Sheriff Evans' Lies 23

Time for a new chapter of the best Sheriff in the west and more life lessons from Pa.




I really want Oakley to win. But if she does then the manga will end. I feel so conflicted.


I feel the same way




I kinda wish she had more serious competition, at least one recurring female outlaw would be nice



I like it that way. Having someone else seriously interested in Evans will increase the chances of having dumb misunderstandings and seeing Oakley depressed.

glad they got the cover

There was that small time criminal girl


This is totally gonna happen, just wait.





Another great chapter, anime when?

She is so goddamn cute. It's killing me.

So anyone have a favorite chapter so far? Not really my favorite, but the wedding one was kind of meta. I didn't think he knew Pa's lessons haven't helped at all.


Probably the one with Oakley trying to pull womanly poses to seduce him. Or the dance one, even though they never danced.

I just want they to have vanilla sex and a lot of babies.

What i like of the series is how they try i mean. That episode where she invited him to her house and he needed to go to the bathroom, it could have ended with him escaping but in the last page he just runs back to her a full speed. That was a refreshing touch.

But in any case, ill always fear what this series could turn into.

Fair enough, I guess it just kinda feels like it's taking any tension out but that probably isn't necessary for a series like this

I was thinking a little more substantial

We'll see, regardless I am really enjoying it

The one where Evans takes Oakley to his place to pay the reward on a bounty

Did people even use human silhouette targets back then?


Phoebe Oakley is cute!

I always try to read Oakley lines with a southern accent.

I don't really think about the accents, but I imagine the narrator to sound like Fumihiko Tachiki(Kaiji narrator, Gendo, Madao)

I cant help but imagine him sounding like the hxh chimera ant narrator. Which is funny because i hated that narrator.


I think it's because she has small hands

Evans falling into "how cute" delusions there.

I'm not going to claim to be an expert on Wild West shooting, but as a /k/ommando that looks like a modern day range. I have a hard time believing that there would be such a clean, big fenced off area with a long roof over the firing line when anyone could just shoot at bottles anywhere. I know shooting galleries were a thing, but a public range as depicted here seems like an anachronism to me.
That said, making a rough human silhouette out of wood or even some kind of strawman for target practice is probably period-accurate, I just wouldn't know where to research for confirmation.

here's the clean version

What's the artist's Twitter/Pixiv?

He doesn't have one listed on MU. Didn't find it googling his name too.

Thanks for the reminder and dump OP

No lie, the one where Oakley was showing off her legs and doing seductive pose (the first time) got me pretty hard.

Well that made my day a bit better. I didn't much out of the series but when is she going to wear the ribbon he got her

Even if he fucks up, he still comes off as a cool guy.

I loved the chair chapter.
Perfect blend of cute, clever and funny.

nice, thank you!

Damn. Phoebe is a determined bitch.

How did his dad mange to get laid?

With his advice. His advice is always right. Evans just has shit luck and no game. Also the beard.

...or, like many suspect, he just got laid once with proto-Oakley aka Evans mom.

Too cute

Man, Oakley's fucking adorable

is she?

this is kaguya in the wild west with a denser male, thanks OP

Evans: Shinichiro Miki
Phoebe: Hisako Kanemoto
Narrator: Sugita
Pops: Jouji Nakata