Remember, the Haibane can never ever talk to them directly...

Remember, the Haibane can never ever talk to them directly. You may only use the bells on your wings to say "yes" or "no".

>I permit you to speak
>I permit you to speak
>I permit you to speak

dumb show/10

Yeah, directly.

>the Haibane can never ever talk to them directly.
user, are you confused about something?
that in the pic is a haibane

It's a shame that this of all things became the 'safe SoL' to like.

Stop assuming something a character says is the complete truth.

Ok, I watched that part in the third ep again. they can't speak inside the temple, it's like a tradition or a rule of some kind.
You are confusing the Toga with the Haibane renmei

Yeah he's part of the Haibane race, but the Haibane themselves also can't talk to him. He's basically te communicator.

They can't speak to the Toga, but they also said that you can only use the bells to talk with the communicator. Not that it matters cause he always just gives up on the rule after episode 3 cause it's fucking stupid.

>Yeah he's part of the Haibane race
He is a haibane, they can talk to him directly but not inside the temple, go wacth that ep again. He is an example of what happen if the day of fly doesn't come to a haibane

The communicator scolds Rakka for talking to the Toga in the dwell episode, doesn't he? I thought it was accepted to talk to the communicator, especially if he allows them to speak.

What could it have been?

What's so hard to understand? The communicator gave them permission to speak, the Hane language is like a tradition and mainly used to communicate with the Toga (the weird mute merchants that can go outside).

dumb viewer/10

So people only like a show because it's "safe" to like it now? Goddamn, we have reached a whole new level of retardation..

Are you basing this one 3x3s or what? I see more K-On on 3x3s than I do Haibane. Also I hardly consider it a SoL. Maybe up to episode 6 but everything after that felt more like a mystery drama. But maybe that's just me.

is the anime about suicides?

Yes and no. Suicide is made rather obvious but it's a bit reductive to say that it's only about that.

Maybe the guy has rheumatism? Who's gonna give him shit for that anyway? He's the guy in charge of pretty much everything in this shithole. Fuck traditions.

What's with so many Haibane Renmi threads as of late?

Recently added to Crunchyroll is my guess.

There is also an abnormal amount of ADHD ridden manchildren talking shit about it, so I must be right.

Safe from what?

Non-anime fans see the slice of life genre as something repulsive (when they talk as "moeshit", it's slice of life they're talking about). Meanwhile Haibane Renmei is accepted by that people as "good" even with its slice of life structure so it's ok to like it.

At least Haibane is a legitimately good show, not a meme revered as something that it is not.

Sora no Woto is Haibane Renmei but good.

I was going to say that while I agree with you people are going to say it is a meme then this idiot posts proving my point

Comparing a masterpiece of self-actualization and self-acceptance with a bad meme that only has a piss episode and a conflict resolved through the power of love and music to offer.

Sup Forums never fails to entertain me.