Cross Ange

I finished watching this again with the BDs last night.

Wanted to know your thoughts on such a hilarious trainwreck where Fukuda wanted to see how much he could rip off Gundam SEED / Destiny and brand it as a new show altogether. Nice OST though, wish Akiko Shikata would do more anime soundtracks.

Also that BD release needed the "fixed" openings, just saying.

It was fun at the time, but there's no way in hell I'm going back to it

I love how mainstream anime fans shit on the show so hard for being misogynist when Ange turned out to be one of the best "strong female protagonists" we've seen in anime in a while

>Ange turned out to be one of the best "strong female protagonists" we've seen in anime in a while
>She needed to be saved by Tusk every fucking time because she was too incompetent and too stupid to do anything but made things worse
>b-b-b-b-but she's a bitch so that makes her a strong female character

It was amusing.

>I love how mainstream anime fans shit on the show so hard for being misogynist
Because it was. Its a late night otaku anime, misogyny is part of the course.

I have extremely fond memories of watching it with Sup Forums. I remember liking some of the characters and it being a total shit show story wise with dragons and magic and nonsense. Hilda best girl.

Watching her get cavity searched was the highlight of the show.

Dropped when Tusk and the maid came back from the dead with zero explanation

Season two when?

what's left to resolve?

Cross Sylvia and her army of combat maids/butlers taking over the new world.

goddamn this show was fun
chris a best

I want to impregnate Ersha

Is this the only anime with the BD version MORE censored than TV??


i watched it for the yuri

One of my favorite shows in recent years; even with its metric ton of flaws (so many I can write a doctoral thesis about them) I think was a genuinely good show, and clearly the staff and writers were having as much fun making this show as the audience was watching it.

I love Cross Ange.

>I think was a genuinely good show
I think your tastes is genuinely shit

are there nipples on the bd?


What do you think?

i had to ask

Why did everyone want to fuck her?

Because Nana Mizuki.

Quiz time: Who is best girl?

Does anyone know where I can find that song that one song that plays when Ange uses the Vilkiss in a fight?

Tusk, Embryo and Zola don't count as everyone, especially "hahaha time for rape" Embryo and "hahaha time for rape" Zola

You forgot Salia, Salamandra, and Hilda.

Search "ヴィルキス~覚醒~" on youtube.

Thanks user.

Salia felt some degree of begrudging respect, but also hated the shit out of her, enough to try to murder her a couple times.
Salamandinay just saw her as a strong fellow warrior and royal.
Hilda, well, it's Hilda.

Expand more stories on Mana system now Arzenal and the Dragons control it again. New threats and challenges Ange and Arzenal must face.

That sounds like fan-fiction tier shit. Everything has been tied up in one nice, satisfying ending.

It would be like making a season three of Code Geass... wait...

>Chosen instead of G-Reco, a Tomino-directed Gundam show that aired at the same time (so no "we have to wait ___ years first") in a game series biased towards Gundam
>Along with the usual "let's fix the nonsensical parts of this anime show's plot", Bamco went the extra mile with shit like playable sick Ange (dialog lines and everything), original mass-produced Ragnamails or having almost the entire mail-riding cast playable

Yeah, the Yamato 2199 cast was the star of SRWV and "forgotten" Gundam series like Crossbone and ZZ got some love, but I can't help but feeling that someone on Bandai Namco really liked Cross Ange.


I enjoyed watching it with Sup Forums. The show was so retarded that it was good but even then it can't hide it's shallow premise. It would definitely lose it's luster if I watched it a second time.

G-Reco sucks. Cross Ange is pure fun.

Getting into an SRW doesn't mean anything. It sure as fuck doesn't help that SRW V was meh and sold like shit

Nothing is sacred anymore in this day & age

CrossAnge can still make good money and other older IPs

Hilda and vivian are best girls

G-self is ugly

Its so fucking satisfying to kill this faggot in SRW V

I'm tryna see that blue haired girl get piped she looks hot af

Best Harem End.

Seeing Leonard Testarossa, of all people, being so disgusted at Embryo that he decided to kill him was the cherry on top.

>Chosen for a low budget SRW title that was largely filled with reused aspects from the previous title that came out two years prior where you played a bit role
>Sold like shit with one of the primary complaints being the weak cast filled with Yamato 2199, Gundam and literal who's

They couldn't have shot themselves in the foot harder if they tried (which they didn't) but at least G-Reco dodged a bullet.

Especially when all the female characters just shit on him and then he professes that he doesnt need women anymore and turns gay before dying Was amazing

Je voudrais un Cross Ange

>so no "we have to wait ___ years first"
It took 00 four years to get into an SRW.

But it had Unicorn, the most popular gundumb of all time

I didn't know V bombed that hard.
In my opinion it was good, even when it was too much in the easy side.

Didn't bomb but sold less than Z3 despite being a step up in terms of quality.

I loved it and I love Ange. She's truly the best girl. It was the first anime I followed on a week by week basis so I felt a lot more connected to it and took the hits a lot harder than I would if I had just binged it a month after the last episode aired. Keeping my fingers cross angeed for a season 2.

