2016 >>>>>> 2017

2016 >>>>>> 2017
We all agree, right?

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2011 > 2012 > 2014 > 2016 > 2010 > 2013 > 2015 > 2017

2017 has been dang awful

Both were crap

2016 had a shit ton of solid, memorable shows. Most of the good shows in 2017 have just been sequels to 2016 shows. 2017 has felt really lacking so far.

If we're talking about anime, this year hasn't entirely awful. If we're talking about everything else, well, that's a different situation altogether. Maybe 2018 will be better.

We posting rope edits now?
Requesting the one with the keions at the summer festival

2017 has no great anime yet, in my opinion, and 2016 had two. There's bad and middling shit every year, I only consider the peaks when I think about how good a year was or wasn't.

it's all just a blur now

At least we can safely say 2015 was better than both years

Are you me? Put 2010 after 2017 and that is my list exactly.

Spring 2016 was pretty good yeah, been a while since a season was that packed for me.
>Sansha Sanyou
>Anne Happy
>Flying Witch

Also Bing Bong at the end of the year.

>First half of 2017>
>Second half of 2017

oo wee look at me i'mma scummy girl

This, also Pandora, Ange Vierge and 2 Teekyuu seasons as opposed to 1 this year. Also Milky Holmes movie.
2017 is really lacking in comparison.

2011 was incredible, what could possibly even beat it?
>Gothloli #1
>Houki a shit
>Dog Days
>exploding van
>nuevo Ikuhara
>Usagi Drop
>"every thread"
>mirai nikki
>literally hitler

It's insane how much stuff aired in 2011.

One good show on that list

What a tough to please guy you are

I bet I enjoy anime the least in the whole world

Tell me why not at least 4 of the shows on that list were good

holy shit

Fuck that

2016 had fucking

Flying Witch.
Joker Game.
Mob Psycho.
New Game.
91 days.
Boku no Hero.
Hibike S2.

It's not surprising 2016 is superior.

I can't say definitively yet, but they are about equal so far.

Do you guys see anything this fall having the ability to carry the year?

My vote would be for this, I'm an anime only fag but this looks fucking amazing.

youtube.com/watch?v=SuVVs4giZrI Hit me with that motherfucking Enya.

>no Flip Flappers



>no Bananya

>no flip flappers
wew, must be rough having such shit taste.

Not a fan of the deformed character designs, but it does look like one of the few salvageable ones.

Dog Days started off great but I felt like it got worse and worse with each new season. By the third season, I gave up very early on.

I haven't read this but I've heard nothing but good things. Maybe there's a bit of a bias since it's Sup Forums but I'd like to believe it's going to be as good as it seems.

Made in Abyss > 2016


Wow, you are bad at math.

Is this the final evolution of the military moeblob subgenre?

Not until everyone starts driving SD tanks and piloting Eggplanes.

Add to that [C], AnoHana and KoreanZombie.

2017 >>> 2016.

And then there's this faggot.

Tsuki ga Kirei
Tsurezure Children
Made in Abyss

Miles better than this . And I don't even include sequels.

I've read enough, opinion disregarded.

2018 will be worst

What's it's like to be so entry level that you feel it necessary to posture for us?

Excellent taste


2006 - 2009 was the golden age.


Although I'd put 2016 above 2012.

Wow, it's actually correct.

These lists are both underwhelming.


2016 was bland as shit for the most part. 2017 has even shittier anime but there's more variety at least.