Tenshi no 3P!

What did you learn from lolirock?

I learned it was a waste of bandwidth

sora is my daughter

There was no rock.

I should follow lolis as long as they promise me rock cds.

Do not include an old hag, and make her win in a lolicon show, or your series will flop.

Hags > Lolis

I want imouto to sit on my face.

That Japanese lolicons have no standards.

They do. That's why this flopped.

Who won in RKB?

Yet shit like this gets approved by studios all the time instead of lolis camping in the mountains, loli clans having wars with other loli clans, lolis running an underground pantsu mafia, or lolis seducing each others' brothers.

Nobody, but Tomoka got the only real romantic scenes.
Sadly it ends with middle school starting, and no progression.

That is not up to lolicons though.

Who doesn't?

That's the opposite of what you should do.

The true meaning of Rock.

What are the best subs for Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa nai?

Nigga Spring 2011 was so long ago that all my grandparents were still alive, how should I remember

Maybe you are a hoarder and can check on your HDD. Maybe you are an autistic savant. Maybe you recently (re)watched it.
I was just hoping against hope that anybody would know.
For Kurozuka it's at least easy as there's only one version of the subs.

elementary school girls are the best

Nah, I'm a hoarder but I don't have anything preserved from before Fall 2011. Sorry, user-kun. Hope you enjoy the show. It is undoubtedly one of the weirdest and most impossible to pin down anime I have ever seen.

It's the current anime industry, LRD. Absolutely everything flops unless it becomes extremely popular out of nowhere (which will also make that series die within one year due to corporate greed), or unless BDs have concert tickets. If Sakura was a loli, the show would have flopped as well.

That's what you think.
I'm pretty sure the reception, and the success would have been different if they hadn't alienated the fans away, but you know.
If the thought that "lolicon series have no place in the industry" makes you feel better, then you're free to believe it.

No, seriously. Haven't you noticed how series that only focus on lolis actually flop even harder than the usual?
And using sales as an argument has always been stupid anyway.

Yeah, that's a stupid argument, but you can feel that this series performed poorly, no matter what measurements you want to use.
And tell me one series that focuses on lolis, and have good fanservice of them as well, and flops.

I learned that lolicons have great taste in music.



That imoutos need to play hard to get.

I want it.



Will we get more fanservice in the BDs? I hated the conveniently censored scene when imouto was sitting on her brother's lap.

I wouldn't count on much, though there are a couple of spots where it looked like they might have zoomed in for the TV version; might get more zoomed out views of those, maybe

How do those pantsu smell?

that I need to cum inside Jun.

>loli clans having wars with other loli clans, lolis running an underground pantsu mafia
that'something I'd like to see

Sakura > the rest

It sounds like a nightmarish hellscape. Just what do you think those lolis are fighting over? It is a turf war. Territory to hunt and violate onii-chans would be about right. Remember that you asked for this when you are tied up and some loli is ordering you to tell her she is a good girl while she holds your hands.

The male lead came out OK. He even followed them into a basement and was just fine. This clearly shows us that lolis are not dangerous.

That lolicons will willingly miss out on a legit good loli show for petty reasons that ended up not mattering.

I'm pretty sure that every good lolicon watched the show because of all the service scenes and cute loliservice anyway. Nobody other than atuastuasm cares about an event that not only happened way after what got adapted in the anime, but is also irrelevant because there were no further developments regarding it in the five following LN volumes.

The girls were too cute

Barely any rock.

That gyarus are superior to lolis, the end.

Where do I find the music for this?

Not the OP or ED but the insert songs they played like Jun's original song or the other one that miko loli ends up playing? Anyone got a link?i




It flopped?