Could he have become one of the good guys?

>Was no less evil than Vegeta in the Saiyan saga
>Just wanted a challenge and to become more powerful like Goku
>Gave his opponents a chance and didn't just kill them when they weren't a threat to him like Frieza did

Frieza and Buu were pure evil but Cell was actually a pretty bro tier guy for a villain. He could have become good.

yes but toei doesn't like drawing him because its too hard so they scrapped him

Yeah. To unlock the friendly Cell route Goku should had given him an amazing fight and end up defeating him without killing, either by Cell stepping outside of the arena (people will say Cell would just ignore it but i doubt it, he was counting on the rule until he decided to go all out) or just beating him to a pulp enough to stop him. Then anyways Cell would have been mad but if Goku was damaged enough his saiyancell-pride wouldnt have been hurt that much so no bitching, he would probably just run away. At that point trying to pull another shit like that would be boring so he would just come back eventually and be mostly a good guy, but a massive prick too. The end.

No, because he's dead.

Yes, if he was more popular than Frieza. He wasn't tho, so Frieza is the eternal enemy

Cell was so butthurt that Gohan was stronger than him that he was literally going to destroy the solar system.

If you think this would have worked you're nuts.

The only way you could have possibly converted Cell would be to revive him and convince him that fighting stronger opponents is more fun than ultimate destruction.

Or I guess reprogramming the embryo that they blew up in Gero's lab. I bet Bulma could have done that.


He had zero motivation beyond his Cell games though, he achieved his perfect form he wanted for so long but had to improvise to finally attain by time travelling. And he also promised to destroy the planet should humanity fail to defeat him during his Cell games arc.

He wants fun

>he was counting on the rule until he decided to go all out
Except that's wrong and Cell only used about a third of his power against Goku. Cell was crazy as fuck and could never, ever have been redeemed.

he was intentionally meant to seem a lot less outright evil than the average villain and more like a new being that didn't really know what it wanted after it's completion, but as the fight goes on you can see that cell is cleary sadistic and insane. he probably couldn't have been redeemed.

Why was he such a dick?

Best boy

Thats why it would be a really close fight, or even better, a draw.
If goku was borderline dead like in the original goku vs vegeta fight, he might contain himself and ask for a rematch

>A overpowered mix of vegeta, frieza and goku
What else you expected?
The best person on said list still cares more about a fun fight than about the fate of the universe.

How bad would Cell look if he were animated in Super?

>gave his opponents a chance
that's what I found really boring about him as a villain. The stakes seem... artificial?

No, Cell ate lots of people to attain perfection, manipulated Vegeta into helping him absorb 18 to achieve perfect, and was planning on destroying the planet.

Is there a reason why villains can't take competition in a healthy way?

If they could they wouldnt be villains, just rivals.

Dragonball villains are notorious for their massive hubris. They don't like it when a perceived weakling like Goku, Gohan, or Trunks beats them in a fair fight.

Just have a beer with them and tell them about the joy of training, rivals and chilling on Earth. They could live off Capsule Corp's money forever to eat the finest foods, train with the best partners, even travel and learn new interesting stuff. There's really no reason to blow up the Earth when it's a cool place like that.

No. You are stupid for even asking.

Most Dragonball Villains either hate or fear Goku because he beat them in such a way that it was a blow to their pride. Frieza would pretty much murder Goku, and humans, then sell Earth instead of talking about some great big merger between his forces and Capsule Corp with Bulma.

It's true for Freeza and the Saiyans because they already had a life to go back to (even an empire for Freeza). And Babidi was a scumbag who wanted revenge so there was no convincing him either. But I don't see why they couldn't talk Cell out of doing this

