Yahari Season 2

>Tobe is about to get rejected
>NOBODY comes up with anything to help him out
>Hachiman basically come up with a last minute plan
>confess to Ebina
>she makes it clear she doesn't want to date anyone
>Tobe doesn't really mind but is bummed out Ebina doesn't want to date anyone
>Yukino gets pissed off
>Yui get mad

For what though? They couldn't come up with a solution yet get all mad for no reason when someone has to do the dirty work.

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>For what though?
it was literally spelled out and reiterated both in the show and the novels, you dumb piece of shit

All of this could have been avoided if they just tell Tobe she doesn't like him. Sorry for watching this for the 1st time. I didn't know all Yahari fans were this mean.

People don't tell the truth if it damages their pride.

what i dont get is why everyone was acting like it was some self-damaging thing to do that when basically everyone understood what was going on except for tobe

they're dumb kids who get caught up in their own bullshit and treat every situation like the end of the world. Why anyone hypes this moody garbage is beyond my understanding.

Most of them are assholes.

Basically, Ebina didn't want to fuck with the status quo of the group because she's afraid of being emotionally vulnerable. Hayama and her think their group couldn't handle any sort of internal changes like that, so they avoid the problem entirely. Hachiman hates superficial stuff like that because real relationships should be able to grow from any sort of problems, but he still decided to help them out to prove that he was better than them.

Yukino and Yui got angry because they both care about Hachiman. Why should he have to hurt himself for something so vapid? This event essentially sends them all down this emotional rollercoaster, where they essentially learn that they're all afraid of taking the next step and growing closer towards one another.

The reason why his youth love comedy is wrong, as he expected is because these emotions aren't funny nor easy to understand. They're all afraid of hurting on another, but they end up hurting themselves.

Yukino or Riot.

Man you have literally a million series where Yukino's win...
What about if he just stays alone?

This scene was so poetic.

Yukino is really cute, but who is the most popular girl of Yahari Ore no Seishun?

>I never asked for help REEEEEEEEEEEE

What a guy

Pretty obvious Yui is done for. The penguin scene was made for Yukinox8man while Yui fades out with the "Hello Alone" song.

You really mean it, it was because of you autistic fucks that this got delayed for so long


The penguin scene was made for Yui x 8man while Yuki of fades out with her autism.

Penguins groom their mates.

Iroha or death.

>Why should he have to hurt himself for something so vapid?
How did he hurt himself? He seemed to be pretty chill about it until Yukino/Yui got mad at him


I know all the reasons why we're supposed to be like "wtf 8man that's not the right thing to do" but his actions intuitively just feels like a clever way to resolve the issue and the underlying reasons for why we're supposed to think it's wrong feel contrived. I have to consciously force myself to think in such an odd specific way to actually feel that the drama explosion following the incident was warranted. If I'm thinking honestly it just feels like a drastic overreaction and it's pretty frustrating to watch everyone be so pissy after it.

>guy fake confesses to some broad
>the girls who like him REEEEEEEEEEE
It isn't fucking science.

I've thought about it, and my theory lies in the words: "How can you be so smart, but not understanding something so simple?" Simply put, when Hikigaya accepted the task, I believe Yukino and Yui both knew the outcome. They have seen his methods firsthand and Yukino has constantly disagreed with his methodology. At this point in season 2, it is quite clear that both Yukino and Yui like him - and using himself as a scapegoat did a number on them. My guess is that they felt uncomfortable watching the person they like hurt themselves - in the sake of another group's interest that isn't remotely even their own. Yui almost confessed to him the first season, so I guess it hit a nerve with her when she saw him confess to Ebina, although it was fake, I'm sure she felt anger at herself that was directed at him for being dishonest.

Why is Hayama such a piece of shit?

I mean, he didn't really hurt himself that time.
He didn't even like ebina so it's a non issue for him.

Because he's Chad.

pretty much everyone figures out what's going on within like 20 seconds. it's not that big of a deal.

He basically took the hit of a failed confession and all the embarrassment that came with it. It's not all that bad in his point of view because he's used to it. But to the other two, that's not something fun to look at.
And to make it worse, a lot of the guy's methods are self destructive like this. 8man is too used to it to feel it, but that doesn't mean the damage isn't there.

You're right. It's melodramatic.

>Tobe asks who Hayama has feelings for
>won't give him an answer
>*sigh* Y

Does this mean he loves Yukino?

"Yu" not "Y".

Can he just fuck both girls and end this? He doesn't have to marry Yui, just give her a kid. Then they'll all be happy family.

Ask yourself for sharing a wife with an another man

What is it that makes Hayama so scary to Yukino fanboys? So what if he likes her? It's not like she has any feelings for him, right?

They're gay for each other and even if other girls bother them whe they're all over 8man they never bother each other.

He just needs to create a love child with Yui, that's all. She'll be happy.

She still has lingering feelings for him. She doesn't really like 8man for real.

Yukinoshita Haruno

i dont know what to say, fuck you

Accept the truth. They hint hard at this in the novels but the anime was light on it.

