Made in Abyss

Less than a day before the final.
Do you think they'll do justice to all the scenes?

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I don't know if the boner scene or elevator scene will cause shitposters to lose it more


No, also what is the other anime on top?

>inb4 the mitty scene is just a close up of Nanashi's face while we hear sounds
>inb4 the actual really graphic version is bluray only

>sfx: melting loli sounds

>13 episodes
>last episode is an hour long
>still managed to fuck up the pacing so badly and end on an unfulfilling note

Reminder to get comfy

They did a good adaptation, Ozen was a bit off but that's all.

I don't get why some say Ozen was off. Explain. I thought she was fine.

Holy smokes, human Nanachi is even cuter than fluffy Nanachi,

not enough spook

Not that user, but her voice sounded kind of forced.

>what is the other anime on top?


>Die in abyss
>Transform into a butt

Wester entertainment has had kiddy boner and puberty jokes for forever. Why the fuck is it such a big deal now?

>that top middle picture
Holy shit, Mitty is so sexy.

So he was an assman before turning into a Narehate, good taste.

I wonder if he has one in the back too. two prostates?

Did the anime get better because Nanachi is here or because Riko can't talk?


I can't wait for all the feminist complaints.

The elevator scene is just going to cut to Nanachi's horrified face instead of showing it happening. I guarantee it

>100% straight male
>Start reading volume 2
>See naked Maruruk hanging
>Get hard
The fuck is wrong with me?

Let's imagine :)

Based on experience this is point in the story when they're raped and enslaved or have to fight their way out, but then everything turns out to be fine.
Tukushi does this a lot.

You're irredeemable.

>feminist complaints
What? How?

Maruruk is adorably lewd.


the trap got you

He values butts.

mitty didn't deserve that life

>This soundtrack

He's perfect in every way. It would be rude not to be aroused by his form.
Also shota isn't gay.

>What? How?
He's fucking stupid, that's how.

No one knows how feminists manage to complain about anything and everything.

This man gets it.

>hand drawn cuteboy wishing you omedetou from tsukushi
how do I get one of these?
p.s. I'm not a voiceactor on MiA, and I can't draw

Tell me your email address and birthday, and when it comes around. I'll send you the image you just posted alongside a lie that Tsukushi drew it for you.

This makes me wonder, when's Tsukushi's birthday? We could all chip in and make him a lovely present.

Stupid sexy Mitty

it's today! IT'S RIGHT NOW!

How would he respond to a Mitty onahole being mailed to him?


The one on the right is acceptable, at least.

Reminder that the nips have already confirmed that they censored the elevator scene.

I can only draw Bondrewd porn. I'll chip in with a picture of Bondrewd's dick.

Fuck how cute is that. I wanna be friends with Tsukushi.
>when's Tsukushi's birthday?
I want to know this too. I wanna draw or make him something.

Happy birthday! Tsukushi drew this for you, he says he hopes you'll like it!

He'd probably like it, but I was thinking something along the lines of a collage with drawings and wishes from Sup Forums

Where do you even get a Mitty onahole anyways?

>Riko: 7/10
>Nanachi 1: 6/10
>Nanachi 2: 0/10
>Bondrewd: 4/10


>Where do you even get a Mitty onahole anyways?
Do you really want to know?

if your deepest desire and value is a cute girl
do you become a cute girl?
sign me the fuck up

I want to make a Tama-chan suit and ambush all the Riko cosplayers

>ywn have a cute daughter who you take to a con, you cosplaying as Bondrewd and she cosplaying as Nanachi

A collage would be nice.

>I'll chip in with a picture of Bondrewd's dick.
Actually how does that even work?
Narehate fucking humans, humans fucking narehate? Is there any compability?

I feel tempted to do a proper Bondrewd and go around hugging small children.

>not having her cosplay as Prushka


Don't you know? Humans can fuck everything.


Is this a chunk of Mitty flesh floating upon Nanachi's stew?

>she cosplaying as Nanachi
>not Prushka

You had one job

what makes you think that when we got riko bleeding out of her eyes and ass

>an orifice of any kind
>a phallic organ of any kind
Anything can work, user. Must I draw it for you?

>Must I draw it for you?
Would you? :3c

Are you the user that drew the bondage picture?

Ok fampai, what do you want?

I'm still working on the Ozen pegging image and the Ozen beating up Bondrewd image

It’s ok, user could always bring a cartridge, there, user has a Prushka now!
Nanachi is Bondrewd favorite anyway

>love nothing more than cute butts all your life
>decide you're going to do whatever it takes to become a cute girl with the best butt the world has ever seen
>after a brutal and painstaking journey to the bottom of the abyss that is your reward

I'm so behind with all the other shit I promised to draw. I hope I can churn it out before all interest in this series dies.

They're going all out in the elevator scene, I have no doubt of that.

What I really want to know is if they're going to cover the "Reg gets a stiffy" arc.

Can't wait for the second season

>no adidas logo

Ya blew it

I'm actually OR and I don't know if I ever got to properly thank you. I'd been without internet for sometime. It's great and perfect, awesome job.

Oh that image isn't mine, lel. It's just something I had saved. This is mine.

I'm going to miss that OP

>One Prushka Drink onegaishimasu

Buddy if this is the first you're hearing of it then you don't want to know what the world missed out on thanks to Ben Druid's unspeakable-atrocityboner.
Give you a hint, poor lil' Reg would've had to add "the agony of priapism" to his sizable list of sufferings.

I'll miss the ED :'(
Well, not really, I got the audio and listen to it everyday but still

>maruruk's drink has yogurt in it
Give me the mark yogurt. It's all I want in life.

>Maruruk yoguruto
I'd live off of it.

Tomorrow morning! I won't even be able to sleep, too excited to find out what's at the bottom of the Abyss.

Hello time traveler. Where does it ends?

Damn that Nanachi drink looks good. Shame about no strawberry shake for Mitty.

At the defeat of bondrewd and rico taking a shit.

At least post the full-size picture

mitty's drink should have been free refills :^)

Well then here's something important to consider, we all know and love Hirame, he's a household name for us so I know you've had to have had at least one good fap to this one.
See what I'm driving at? As horrifying and fucked up as his body has become there can be no doubt we're looking at something like this if we're talking about the fabled Rod of the Dawn Lord. Teeth with anally probing tentacle tongues and shit, maybe even eyeballs. It depends on how far you're willing to go but do remember this is Bondrewd's penis we're talking about here, if you're gonna go for it don't half-cock it.

I wonder what Mitty tastes like

>sad panda

what is this? I really want to see it. Also I've already drawn Bon with a normal human penis so this should be fun



>when you push the refill button its her screams play while your drink is dispensed

Dude please be joking.

>Mitty Omelette-rice

It's a site which is either child's play easy to enter, or fuck you, you cannot enter because of some dogshit requirements.

Basically google how to avoid sadpanda and you'll get a few guides.

google is your friend newfag

>five day old Ika thread just hit image limit today
>Reg and Riko meet Ika in the Cup
Is this the power of squidlove? By any chance can we look forward to Reg aggressively molesting a helpless and frantic geso while Nanachi stands by, powerless to stop him but understanding her ordeal?