The wind is troubled, today

The wind is troubled, today

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I want... to stop this wind!

chips on sale

>It seems as though the wind blew something unpleasant into town
Is there any other meaning to this sentence than "let's get away from this annoying chick" that I'm not seeing? Or was it so chuuni that Yassan didn't even notice it was an insult?

It was a jab at Japan's overworking and consumerist society. How we dedicate our entire lives to working so that we can buy more materialistic items that we lose track of what's really important - family and friends, and being happy.

Have the Japanese ever been happy?

I don't think she cares as long as people are playing into her fanfic world. She doesn't get mad until chip sale.

Have you?

season 2 when?
also how do you guys feel about the funky high school girls segments?

almost objectively worse than the rest of the show but still pretty gud desu

>also how do you guys feel about the funky high school girls segments?
Pretty meh unless they involved Karasawa

I actually liked them a lot, certain ones at least.

literally best part of each episode

can someone post the vid of it?
I don't have it in my playlist anymore.

This part is cringy af. How can anyone find this humourous?

>cringy af
the real cringe is your post, fucking end yourself

Reminder that the author got so salty with the anime sales that he decided to axe the manga.

That's the joke.jpg

sugita has a speaking role = funny

I liked the one where they were doing the game with the senpai who was teaching them to act like retards in order to appear cute

... Here you have user

I want t-to f-f-fuck Ringo-chan!

That or the one where they're screaming at Karasawa until he throws them food.

I thought it was because he fucked off into the touhou scene.
Fuck touhou.


Cutest girl

she is a cute aho, I want to feed her

>also how do you guys feel about the funky high school girls segments?
they ended well

>Why are you so witty, today of all days?

How much of a massacre would it have bern if they didn't back out?

No, but that doesn't answer my question, because I'm not Japanese

Why are you not Japanese

Because I was born in France, not Japan.

they would have all had scars like karasawa

>also how do you guys feel about the funky high school girls segments?
Archdemon part was one of the best.

As for the boys, there are many parts that are good:

>ringo gets a weiner to the face

They're unironically my favourite segments, well behind the lit girl ones of course


Why was every female in this show such a complete and utter cunt?

because its realistic


did the anime flop?

>tfw when I watched this when it aired and loved it
>tfw I forgot everyting about it

Im going to rewatch it this weekend. Will be like a season 2 to me.

Best scene ever

Nago was alright

Which one, Nago-san or Nago-chan?

Nago-san, did the girl in the mirror even do anything

Imouto gets a ton of flak, but she only acted in retaliation

thank you senpai

>You will never have friends like these

Will there ever be another one like this

Reminder that this bombed and the author had to sell his soul and make Touhou and Kancolle doujinshi to survive

>He didn't have friends like those
What a fuckin' loser

>Yassan will never chase you like a goddamned psychopath
Is life even worth living at this point?

Really? That fucking sucks

>A handsome young man will never dropkick some cunt into a river for you
Might as well get the rope

It was great.

>tfw that happened to me in junior high but i was too dense to realise
thinking back there was a shit tonne of things that i was too dense for

Truly best girl.

Sensei is pretty chill though. Would help her prank her students any day.

I want to completely blow Ringo-chan the fuck out at every opportunity without even trying!
>I dont want to become a lawyer

Any good doujin of yassan ?


This has always been bullshit but I still believe it to this day

Nichibro girls are weirdly attractive in how plainly they're designed.

I want Ringo-chan to beat the shit out of me.

Japanese are only happy when they're slaughtering other Asians. They haven't been able to do that in a long time so naturally they're unhappy.

You're right. Naturally the exception is Lit Girl and the Mole Hair girl. The rest of them are probably the way they are because that's how girls are IRL. They're fucking horrifying man

That one was my favorite.

That's how they are, silly user.

They were pretty good though.

Any good doujin?

I've seen a few.

damn that smile,yasan was best girl