It was way too easy, the stages I had the most trouble with were AD Route stage 28 final battle with hokushin and his goons

G-Reco is crap

After they reached the D.R.A.G.O.N. town the series got kinda boring not to mention the retarded asspulls on the final episodes. Hilda and Ange didn't got to fuck shit up and they got separed shortly after their promise, sadly.

Ange was the shit.

>why would anyone want to fuck a cute, blonde girl with red eyes who comes from royalty but is tough enough to fights dragons, fix her own car, and doesn't complain about being dirty so she wouldn't nag you about taking the trash out
Gee, I wonder why

>I didn't know V bombed that hard.
It didn't just sold less than the previous titles probably because it was on the PS4 and Vita instead of the PS4 and PS3.
>In my opinion it was good, even when it was too much in the easy side.
It was okay but yeah way too easy. They really gimped out on a lot (like the Yamato being the only playable unit outside Melda) and the cast felt like a down grade from Z2 and Z3 but it was nice to play a translated SRW.

I would take offense to this if only it wasn't coming from an CAfag

Unicorn and Age also took 4 years

this plus how the fuck tusk was revived. they could make it not be a handwave.

In Fukuda's words, there's nothing interesting about how he survived, just in what his survival means to Ange

Would you watch a CrossAnge second season without Fukuda?

Do you think Fukuda is planning a way with Sunrise execs doing more CrossAnge stuff in the future.

What can they really do though? A prequel with Alektra? That's about it.


>Not seeing a Ex Mana vs Norma/Dragon full scale war as Sylvia vs Ange kill each other for control and power of both worlds.

It's either S2 or Hell

not really
never saw it in that way and i'm female myself,
how i saw it was it was a equal footing between
tusk and ange, ange did the fighting tusk helped out with the vilkis. the only reason why people think it's 'sexist' is because of the fanservice and the fact that tusk had a battle with embryo and people got angry because it wasn't ange but ange didn't have that strong connection to embryo like tusk did. look i'm not saying the show has no flaws but it's a pretty damn good anime for what it was trying to do, and i would even go as far to say that the relationship between tusk and ange is simalar to the relationship between oscar and andre

Fuck yeah that's the one mmmm

>I'm female myself

Fucking dropped.

...Quite a shame too. You had some pretty good points there, mister.

I want them to crash all the alternate world Anges into one timeline. Ange against Ange. You don't even need to do much with the title, Re;Cross Ange, Cross/Dimension Ange, easy.

Really though Ange and Salami Man's married life is a story that simply demands to be told.

I don't understand how everything Fukuda makes can be so trashy and god awful while still highly entertaining.

i wanted to prove a point.

One of the worst shows I have ever seen, Im glad it flopped.

You can do that without pretending to be a woman.

You can leave.


Why not just a Harem Comedy Series about the SoL Antics of Cafe Ange post-series?

ok cuck

>SRW V was meh and sold like shit
you got a source for that claim?


One of my greatest regrets in life is ignoring this while it was airing and missing the threads.


>Gundam SEED rip off meme

It's nothing like Gundam SEED. Ange is a million times better than the protagonist of that shit show.

Same here

>02./00. [PS4] Super Robot Wars V # (Bandai Namco Games) {2017.02.23} (¥8.600) - 100.154 / NEW

And combining it with Vita numbers it still comes up short with Z3's first week numbers which was over 200k for the PS3 alone. The shitty cast might have been the reason.

>how i saw it was it was a equal footing between
>tusk and ange, ange did the fighting tusk helped out with the vilkis
And this isn't even true since Tusk was a better fighter and pilot than Ange.

>the only reason why people think it's 'sexist' is because of the fanservice
No because its blatantly sexist like most Japanese media. Why retards here tend to deny that most Japanese shit can be considered as sexist I have no clue and Cross Ange wasn't really trying to win any brownie points with feminist. Funny thing is that the people pushing Ange as some string female protagonist can't seem to explain why
>ook i'm not saying the show has no flaws but it's a pretty damn good anime for what it was trying to do
Its not. Hell if you're looking for a good trashy mecha anime that came out the same year watch this instead. At least it actually tried to be a mecha anime unlike this garbage.

Holy shit that's even hotter I gotta watch this fucking show. Wowzers

No it didn't the Nips loved it and SRW game

>the Nips loved it
>and SRW game
>lowest performing SRW since Gauken
Next time pick shit that's actually popular not just rely on Yamato 2199 and Unicorn to pick up the slack


Yeah, S2 fucking when?

26 episodes of Mean Girls on Arzenal

You missed out. I picked up this trainwreck because the Sup Forums threads were so great.

tusk hardly fought in the robot tho, it was mostly ange doing that.. i'm not saying it's the pinnacle of
feminism but i really enjoyed it

I madeit through the prologue before i was bleeding from all the cringey trope edginess and deleted it.

Okay OP help me out here.
When Ange and Salako meet for the first time what was the deal with that past lives flashback?
Like what the fuck? They are cavewomen, gladiators, soldiers in a war and shit.

yeah that's what i was thinking and i was kinda looking forward for them touching base on that which they never did

Its referencing other shows.
if i remember correctly the "Gladiator one was a Saint Seiya reference

This desu.

Anyone remember the Chrisfag?

Jeez, fuck off back to your containment board