ITT Dealbreakers




haha yeahhhhhh man

>3-shaped lips

Kissanime is the absolute lowest tier of anime consumption. The food equivalent would be licking dropped food off the streets.

But I only see 2 shaped lips in your picture user.

>kiss anime

Patricians choice.

perhaps he googled "mai phantom world" and took the 4th image you autists.



>trying to fit in this much

>it is ok to eat shit

Being retarded is still shitposting.

>draw a girl
>call it a girl

your post is really shitty

I mean I usually draw the line at rampant drug use.

There's literally nothing wrong with kissanime


OP is a faggot.

>love beauty marks by the eye
>hate beauty marks by the mouth

Am I the only one?

Not at at. Strangely enough I even didn't realize it until I finally started Sunshine yesterday

Op is being a massive faggot. Mai is beautiful down to the last pixel, and the beauty marks just make her more unique (especially that one in her inner thigh).

literally homosexual

That and financial irresponsibility.

>muh board culture

i love both,though i hate it when a girl have more than 1 beauty mark,thats too much

>liking literal cancer spots