Can we stop this from happening?

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who cares, just dont watch it


Quit making these fucking threads and this saged

Don't they usually wait to an IP is old before they rip it off? Is hollywood that desperate that they can't even give it that basic courtesy?

You can't stop him

>this will be Shinkai at the 2019 Oscars

Alas, no.

I don't get it. Sure it was an all right film but wasn't out standing and not even the dude's best work!

>Shinkai forced to virtue signal on stage as he accept his Oscar

Hollywood is desperate for something new.



>japanese sourcce
>black male actor as lead
>add gay character

Peak kino!

>Tyrone and Stacy save the quiet town of Mexico, California from the falling meteor
>ps: the meteor is symbolic of nazis and bigots

Jar Jar Abahams at it again! Sup Forums is fucked, feel sorry for you lads.

>Take beloved source material
>Add ugly africans and high school political zingers
>"Why don't our movies make any money?????"

>tfw will get nominated for an Oscar

Turns out it is better.
Faith in animu destroyed

This is cultural appropriation.

Don't watch it, dont promote it, dont make a fuss about it in forums/social media to avoid generate any kind of traffic about.

If someone ask give a stoic and simple (not fanatical) negative answer and move on.

so much this based user

By the guy who ruined star wars.


you can shoot JJ Abrams in the face

>announcing sage

Best possible outcome: it's set in Japan and uses Asian actors.

Exactly like james but without any video.

Hollywood is dying anyways just let it happen

Do you think they will fix the plotholes or will they make new ones?

What do you all worry about? it's gonna be impossible to see this movie with all the lens flares.

I think he just made the video to show us the right way

How is it possible to be so creatively bankrupt that you just remake old things every year?

Let it happens, it might do god work and kill Abrams career for good.

Reality: jewish studio and actors are mostly black and jewish.

Primer post mejor post

Because he's a jew and wants to remove it's soul and make it generic hollywood garbage love story of a black man and a white woman.

It's gonna fall into development hell and never come out like the live action Akira movie, why are you so worried?
Tell that to all those teen fiction novels less than 3 years old that get movies every year.

>Meteor scene

>Funi did the dub for Your Name
>Sony bought Funi earlier this year
>Technically they own the US rights for Your Name
>Paramont is the one that wants this fuckery
You know what they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

If anything, it's gonna be even more retarded and contrived why they keep getting amnesia during the second half.

>JJ Abrams
It will be good and a success and it will start the new hollywood trend to make anime adaptations, its over.

Sony owns Paramount

You said the same thing about Ghost in the Shell and look what happened there.

>Jew Jew Abrahams
This can only go well.

I'm starting to think Westerners are too retarded to cash in on this. They've tried repeatedly and flopped repeatedly. Which is fine by me.
Every single new attempt does make me anxious that this'll be the one though.

VIACOM owns Paramount, you dumb fuck.
That's FOX, Time Warner and CBS.
It's the complete opposite side of the coin.

To be fair all attempts had been by shitty directors with no name actors, J.J got a whole lot of undeserved praise that'll have normie fall for his bullshit hook, line and sinker.

>It will be good
said no one ever

Also post the fucking sauce you retards.

These are fun threads, I just wanna say that Speed Racer and Edge of Tomorrow were fine

Sorry, my bad, I didn't know JJ did GitS too.

Not with Asia seeing their films, the mummy even made money and nobody saw it here

This, only crossboarders will give a shit

>I can't even google


On the bright side, evangelion could never be done by hollywood

At least it's not Eva

I'd be happy with we could stop people from posting about western 3DPD-adaptations at least.
Change rules, anime board now!

Keep live action anime on Sup Forums, it always has the most digusting crossboarders in it

If anything, I am just deeply saddened that Kimi no Na Wa threads are forever ruined now that this news will always be brought up no matter why or when. I really miss all the theater anons who recommended to watch it again and made discussions lively back in April.

Who are you quoting?
If you don't post evidence don't expect anyone who isn't a newfag to take you seriously, you fucking newfag.

I wouldn't be surprised to see another attempt at Evangelion within the next 5 years
It might even come out before 4.0

Newfags think > is only for epic greentexts and any usage of quoting is not using it properly

thats a cute oni. also I agree.

>it will never infest Japan

lurk for two more years before posting

A live action EVA has been in development hell for the last decade, and to be honest it really wouldn't work outside of the genre it is satirizing

You first.


lmgtfy.com/?q=your name j j abrams
source is literally on the OP picture


Shut up faggot
Don't talk to me

Well it took you long enough to post it next time do it in the OP.

Fuck off back to Sup Forums

That's not how it works you retard.

>implying I'm OP
>doesn't recognize lmgtfy url
>still can't see the source on OP img
You fucked up. Almost had me with the first post.

You fuck off back to with your shit threads.

When you make a thread about sudden news without posting the source or any evidence to validate it, how do you expect anyone to take your thread seriously?

monogatari adaptation when?

The live action Eva stills looked like they were actually putting effort into it though.

This is likely the 10th thread in less than 24 hours about this subject, you casual fuck. Do you even know how to use a catalog? There's another two threads up at the very moment.
You don't need "evidence" for something that's all over the film/animation news media.
Lurk the fuck more, newshit.

All Sup Forums threads will eventually evolve into an Eva thread


Yeah I went 5 (five) times to see it at the theater. Went to see NausicaƤ twice this week as well.

This is now a Live Action EVA concept art thread.




How many fingers do I have?


Post-modernist philosophy is a cancer that destroys the minds of those it infects.

I only managed to go 3 times, with each time having more tears than the previous. The film really cheered me up and it's brutal to know this is how it must be.




Why is live action anime adaptations still allowed on Sup Forums?

This is the first time a remake/re imagining/redo/reboot fuckery announcement has really pissed me the fuck off. Most of them I just ignore. Even when they shit on my Beloved I am Legend (And completely missed the entire point of the fucking book).

I hope Abrams catches Minamata disease.


Because cartoons are for kids you fucking nerd.

Fuck quoting every one of my posts


This, let the lack of sales kill them