keen but, wearing black panties is a social cue that you arent a virgin anymore

> pure
Miko will rape /our guy/

White and fluffy panties are best

I love them all.

Kaguya is old and busted. Sheriff Evans is the new hotness.

Was going to say this. Manga was actually unique and interesting at the beginning, both regarding the characters and the plot. Now it became just a generic romcom and Kaguya became a generic heroine.

I love no pan. No matter how much you sexually punish me that's not going to change.

Those are diapers.

>this entire post
My nigga.

It the plot stays the same forever people will get bored of it and call it another Tomo chan though.

That formula stayed about exactly as long as it was welcome. Calling what we have now "generic" is just stupid.

Eh, they went too far in making Kaguya dere. I still think it's a cut above the average, especially with the great supporting cast, but I feel it lost part of made it unique.

I'm more of a blue stripes person.

Panties have so much chemistry behind them, that's what makes it so hot.

comme c'est mignon

what kind of underwear does Fujiwara wear?

No, Character print panties are the most moe.

>Sup Forums still liking that disgusting fetish

> new chapter
> good scans never

>Not stockings

Best girl and best underwear

To be fair, if she had stayed the same after the fireworks chapter, I would have called bullshit. Even in her current state, Kaguya is far from generic. She isn't openly tsundere, yet she doesn't fall in the doormat stereotype either. Her characterization nears a shoujo heroine, except she is active when pursuing love. The only difference is that she loves him too much to keep trying to trick him into confessing and now she's trying to appeal to him instead.

Same with Shirogane. This is now a battle of attrition.

none she wants the ol lickaroo

If the girl I like was wearing black panties I guess I would accept them, but white panties with a little bow on front or ones with a cute character on them like a bear are the best.

pantyhose are shit-tier, either go with ZR or bare legs


Best panties are the ones you get to remove.


my duck user. my duck.

No women in the world use black panties except if are professional whores. Black panties are taboo.

Explain this pure wizard that wears black panties then. I haven't seen her pleasuring old men for money.

Nothing. Women can bend their legs in ways that men can't because they don't have balls.

>tfw no doujin of Fujiwara cucking Kaguya
Worst part is that I love Kaguya and hate Fujiwara. Damn NTR fetish.

>tfw want to draw this out but lack a high enough sex drive to see it though.

I'd be willing to give you money for it depending on how well you draw.

I'll end up drawing it soon enough. just check up on Kaguya's tags on pixiv every once in while. Fujiwara NTR is a blessing.

I will never understand NTR fags

Not just the genitals, a woman's pelvis is different from a man's, further changing angles and stuff, as well as why they have great hips.

Further proof that traps are fully inferior to girls.

Sexual bullying. depends on the person to choose if they are bully or victim.

Rolling what I'm gonna wear today.



Im very glad that Aka dont listen to all your shit talking. You were shitting over past 4 chapters calling them meaningless, but without them we wouldnt get the high impact chapter this week. I believe in Akasaka, he is awesome in dropping plot bombs.

What kind of panties does your waifu wear ?

aka can suck a lemon for not giving fujiwara more screentime.

To me, one of the most common misconceptions people have about ntr, and that goes even to some ntrfags themselves, is thinking that it has to do with self insertion, when in fact it's more about watching a hot situation playing from a third part position.
The idea of cheating has always been regarded as hot for a good number of reasons.
>It's forbidden, and as such, automatically attractive
>It's a way of seeing the girl and guy in a position of pure primal desire, where they value more their desire to fuck than the love of their partners (or the love they have for their partner)
>It's a way of seeing the girl in a very degraded/slutty position if you are into that
>You get to feel good/enjoy a situation without having to take any responsibility for it.(People often don't realize that, but ntr is a very self-centered fetish
>It's a situation where a wide range of emotions come into play, and thus, make you feel strongly about it no matter what
>There's the bullying like user said, if you are into that.
>There's also people who enjoy because they want to see the woman in a position of power. Or want to see the women exercising power over them(or over another woman, like in this case)

Anyway, point being that there's a wide variety of reasons for people to enjoy ntr. It's a very complex fetish which captures a wide range of different emotions.

Note that I'm talking specifically about NTR as a fantasy/porn, not people who actually do it IRL. In this case things change a little bit.
You will be my saint if you actually make It, user.
I'll be waiting for It.

Give me /OURGUY/ x Miko user

So when I switched from tighty whities to black briefs I lost my virginity?

What you don't understand user?

How do you even wear something like this without the panties constantly sliding down?


I prefer bloomers.

The fuck are you talking about , are you saying my waifu isn't fucking pure you piece of shit faggot ?

The original premise was great, but it would have gotten stagnant eventually. What really sets Kaguya apart is the great sense of progress. Even if it's usually not done in huge jumps, you can see them constantly getting closer. Plus if they had kept the original idea of them mainly wanting to beat each other, there's no way their eventual relationship would be satisfying- the loser would just be miserable. Better for it to be something they learn to move past.
This. Aka's great at having seemingly minor details build up to a surprisingly huge payoff. This past volume felt very slow after having great arcs with big progress almost constantly since the home visit, but the development Kaguya (finally starting to admit she feels something) and Iino are getting now as a result make it worth it.

They still ended up as filler though.

White is better

Nopan is my preference