When will Mei get her own arc?

When will Mei get her own arc?

Worst girl. So no

When will Ochaco get the deku?

When she cucks Ochako.




When she grows a pair and confesses, then she can have all the Deku she wants


I want a special ed arc featuring Mei, Yui, Nejire, Mina, and Denki. Maybe also Todoroki.






she already cucked ochako.

Yes, Satan, YES



>This still says Hatsune

Smashu or passu?

The Virgin Ochacuck

The Chad Mei


>implying Ochako won't end up with Baku
Better accept it now or it is going to hurt more later.

Smashu then never call againu


How shit must it be to enter a state of rage but have a power that doesn't benefit from it at all.



>implying pure rage won't turn her quirk into C-moon

That is why she is always so she cheerful.

>There are people on this board that say Mei has no concept of sex

>grows older faster and repels everything away from her (more than she already does)


There is no way her power could be "super gravity" its the opposite

The gravity shift of c-moon is the opposite of Gravity is it not?

I want to love Uravity forever

Oh, you're right. His power is to reverse gravity not make it stronger.

Mei is for rulefag

>Toga stabs Deku
>Blood flows out of the body instead of flowing into the dick
>She now has to fuck a floppy dick

Toga's dumb


I'd be ok with that

I want my Mei arc, best girl, 10/10

When she starts building gadgets for Quirkless Hero Lemillion

>"grow a pair"

Stop posting NTR

worst voice

Harsh, but true

Todoroki isnt stupid. Put Iida Todo Yui Momo and Tokoyami in a class for light autism.


When will Boston Dynamics get their own anime?

Stop getting cucked, virgin.

she's put her feelings on hold, the only way it'll progress right now is if something or someone makes Deku realize the nature of his feelings for her. Then they're reach a spaghetti equilibrium

>she's put her feelings on hold
...because it's plausible for a female to turn her ovaries off

Does someone more think Mei is Deku's real endgame? I don't dislike Ochako, but she's so Eh.


Deku is too much of a sperg to actually pursue a female relationship. He's unable to move past the 'A GIRL TALKED TO ME' stage

Shame too, because Mei is far more interesting than Ochako 'I need to stop thinking about the guaranteed number 1 hero so that I can be a better hero' Uraraka

I'm gonna cum in my panties when Mei saves the day in a crazy iron man suit laughing like a demented schoolgirl

>iron man suit
>Not a T-51B



>implying a woman can have feelings in the first place

he keep his cool while figthing a literal semen demon

Women don't have feelings, they are their feelings

Mei is honestly a better love interest. I'd read her spinoff. Ochako should be with Bakugou.

RIP catsuit wearing thot, you will be missed when people realise you're missing

>Ochako should be with Bakugou
If not Deku, Iida

No, because Iida is a good character.

The shit should be shoveled together.

Bakugo is only for slime monsters

Pick three.


I'd like to hear more about this concept

Best girl is Tooru, followed by Mina

when will slime villian come back to claim his bride Bakugou?

>Implying Slime-sama isn't just going to ravish Kaachan then not pay for dinner and never return his calls

>tfw no pics of sea lion bara

Bakugo misses him dearly, so hopefully soon

Does Mei know what she's doing? She's played dumb with people before, after all. I mean the look on her face...it's so ambiguous if she knows she makes Izuku hot and bothered or not.

I think she's aware, but I don't think she cares at all. She just wants to make babies.

After the villains take over the city and terrorize everyone I bet Bakugou is gonna come back and wreck slime


That word looks like it's part of her face in the thumbnail

Because no one wants that


It's not NTR tho

Mei is just best

What a slut. Outgoing and forward girls are gross.

Inventor/mechanic girls are the best.

Ochako is forward and outgoing, you dickless faggot

We're talking about Mei, not Ochako



Are you all conveniently forgetting Tododeku is the real endgame in the series? Shit, Izuku was the one to 'release his fire' ;)

>Hori is a master in deconstruction

Hori is not Anno. He doesn't go for that gay shit.

Then explain Kirishima

You mean the dude currently getting his rock hard cock wet in Alien Queen?

Know damn well if you woke up to her sucking you and giggling in her throaty voice you'd bust and wanna marry here. Fuck outta here, hypocrite ass nigga. Better than Ochako's frigid ass.

We know it's you grapefag

No shit, don't respond to him

(Thinking a girl like her would actually suck on your dick while you sleep)

Why are you such a virgin user?


Do I need to send you a screenshot again?

Or did the whore that your mother is finally hug you user?





If anybody needed to proof that the fujoposter is grapefag, it's this post right here

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