Is this the best character ever?

Is this the best character ever?

No, but at least he was the only good uchiha,

I honestly can't think of anyone that's gotten as much fanwank as him.

>rewrite: the character

No, he was dreadful. Kishimoto had to keep rewriting his agenda over and over to the point where his entire arc seemed fucking pointless by the time the truth was out.

Should have just kept him secretly psychotic after all just to defy expectation.


I still want to fuck him 10 years later, but he's pretty much terrible as a character.

Why did the artstyle in the original Naruto anime look so much better than Shippuden?

He had a cute girlfriend


Everyone was in their prime

He would kill his whole clan just because?

Are you implying this is not what happened anyways?

He killed his clan so the clan wouldn't kill the whole fucking city?At least he was selfish enough to ask if he could let sasuke live

Is there a character better than Uchiha Itachi? And I'm not talking about...

you havea to be 18 to post here OP...

Why couldn't he just brainwash them or arrest them? If he was strong enough to kill them all surely he could manage that. He could have asked for the leaf's help instead of coolest guy's too.

I don`t know about this best character shit, but the best and bigger dick is right here

Sasuke was better until after the final naruto fight.

>There can't be a minority uprising if the entire minority group didn't exist
Truly a genius among genius. This Uchida Itachi guy is pretty dang smartypants.

Only danzo's mangekyiu could mind control people(and make them do stuff)

>Danzo steals Shisui's eye.
>Instead of going to the Hokage and the citizens of Konoha and try to garner sympathizers and search for a peaceful solution to the whole Uchiha are being left out problem he decides to kill himself thus enabling Itachi to massacre his entire clan and allow Danzo do as he pleases

This was before any conflict happened too, Danzo was unironically a traitor going against Konoha's own people and this was when the Uchiha were considering the best of Konoha prised left and right.
It's not like people would completely side with Konoha on this one.

I love how when every Uchiha plans something really fucking complicated, they always throw in their own death in the plan.
How the fuck do you come up with a plan and just fucking put ALL -LIKE FUCKING- ALL YOUR LIFE'S EGGS IN ONE FUCKING BASKET and die.

Clearly they are insane.

Itachi is the worse than Sasuke IMO.

Itachi tortured innocent people with Tsukuyomi for days. He killed his entire family for contrived and poorly written reasons. He showed it to Sasuke again and again is responsible or Sasuke being an edgelord. And despite all this the plot treats him as a misunderstood ninja Jesus, shoving down our throats what a hero he was. Fuck that guy.

Not to mention he's the biggest Gary Stu in the franchise, he only loses because muh heart disease, muh holding back, etc.

>I let you live so I can steal your sharingan when you grow up
>even though I had hundreds of sharingans at my disposal when I killed the whole clan
Sasuke is just retarded

Isn't that incest?

Shippuden ruined itachi

stop trying to sexualize brothers you freaking gay

Nothing more cancerous than the Naruto spammer

You did not see the kakashi and itachi ANBU days ''filler''?

If Uchiha's are so good then why are they dead?

>mindfucks her into loving him and kills her by information overload
damn Itachi

Do you people forget the fact that there were pre-whathefuckhaveyoudoneitachi flashbacks in the original naruto?It was not something that came out of shippuden

>worse than sasuke

There's no such thing. He singlehandedly ruined Part 2 Naruto, turned the MC into an obsessive bitch boy, betrayed peers who sucked his Gary Stu cock 24/7, and had plot armor for miles. Then he faces zero repercussions for everything he's done.

At least Itachi fucking dies like Sasuke would have if not for getting a new power every fight.


Are you stupid? Obviously no one is talking about the Uchiha massacre or its depiction in the manga. What they're accusing Kishimoto is failing to prepare a convincing reason for Itachi to betray his clan when he first mentioned the Uchiha massacre. It wouldn't surprise me if Kishimoto hesitated for decades over what direction he should make Itachi go and the truth of his motives.

Someone explain how Itachi managed to get fans.

He killed the Uchiha.

>Then he faces zero repercussions for everything he's done

I mean, he's punishing himself in Bort since no one else will punish him. Poor guy keeps asking for some punishment but everyone forgave him.

You're out of your mind.It was obvious from the start that Itachi's reasoning would be explained in his fight with Sasuke.Even much before you had flashbacks on the original series with Itachi being a good boy obviously something bad happened...

Restraining someone Is harder than killing them.

The coolest guy should've asked Itachi to put him into a dream with his waifu in exchange for helping him kill the Uchiha. Missed opportunity.

Itachi is edgier than Sasuke.

Because he outsmarts everyone in the series and could have basically taken over the world were it not for his sickness.

Plenty of villains get fans in many series.

I asked the same thing to my designated group Narutard and he said that the eyes needed to be from a related person to become Eternal Mangekyo.

>good uchina

He killed the Uchiha, and saved nardo from pain and sauce when he hacked Kabuto.

>Good Uchiha
The second did believe in such a thing

t. naive Narutard
You're free not to believe me I don't have proof it's just instinct but I'm still pretty sure I'm right. Kishimoto doesn't think shit through nor does he prepare shit through. He retconned many things that in hindsight make no fucking sense anymore (like that flashback Kakashi gets after seeing Orochimaru in the Chuuning exam, suggesting Orochimaru was responsible for his losing an eye) he's an adept of last minute twists without any foreshadowing and the twists he does prepare are foreshadowed so unsublty and so much, so many times it actually comes off as a surprise that it wasn't a red herring. Like Obito=Tobi.

Unrionicly the second hokage was the only good and honest person in the entire narutoverse. Everyone else was a piece of shit.

He literally is Konoha's trump.

Tobi=Obito is something I do agree with you.That was something that Kishimoto was thinking about throught the manga.I remember when he started talking with a loud voice alot of people pointed out he was Madara and when the masked man said he was Madara I was still on team obito...

Damn Right.

>masked man

>that one autistic ruskie narutard who killed himself after Itachi died never got to learn he was actually the series' greatest hero

yes they should revive jiraiya and itachi in the boruto series. narutos parents too.

a gift presented by orochimaru

In the sense that he was a virgin loser I guess so.

in all seriousness his brother was a delusional fool who didnt understsnd human nature. His successor were genocidal """""good intentions""""". While the second was the only one that try to achieve peace without more deaths.