Cute, sexy figure

>Cute, sexy figure.
>Adorable bratty attitude.
>Kickass fighter.
>Leads an army using intelligent strategies.
>Does all that while showing her panties.
Don't you wish your waifu is best like mine?

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Your waifu is a good waifu. She was genuinely the BEST GIRL of the show and made me wish she was the main heroine.

Teasing, self-confident and fun to hang out with. She possesses so many qualities you barely ever see these days in anime girls.

I love Lewdmila

She looks really generic, friendo.

No, because my waifu is perfect the way she is.

She looks cute. But her anime looks like shit.

Please, the only good Madoka girl was Kyoko and even she was shit in comparison to Vanadis ones.

Nah, it's actually the only good battle harem out there.

You are entitled to your opinion.

please don't make me fap to sayaka


>Don't you wish your waifu is best like mine?
No, because she's better.

At least she was the second main for the season and got to steal Tigre for a while. I also love Eleonora though Lewdmila's still best.

At least she's honest.

>tfw you will never get to serve Eleonora.
She'd make a great domme, I'd love to belong to her.

I miss this show

Season 2 when?
Can anyone unsee the smug bear?

How dumb must you be posting inferior blue haired girl in blue haired goddess thread?


I watched this shit Anime just for her and she was the only worthy thing from it.

More Sayakafags in the presence of the Goddess Lewdmila. How does it feel to have such shit taste?

>she was the only worthy thing from it
Take that back!

is there a canon reason why she dresses like a slut?

She's great and looks great in it, why the hell not?

She's anxious about her chest size so wears an outfit that focuses attnetion on her lower body to distract from it. Master strategist.

this show didn't deserve to be as QUALITY as it was

Don't have shit taste, solved.

Lewd-milia was a good girl.

I'd be down for another QUALITY season just for her.

Only thing I think I found wrong with it were the CG army scenes.

I know she was his first, but was he her first too?

Seeing how possessive she is, she probably owned a lot more men but got sick of them and the Tiger is the only one who truly managed to satisfy her.

Tummy looks flabby

Friendly reminder season 2 never and Olga will never be animated.

>waifuing a literally who from a shovelware series

Oh, another case of meme.

Technically she had an animated clip in the opening but it's sad they never had her really come in. Was looking forward to her.

No, it's called having good taste.


Wat dat she sitting on?

Lewdmilla is cute but the artists for this series are bad.

Old or new artist? Because old > new.


You realize how shit she looks in comparison to the OP?