Let's talk about P.A. Works

Let's talk about P.A. Works

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Poor man's Kyoani

I want to bend Mitsubishi over a couch, and fuck her so hard she loses her crippling social anxiety as she becomes addicted to my dick pounding into her moist innards.

Every 3 years or so they make a good show

The time is right then I guess. They haven't made anything good since Shirobako.

Everyone knows they are the only studio making quality, original anime in these dreadful times.

Sakura Quest was good

All four of those girls are entirely fuck-worthy.

Yes ?

Uchouten Kazoku and Shirobako were very good.

They should try making more adaptations. That would be their true test since they've already proven their worth with originals.

They might've made good originals but they also made Glasslip.

>what is MAPPA

>Next anime is fucking that stupid meme horse girls game.
Jesus PA Works you fucked up.

I need Okada to give me another Nagi no Asukara.

They should adapt an isekai then .... AND improve on the source material. I would pick Slave Harem In The Other World, Dragon Egg , Sword Isekai'd or The One Where My Waifu Is A Gorilla.

P.A. Works have made many great anime, however they have also made complete garbage. The best example would be Red Data Girl

You could at least have said Glasslip.

>shirobako S2 never

I haven't seen Glasslip but even through what I hear about it, Red Data Girl could not be much better.

Uchouten Kazoku, Kuromukuro, and Nagi no Asukara are their best works.

Tari Tari was their best work

Uchouten Kazoku is the only good thing they've done.

I miss Shirobako

Sakura Quest is pretty good though

PA made noefags mad


flopping since Charlotte. What went wrong?

Nagi was the last good show they did


Damn dude. Me too


Why does P.A. Works enjoy making aspiring actresses suffer?

Is one of their bigwigs a frustrated actress?

To be fair, almost everyone in Sakura Quest suffered and gave up on their hopes and dreams for more realistic expectations. At least Maki still gets to act.

The Queen.

Anime of the decade soon.

Hana Iroha
Nagi no Asakura
Sakura Quest
True tears
Uma Musume backed by Cygames.
They are pretty good. They are one of the few studios who take risks with original works.


This thread really makes me sad because I truly like Glasslip

>ywn watch Tari Tari when it was airing with Sup Forums ever again

Wien and Badminton-kun's autism was a gem.

What the fuck was his problem?


I liked Kuromukuro. I loved Sakura Quest too.

They're making an Okada-directed and written movie

>goverment bucks
>take risks

This is true

They have only made one masterpiece in their entire career, everything else doesn't compare.

I've never actually watched tari tari

I love PA sameface.

Shirobako still hasn't been topped

I really liked shirobako
Something about cute girls dealing with everyday struggles does it for me

>Angel Beats!

They are great, hopefully they found new legit novels to adapt.

Pink Aoi's feet are good and I want to rub my dick on them.

It was fucking garbage, user.

Fuck you, it was the best show this and last season.

They should kill themselves

Chu chu yeah is poor man's Niji wo ametara


I miss it

Original Isekai work drama.

it was mediocre at best.

Tari Tari needed more porn

Red data girl was mediocre compared to say Glasslip,Charlotte and Haruchika which were worse

Money's money, and people don't keep giving money if they don't trust your products.

It's just Sawa/horse all day errydey, it needs more variety.

>Doujin where she literally gets impregnated and gives birth to a horse


Too lewd

What happened to the supposed SB S2?

Who Uma Musume Pretty Derby here?

>PA works thread
>hanasaku iroha mentiontioned once

Ohana is one of the best MCs in anime