How come dragon lolis are always the best?


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>tfw had to watch the last 3 episodes at 1.30 speed to ease my suffering

I want to feel her fang on my dick.

Vampire lolis are the best.

How did it end anyway? I dropped it at ep 10 or 11.

owo whats this?

I hope you mean the one on the left. I know best loli when I see one.

The girls from OPs pic and imouto formed a band.
They had a battle of the bands.
The main trio obviously won because one of them wrote her own first song.
It was really boring.
Then it just ended.

Did that faggot get with any of them?

Not this one though


Good thing I dropped it then. Shame it took me 10 eps.

I'm actually intrigued by what you expected from it. To become Texhnolyze at some point and all philosophical? Dude, it's a loli fanservice anime and we got what we wanted. Should've learned that by now.

I expected one of them to win, or for the show at least not be so boring. It got markedly more boring towards the end.

>LN adaptation
>LN's still not over
>12 episodes
You only have yourself to blame.

Are you kidding? The last 3 episodes were the best ones.

He's lying; the main trio won cause the dragon loli drew them, thus practically telling the audience to vote for them.

Kiriyume > Imouto >> Nozomi = Sora > Jun > Sakura >Flaming dumpster full of dog shit > Yuzuha

How does this compare to Ro-Kyu-Bu?

Your attitude is dog shit, user

Not even half as good as season 1 was.

Overgrown brown loli is delicious! Bonus points for being voiced by Yuka Iguchi.


cus you're a lolicon


Nothing wrong with being a lolicon.

You might not feel that way if you were a loli.

>fast forwarding the best eps

lolis olev lolicons
that's why they're always trying to convert them


Shit, source user


Cause they have the best dragon thighs.

Same here