People often forget that cell had no true upbringing.
He was born, fully adult, with the knowledge that he could absorb people for their energy
The started absorbing thousands.
To be strong enough to kill trunks, he had to have absorbed entire cities.
Then he went to the past, incubated, then went about absorbing again.
Did he do this emotionally? Or with sorrow? No, he did it with glee, enjoying the terror of those he absorbed.
Then what happens? He absorbs two androids and his personality changes (a maturation if you will).
He's calm, collected, emotionally detached.
He then sets up the cell games and explicitly states that he wants to see the terror in everyone's faces.
Then, upon learning gohan can become stronger when angry, he proceeds to do everything possible to anger him.
Cell isn't 100% unredeemable, but vegeta was established from the get go as ruthless, but not reveling in the fear of strangers.
He even called nappa back repeatedly when he went haywire. Then we got backstory which strongly suggested that vegeta was essentially a child soldier, willing to do anything to stop the man responsible for it. After frieza was killed, vegeta no longer had anything that would push him to slaughter everyone until he got to him. That was the point of the majin corruption.
Cell doesn't have that sort of motivation. He will crush anything and anyone that needs to be crushed to get whatever he wants, because he sees himself as the most important thing in the universe.
It'd be more interesting if cell planted a cell jr in secret before the cell games and THAT became an ally

Most of the Z fighters hate Cell for all the terrible things he's done even though it was mostly their faults that Cell became a threat to begin with.

>It'd be more interesting if cell planted a cell jr in secret before the cell games and THAT became an ally
I don't see why they'd trust a mini blue version of their enemy.

So a less complex version of mereum?

just like the majority of people in real life

He had to threaten to blow up the earth or he didn't believe they would try there very best.
>If you don't beat me I will blow up the planet!
>Hey fight me right now
Is much different in terms of difficulty since he wanted a good fight.

>why would they trust the reincarnation of King Piccolo?

Cell is perfect

which is why he could never get along with the imperfect cretins surrounding him. It was either they or him

why was he hard to draw? was it the spots, tail wings and his transformations?

Apparently Cell too hard to draw.
Animators are babies.

But desu yea fuck drawing cell

vegeta + freezas dna combined with gokus lust for battle

because his body has so many small details that they have to draw while animating him compared to freeza who is 2 colors

Cell had Freeza's cells which made for a particularly butthurt mix when combined with Saiyan pride.

This actually works on so many levels.
>why would they trust the reincarnation of Kid Buu?


It would definitely have been cool to see Bulma secretly steal and reprogram, and enhance, the embryo Cell from the main timeline instead of it getting blown up. Takes longer to grow up, but doesn't need to absord anything to reach Perfect form. Uub X Cell when?

You know it to be true.

Probably not. A Cell Jr. becoming a good guy seems more likely though. Especially if it falls in love with Pan.


cell is nothing like freiza except maybe being whiney full of himself.

Deny it all you want, Cellcucks, but your meme bugman is nothing but a one-dimensional, bland, boring gary stu no person with a taste would like, which is why he's completely forgotten and is only liked by underage Pendejos who self-insert as Jobhan! Fucking casuals sucking off Hackira and praising his god-awful decisions! Freeza saga is the true ending of Dragon Ball, and we all know it!

So you mean Vegeta
Or maybe Piccilo?
Or maybe Tien?
Or the bandit Yamcha?

I like Cell, but DB has a problem with too many reformed bad guys. Its cool when the secondary villains who werent really that terrible to begin with join the team (Vegeta, 18, fat buu). I absolutely despise Uub though. Its just so stupid. We already have one ex bad Buu as a good guy, why do we need another one? His character isnt even relevant anymore since SS God has blown any power he could achieve out of the water. I just think its lame when all these characters who have been in the series since the beginning get shelved for some new character reborn from a villain.

Eh, Vegeta was going to blow up earth because Goku put up a good fight.

Cell's shortcoming is ironically him being too good. He doesn't have the weakness of Vegeta's or Freeza's pride and overconfidence or Buu's gluttony and laziness. If you bring him back he'd annihilate absolutely everyone with training.

What are you talking about? He has all of their weaknesses. Vegeta's and Freeza's pride are why he freaked out after Gohan outclassed him. Goku's love for battle is why he did the tournament and let everyone train to become stronger.


SSGSS Golden Cell when?

>turning best villain into an overripe banana
No, thanks.


Also fat buu

And beerus

Caulifla is love
Caulifla is life
Caulifla a cute
I want to hold hands with her and have consensual sex with her in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation

No, despite being arguably less evil than Vegeta, he had to die because the spots were annoying to draw.

>design a character with spots
>claim the spots are hard to draw

Have fun being banned.

Toriyama designed the character, not Toei.

Much easier to do it in a few panels that in animation.