Your are delusional. Pan-san alone justify everything. Hachiman forgot that he went the same kindergarten as Yukinon and they exchanged the vow of marriage with the exchange of locket and key

>Hayama liked Yukino when they were young
>he fucked up once by letting kids bully yukino and he's an indecisive faggot
>Haruno finds out and literally guts him inside out
>now he knows he fucked up and his feelings for Yukino is stronger
>tries to make it up to her any way he can
>literally trying to use 8man as a stepping stone to get her back

Really though, I remember anons getting really riled up at the Y thing. It was hilarious to say the least.

Hehe, that's a good Yukinofag impression. They are so deluded, they really think 8man and Yukino are destined lovers.

Yukino still likes him too. The developments from volume 12 really stress it.

Develope you fuck, the chocolate incident tells us everything. Hayama can try but he will never succeed.

Yukino doesn't like 8man, she is dependent on him. She still loves Hayama and Hayama loves her. YukinoxHayama will happen.

So let me get this straight: Yui likes 8man, who likes Yukino, who likes Hayama, who also like Yukino? So both Yui and 8man are set up for heartbreak unless 8man turns to Yui.

I got rile up so much i want to struggle with you with blurring cursing word because crying by agitation

I'm just fucking with you. I don't really think she likes Hayama.

No, Yui likes 8man, Yukino likes 8man but doesn't know if it is dependence, Hayama likes Haruno most likely. We don't know for sure who 8man likes.

I like you

Anyone else think its actually Haruno hes in love with and not Yukinon?

Me. All boy first crush is oneesan.

>Yukino keeps a photo of her and 8man at destinyland next to her bed under her stuffed animals

and at night she tapes it to her stuffed animals along with an eggplant

eggplant is too soft and smooth, i bet 10 bitcoin that she use japanese local spikey cucumber

Just want to say Yahari destroy my immersion of this game. Thank you very much WW.


i really miss this anime,season 3 never

we need more 8man in our daily life, it would be a better world where all peoples are self-sacrificing

i just like to see more mc that are not your usual happy to go lucky guy or simple minded naive nice guy,i like bitter or sad mc better,maybe because i`m a piece of shit myself don`t know

Everyone likes Iroha. nothing else matters okay?!

He's still simple and naive to be honest

It's Yui and 8man.

How? What game?

season 3 is going to happen when vol 13 and 14 get released, i'd bet my left nut on it

Two volumes, that are the end, released at the same time means that both Yui and Yukino get an end.

how do you know they will be released at the same time

The publishers of the novel had a 10 year anniversary and the author himself said that that was the plan. Several sources have claimed this.

they've made claims before about previous volumes but I'll take your word for it for now.

>She wants to halt the prom because she finds it too “scandalous.”

I hate spoilers, stop please.

As americans we know that Yukimom is 100% correct but moon people don't.

>both Yui and Yukino get an end.
How much butthurt would this cause? Would the waifuwars ever end?

I'd find a way to prove that it meant Iroha is the true route

will you fuck off already irohaposter

Yui already had her time in that AU novel, we don't need another Yui win unless her fans are so selfish? I

I know the joke you want to make. No, Yui is not a selfish person at all.

yui suffered so much we need her to win more than once
plus shes best girl so she deserves it anyways

The upshot is that even though in this case it's not a big deal, 8man has a terrible habit of pointlessly sacrificing himself. If he goes through life inventing reasons to put petty bullshit before his own happiness, he'll never be happy. That's crushing to the people who care about him.

She blown out so often it is hard not to see it building to something.

I've always hated the whole idea of suffering means you deserve victory. That's not how anything works, at all. Sometimes suffering just happens and life is not obligated to balance it out for you. Mostly because suffering is relative and for anyone who's been through "hard times" there's someone who would kill to be in the very same position.
Yui needs to nut up and either act or move on. Her indecision is only prolonging her sadness and as a result it's her own damn fault.

same thing can be said for yukino

I agree, I'm in the 8-man should end up alone camp because he's not going to find what he wants or needs in any of the candidates.

Either 8man died or being gay can save the girls from misery. I choose the latter option.

So has anyone declared their intention to TL vol 12 yet?

Yui won right?

Yui won when Yukinon lose.


Yukinon lost then.

Yukinon lose when Yui win

Yui won since Yukinon lost.

>It's not all that bad in his point of view because he's used to it.

It's not all that bad to him because he doesn't give a fuck and doesn't really mean it. This is hardly damaging for him compared to the other shit he's done. Heck, I've done something similar, only because the two retards kept skirting around the issue without any closure.

Yukinon win because Yui lose

Yui didn't lose.

Yukinon didnt lose when Yui didnt win

Yui won though.

Yukinon win though Yui lose

But Yui didn't lose.

Yukinon didnt lose but Yui didnt win

>or being gay can save the girls from misery
if he was gay they'd both lose and no one would be happy

No one would be happy and they are not hurt. The ending is justfy and accepted because he is a real homo