ITT: post epic twists

ITT: post epic twists

Hate him or hate him Kubo was the king of trolling



he used the *teleports behind you* cliche as a means to tell the story


for the wiiiiiiin

Quiet down you.


that's a y?



But this is not a twist, it's common knowledge

Fuck you and fuck this ending


>common knowledge
You mean "common belief"? If God didn't exist, you wouldn't be talking about him.


>common knowledge
If it's so common, how come the majority of the human population believes in God?

Tomboy wins


do you really think the majority of the population is smart?

because most people are too stupid to think about god for 5 mins and realise its bullshit

Okay, I laughed.

Do you even know what the definition of common knowledge is?


>epic xD

dude fuckin epic lmao for le win

Lurk forever

Fuck you for making me laugh at this overly shitposted meme.

Are you referring to the word or the entity?

>anything we talk about exists
Guess that makes anime real, huh? And all the other gods as well.

Aizen is one of the best bad guys in all shonen

More like the author trolling than a twist.

The image itself is right, if there's an almighty being as an Allfather he sure as hell isn't like most religions describe him to be.

Only because Kubo can't write.

Eventually you do run into the question of something coming from nothing. The prehistoric probably never had enough thought to reach the idea.

Why was Ichigo even in Bleach?

I don't get it.

He was an OP shitbird who only lost because of shitwirting

God still has that problem, it had to come from something.

>Guy the other posts "worst asspull" with the same image
>Posts same image and sees if anyone saw the first post

This was swept under the rug the very next chapter, and used as a plot device to stop two captains from entering the fray.


Unpluged (yes with just 1 g)

I mean, yes. It's a real medium with which you can interact and observe.


Oh my god the fact that it rhymes.



People mistakenly believe that the numbers go from 1 to 10 because that's how we count, we never count up from zero because we never count if there's nothing. But the numbers that comprise all other numbers are actually 0 through 9.

Not as good as "we were behind you for 1000 years".


>rubber nen
Good one

>muh hypnosis
>muh stalking your entire life

He's a poorly written mess, nothing he did made any sense.

And his fight was awful.

>"The Heart" and "Who said the numbers went 1-10" happened in the same chapter

Seriously. Is there any other chapter with 2 separate god tier memes?

You joke, but this is actually what the ancient Greeks believed, that if you can imagine something it must also physically exist

Literally nothing except maybe Brain Jar Boy was worse after this.
This is even worse than 'The Heart'.
Yammy was a loud, obnoxious, crude, idiotic piece of shit.
This did nothing but undermine the top 3 Arrancar (though Uliqorra's second form helped on that front too) into just being more side jobbers for boring fights instead of actual threats keeping everyone from Aizen while he enacted his plan and giving any sort of tension.
Literally nothing mattered after this, nothing. The damage was far too great.


the zero reveal was fucking stupid though

>Literally Literally
You're as bad as OP.

Nago was Nago

>proceeds to get offscreened

Anything past Rukia being rescued is a trainwreck.

Ulquiorra was kino

There's still some debate if she actually is a ghost or if she just killed the real sadako-esque and took her place to stalk him better.

Volumes 21-32 and 55-74 say otherwise. There were two other arcs that were good and were not train wrecks.

This was the moment I knew Bleach would go to hell.

That arc was bad, however 1000 Year Blood war rectified criticisms and fixed things


go back to /blacked/

You are slow

I knew from this moment.

>Who said X
>Since when you’re under the impression of X

goddammit kubo


Why is that? I don't think it's a stretch to believe that a concept such as time doesn't even apply to God. He simply existed. Much like a perfect circle it has no beginning or ending point.

I don't get why people have such a hard time believing god is real when we go around making fictional characters and acting as gods ourselves

This isn't much of a twist. More of a stretch, if you ask me.



That's adorable.

I'm not saying I disagree. Take the fact that there can potentially be an infinite number of other realities besides our, and well, everything exists at least somewhere. What's more logical is figuring out how you personally want to interact with it, not whether or not it's real. For example, I believe in the possibility of an infinite number of gods, but I worship none of them and don't inhibit my own actions or ego in accordance to theirs. Both atheists and theists possess a fear of gods, leading to their actions and feelings regarding their existence. Thesists fear them as very real figures of power, atheists fear the idea that those figures of authority could exist and mistakenly believe their existence would inherently demand obedience. Don't live in fear of them, and their existence or non-existence doesn't matter either way. Don't base your actions on the state of the universe as you perceive, rather, interact with anything and everything based on yourself. Be assured in your own self and ego, and the state or existence of the rest of the universe will not be a concern of yours. Worship or fear of authority stems from insecurity, with confidence you assume your own personal authority.

Then according to occams razor, if you believe that sort of thing can happen, wouldn't it be more logical if the universe itself simply "existed". Believing that something like a god can just exist without reason, and yet a lower thing like the universe requires omnipotent and real energy to create, is irrational.

Took me 4 hours to get it

this was literally just kamina-simon

final twist is much more ebin

>one shot hentai manga
reel me in for a cute story and I get disappointed.


Believing or not doesn't make one intelligent, take for example you two guys, retards hoping to appear smart by dissing other people, while there are intelligent christians who created the computer or smartphone you are using right now. Stop having such a cartoonish image of religion, it makes us atheists look bad.

The worst part is that Kubo wasn't satisfied with off-paneling Yammy there, he gave one the top top Sternritter the ability to keep becoming a bigger guy just like Yammy so the Shinigami had to also fight him in a gang, and then he off-panels that guy's fight with Yhwach's ability too.

Why does Berserk get so much right? Why can't Miura focus on it instead of fucking Idolmaster? Fuck.

i cant believe the last image we have of him is from the fucking bronze age

nice post i like it

Only a problem because of your puny human mind. "Something" didn't come from nothing because there has always been "something". "Nothing" is just a fabrication of your meatbag brain.


Everything is a cycle. There is no "begin" or "end". Humans just think so because of the limitations of their form.

The bount arc was obvious filler but it was pretty enjoyable as filler goes. The true high point however was kenpachi revealing that two hands are greater than one. Nothing could beat that moment.

I'm still disapointed that Kenpachi got a Shikai and Bankai. Should have stuck with ACTUALLY USING TECHNIQUE IS MY BANKAI.

>Sternritter the ability to keep becoming a bigger guy just like Yammy
actually his ability was just turning the hopes and dreams of humanity into asspulls.
he was basically the endgame protagonist of another shounen placed as one of the big bads here.
Also may possibly be an Omegamon reference.


still don't get it


well done

Fuck now I got it

How is this a twist? He can travel to infinite dimensions that are adjacent to each other. Even if the changes are small he can travel infinitely to one where the differences are big enough to grab time stop DIO

I thought that Dio was gone for good, so when i saw timestop Diego I was like
>Oh shit! what a twist!

This is a good post.