Shingeki no Kyojin

Is this leaks? It looks like Colt, are we too assume he's actually going to do something?

Isayama self-inserted as Levi?

He has literally been doing this for years.

Eren loves Armin.

It's either Colt or a very squished faced Reiner. Eren is next to him.

It looks like the Cadet/Warrior HQ so I'm guessing it's Reiner.

I wonder if Isayama's had plastic surgery. Not in this image but in others he looks too handsome to be a natural born Asian man.

This isn't South Korea, nigga. He's 100% natural. Trust me, I can spot these things.

Cleans yourself of yellow fever. Go white.

>implying lusting after Honorary Aryans is bad
Sure homes.



Mikasa will be a wonderful mother for Armin Jr.

I would shoot myself. Ew.

You must have a dick in order to impregnate someone.

t. JMcuck

Yes, Mikasa impregnated Armin.

Ah right, fair enough.


EHwhales are cancerous and should be exterminated

I want to make love to Serena!

She's very pretty.

Armin is _____


the worst.

Princess Tybur a cute!

evil, soon.

a homosexual

Technically not royalty in lieu of being a princess's son, unless the rules in Marley are different.


not a tybur

If there was no prince, however, then he indeed would be royalty, and a prince.

AM is endgame.

So Mrs. Arlert doesn't have any male siblings? What about Vili? Or is he her son too?

endgame is endgame

Amazing, wonderful and beautiful.

But Armin is none of those things

She could have had 20 brothers and all of them died, leaving her heir apparent. With such a strong pressure on a princess, she may have ran away with her adviser (Paul Blart) to Eldia, where literally no one would know who she is. In comes Vili, her first cousin, to take over. Bada bing bada boom.

>A character that's part of the current arc will be in the new chapter
what a leak

>implying she didn't kill any male heirs

He's more than that

For what purpose?

3DPieckD a cute!

She's gross.

You're gross. Pieck a cute.

Pieck is cute, that woman looks whorish.

Is that her name?

You look whorish. That looks exactly like Pieck, complete with the white spaces under the eyes.


No I don't, but she doesn't look like Pieck

Yes she does. Exactly like her.


Beast vs. Attack soon.

I want Mikasa to sit on my face

Beast plus Attack, you mean.

I want Levi to sit on my face

Endgame right here, ______

Daily reminder he does it for her.

They need to relax together


But that's cousincest, user.


I love this drawing.


This needs to go away.

You need to go away. Forever.


Because ArH is gonna happen along with EM, Armongwhale.

No it isn't and no it shouldn't

>supports ArH
>calls others Armongs



Who had it worse?

Nick or Mike?

Definitely Nick.

At least Mike's shit was over relatively quickly.

Nick. Mike had the honor of being killed by a king.


A king of what?


But that's Reiner, he even jobbed at killing himself.

>Isayama walked in to hand in the manuscript with his fly open
Sasuga Isayama

>his fly open
nani nani

But if he has a girl then it will be harder for Mikasa to molest her kid once Eren is dead.

That's what his editor said on twitter kek

>Mikasafat delusions


>implying mikasa woulden't molest her son

Some user posted a much better IRL celebrity Pieck a few months ago - some chick who constantly looks high

In fact, there were a few charts with really good picks for Krista and Ymir too

But that is literally Pieck in real life. Nothing can top her, that is literally her.

Not qt enough

I'm 100% sure Armin's gonna die a virgin.

She's pulling a bitch face, but in other images she is perfect.


Case in point. I wanna find her name so I can see what she looks like in other images.


>Nothing can top her, that is literally her.
Like I said, if I could remember the name of this random minor American celebrity, it could top her

Highly doubt it, considering all the ones I've seen people post on here are shit and look nothing like Pieck, nor do they have her high aura.


There's only one girl for Jean.

So EH is going to be confirmed canon next chapter right?

True. But Mikasa ain't bad either.