Sie sind das Essen und Wir sind die Jaeger!

>Not "Grim reminder".

How fucking huge is that vulture

Chad Vulture putting birdlets in their place.

That cat looks like one of the robots in Chuck e Cheeses. Smug as fuck.

I want to kill everyone on god's green earth and start it over

Dude what the fuck

Holy shit




test test am I ban

I'm now traumatized

What was it?

Fucking China.

Hahahaha china fuckin sucks man

What the hell


Chink pulling down her pants and launching a baby out her snatch in the middle of a crowded street. Someone gives her an empty bag to sit on, and some old lady diddles the umbilical cord a little.

Oh fuck off, it was deleted before my post.

What the fuck did I miss?



Something that no one with a pure heart and soul should lay their eyes upon.

>the virgin eagle
>the chad vulture

What was the purpose of that webm? Why didn't the mod just delete the thread?

Jesus fucking christ. Am I wrong or were the bystanders smiling near the end?

Fucking chinks man.

This. Literally Chinks not giving a shit about babies. Poor thing probably got its brain damaged badly from the impact, i hope it died soon after.

Also, from the looks of it, it had Apgar score 4-6. Very fucked.

>yaa gomen gomen
You have no idea how long I've been laughing at this. Thank you.

It's a miracle of life user :)

No, I'm legit freaked out. That old woman was definitely smiling. And the other two people checked the baby's vital signs by touching the fucking cord. What the actual fuck.

Dare you complain about moderation policies and thus break Global Rule 8, user?

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>And the other two people checked the baby's vital signs by touching the fucking cord
That's how you do it though, how else would you do it without a sthetoscope at hand?


>displaying normaldry
Why did you have to ruin it?

Oh yeah, my bad. It's just odd how wary she was approaching the baby as if it was about to attack her or something. The whole scene was offputting.

Chinks aren't human user. They might look human but on the inside they're all insectoids.

Does anyone have that webm of the Lizard and the snakes?

It's not my first time seeing their depravity in these threads, like that dogeating Festival they have. But it was a fucking baby, man. Her own kid even.


>putting a baby near a pitbull

>That old woman was definitely smiling
They were having a blast.

You're making yourself look dumb and new, user.