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I don't get it.

What? It says 眠る小さな想い, not the shit you posted.

I like it. LiSA is great!

Man the Live Action TV show is going to be fucking amazing

List your Hollywood actors #inb4/tv/ ---

Kirito : Chris Brown
Asuna: Scarlet Johanson
Silica: Ariana Grande
Lizbeth: Miley Cyrus
Sinon: Natalie Portman

Heathcliff : Bill Murray
Agil : Tom Cruise
Keith :Seth Rogen

And if they include game characters---

Seven: Emma Watson
Rain: Sophie Turner
Premiere :Dakota Fanning
Strea: Eva Green

48 episode S3 or bust
Does Sup Forums want to be a real life Kirito? I wouldnt mind being Kirito...
Jesus fuck user, memepost or not, thats fucking scary. Spoiler that shit.

>thats fucking scary. Spoiler that shit.

What? Kirito as an afrikaan bro? Why not? Realblackswordsman with lots of glop. IMAGINE!

Emphasize BLACK SWORD.

>Not Idris Elba

>Idris Elba
Too old. Need to be hot young BBC full of fresh glop.

the fuck is this thread


We're preparing for the announcement at DBF this coming sunday. New game and potential new anime to be revealed.

As expected of a SAOfag

Should they yellow-wash the cast?

Can't wait to get outraged at Agil being played by an asian guy.

Im mildly concerned that the latest news article for Fatal Bullet implies that Asuna, Liz, Silica, and Leafa are the only returning girls.

>i wanna always pee with jews
i must show this to Sup Forums

>Constantly cast black people as non-black characters
>Replace the actual black guy character with an asian
Kek, would be pretty funny.

Please, don't. It will only encourage them.

Hate it or love it, you can't deny that SAO had good OPs

Crossing Field is actually the only one i find decent.

>end of GGO arc
Fuck me i completely forgot about those two. I goddamn cried again. Mothers Rosario is gonna hurt again too.

>The amazing Guild co-leader reduced to one boob in Ordinal Scale.

Movie subs went?

Is there a chance that we would ever get Strea, Premiere or any of the game exclusive characters in the anime somehow?

Maybe on the off chance they decide to make an OVA set in gameverse to promote a new game.

>anime OVA to promote a game adaptation
So basically never?

Unless the author decides to bring those characters into the canon, but that may not be legally possible for all we know

>doesn't even sound like the lyrics
Not surprised that SAOfags are so retarded.

cringe desu

so much autism in this tread.

Isn't he credited as the writer for the games? Couldn't he insert them into the LN canon without legal trouble?