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Godhan. His motives are extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of martial arts and philosophy most of the tactics will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Chadhan's steely resolve, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal growth draws heavily from Sun Tzu literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of Godhan's power, to realize it's not just strength- they say something deep about his struggles. As a consequence people who dislike Godhan truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the depth of his angelic catchphrase "ATATATATATATATA," which itself is a cryptic reference to Musashi's Japanese epic The Book of Five Rings. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those Caulicuck simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Akira Toriyama's genius unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools... how I pity them. And yes by the way, I DO have a Godhan "El Diablo" Blanco tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.

Mereum is literally cell 2.0.

>waifu posting
>being banned
I wish

I'm back

Drawing Cell is like drawing a suit of armour, equally as complex and if you mess up one part of it it's going to stick out, most notably someone always fucks up his crown thing and it ends up looking uncanny. Not to mention modern Cell looks like garbo anyways in vidya cutscenes and Heroes shit, and I'm not sure how Yamamuro would fare modelling Cell again for Super.
also spots

>but as the fight goes on you can see that cell is cleary sadistic and insane
How? He never did anything as horrible and/or pathological as what he did in Imperfect form. The most were desperation moves to try and take everyone on Earth out with him, but Vegeta did that too so I don't see why Cell can't be redeemed in much the same way.(bigger common threat,begrudgingly working together,form bonds,yatta yatta)

Cell and the Androids are the biggest asspull. Suddenly bug drones that clone that existed sice Dragon Ball, are the strongest beings. It makes no sense.

Space Aliens and Gods/Afterlife creatures is all there should be in Dragon Ball.

Giving him spots was a stupid decision on his part in the first place. It's funny that he had two more tries to fix it, and never attempted it.

As much as I love those arcs, yeah it was. At least with frieza you got build up of what he was capable of and who he was.

Goku goes through a bunch of shit prior to landing on Namek and fighting frieza only to say that some old dude was modding some kids to be stronger than a space emperor.

To be fair a lot of villains in the Dragonball world pretty much did that, and it looks like Frieza is going down that same path as well.

Have you been watching Team Four Star recently?

Also it got me wondering, say if Goku did bring all the erased universes and merged them into one singular universe after the tournament of power arch, would that mean that all the fighters that took part in the tournament will all become regulars of Bulmas house, Kamis lookout and Kames house?

Jap animators are retarded. There are tons of rigged Cell 3d models around, either use them as reference or animate them, then trace it. It's not hard.

Toriyama hated drawing cell too.

He loved the design, he just hated drawing it.

Toriyama I think actually said he a bit of regret over doing that, he mustn't have known how tedious it was going to get

He is dumb then, as an artist he should have figured from the start that drawing those spots all the time would get tedious eventually.

Toriyama always said about himself that he is actually not very bright.


Only because Gohan was a nobody. If it was Goku that gave him the beatdown, then it would've been fine.

It's like playing a game. If you know you lost to a seasoned pro, you see it as a chance to improve. But the moment you lose to a random nobody, you ragequit like there's no tomorrow.

Yes, and it'd be more believable than Frieza becoming an ally out of the blue.
Oh wait, they did the latter.

As much as I like Cell, he is childish. Completely lost his shit when Gohan got the upper hand and resorted to scummy "if I can't be the top guy no one can!" which resembled when Timmy took his ball home so no one could play, he could never really stand with the rest of the cast. Moreover, reviving him would be super dangerous due to him knowing Instant Transmission.

Freeza is no ally.

Post more faggot

>people shooting lazers - fine
>people putting houses into capsules - fine
>a scientist creating/modifying some guys to be stronger than a space hitler - WTF IMPOSSIBRU THIS IS AN ASSPULL WHY DOESN'T TORIYAMA FOLLOW MY HEACANONS OF WHO SHOULD BE THE STRONGEST

or Oolong?

Cell is actually the least childish DBZ big bad. He was just made to believe that he is the ultimate life form which no one can best (partially true), and when that was proven false, he experienced cognitive dissonance and chimped out.

Reminds how Tori came up with the Super Sayian idea because inking black hair was a pain.

Never ever

Honestly why didn't they rez cell for the competition like they did Friezer?

Because he makes a bad cash cow.

Too arrogant

So was Vegeta.

Bio androids when?