I miss To Love-ru

I miss To Love-ru

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Yui never got her proper confession. She felt like she was primed to do so.

I don't know anything about this series except that Mikan is fucking hot.

Needs more Ringo

>ywn shamelessly impregnate Yui repeatedly
I'm sure there'll be a continuation at some point, Rito's going to become the new king of the universe and build a cosmic harem

ghost tits did a pretty good job replacing it

I miss Yui so much. How she didn't appear in the last cover and neither in her last chapter in Darkness
Fuck nana and why not Risa too
Stop with your stupid meme of ringo

>I'm sure there'll be a continuation at some point, Rito's going to become the new king of the universe and build a cosmic harem
Yui will never accept the harem

Someone can gives collor to that beautiful ending

>The next series is essentially convincing her that she should be content with 3rd place.

I'd be okay with that.

her page ending is the lewdest
it suggests that she gets pregnant the moment she confesses
then proceeds to get pregnant the moment she starts ovulating again

to love shit was garbage


I want to rub my dick on Nana's dfc

that image shows the miserable, pathetic, unhappy, hater faggot how you are

It looks like good taste to me

Dunno. The girls on that list are very shit.

He hates worst girls some actually has very very good taste.

Wait, so who won? Was it Bland-chan?

She had the best doujinshi.

>implying Yui isn't shit

Shit taste fags in defense of that miserable hypocrite hater faggot
Yui, Houki, Rin and Seraphim are The Best

They're awful

No argument for that answer

>They're awful
They are the best, Hater Faggot.


Where do you fall?

Reminder that Yui is a shit slut who is sucking me right now

Wait... how did that happen?

Honestly, that's better than Lala or Haruna.

In no one

>One day we will get a Risa image.

Always remind this if you ever gonna shitpost about Yui, Houki, Rin and Seraphim

Same here.

I miss tlr too. Chronicle art book + ova got delayed until november, and now yabuki is supposedly doing an interview with jump in november. Hopefully hear more about magical girl mikan/what his plan is there.



yabuki is shilling for some manga-pose dolls. maybe these are his new girls, or maybe he just made them up for this.

I like aggressive Mikan


>no more being amazed by the absolute madness of Yabuki every month
it hurts

hes looking straight at her butthole even though they are related

Fuck To Love-ru. Two times they've given us bullshit endings, and you know if a third series happens it will end the same way. The only way I'll read anymore of it is after it's ended with a proper ending.




What will yabuki's next work be?

You are so wrong as these miserable haters faggots

Agreed. They're useless fan service characters and cock blockers. They beat the protagonist for shit they do themselves. Sluts.

Don't insult me

But user, she's sucking me, not you.

Don't be a Hater Faggot as them

>this thread

>another art book

it's okay if it's Yabuki's art right?

never liked mikan much.

but the lack of TLR, makes me tak whatever I can

who's the leftmost girl?

That is her butthole in his eye.

Get better taste

Is that the canon ending? or it's just a doujinshi?

Kyouko I guess.

Seems to be a "what-if" illustration.

It's the true ending. Found in Yabuki's secret stash along with porn of the characters.

When Hasemi and Yabuki need money, they'll return to write TLR.

is one of "what-if" ending (Yui version).

To be fair, she was pointing her vagina at his face

I want to be a good artist like Yabuki!

Mikan looks so grown up.