Anime gets interesting at the last 20 seconds of the last episode with no chance ever for second season

>anime gets interesting at the last 20 seconds of the last episode with no chance ever for second season
What is her name Sup Forums

Medaka Box Abnormal

It would have been a good cliffhanger for a 2nd cour but oh well

>anime drops an interesting premise in the ova, with no chance ever for second season.

It's not even that interesting

It is...
He basically shutdown the stupid tsundere defrost trope I was already prepared to roll my eyes at it when he started saying that stuff

>no chance for a second season
[citation needed]

Interesting more than the last 20 seconds but still deserved more.

It sold like shit so the only chance of it getting a second season is if it boosted the LN sales alot

Fuckin this

>It will never get another adaption

It's not fair bros

Dropped this shit halfway, what happened at the end?


50% was actually 51%

You're led to think the MC is just a nice guy who doesn't show his emotions very much but he's an actual sociopath.

MC is actually an edge lord master in disguise who just wants a normal life although he knows that nothing about him is normal
Whorikita loses

>H-he's just like me

Reminders that there are a lot of kids on the internet who watched this and thought they're the same as him.

I unironically liked him better before. We don't get different variations of a "nice" protagonist. It would be nice to have a emotionless guy like him who you wouldn't think to be a good guy, actually be a good guy.

It's not like he wants to actively make people suffer.He actually protects that pink haired girl multiple times and is probably the only girl he actually has any feelings(of friendship).
This would have been another oregairu if it wasn't for the MC,you can see the parallels in horikita and yukino,yui and sakura,both teachers(even if one of them is a bitch)

I guess that is a plus. I'd just rather he an actual "good guy".

Whatever since this probably won't get a s2 anytime soon anyway, and I'm not learning moonrunes for the LNs.

There is a manga adaptation but either the translations are jobbing hard or it's just getting slow releases


What the fuck, why do you have my picture?

Out of all the pretentious quotes they put before every episode, they didn't quote Machiavelli in the last one, when The Prince is fucking 50%man's Bible. Or fucking Jacques from As You Like.

Still, I gotta admit, seeing Horikita go dere after being tsuntsun all season was really, really cute. She's very cute. You can't hate her, I don't allow you to, because of how cute she is.

>Never ever


Magical Girl Raising Project


Very stupid ending.
>i'm a psycopath LOL

Worse MC than Aldnoah even.

Could I get around watching only the last EPs to understand the hype ?

Prob won't watch the whole show

It hurts

The adventures of shy detective boy and bone lady the autist

but user, he IS the tsundere

This "literally me" meme ruined characters like this. I just want to enjoy a cold and intelligent character who is just like me. Is that too much to ask for?

He's a sociopath dumb tripnigger

>tripfag doesn't even know what a psychopath is
As expected.

I just finished it. It's ... medicre, kinda good if you like the genre (I enjoy it but don't expect much, ever), but that Ending made it feel worth it, if only for the need to talk with others about it.

Now I am sad there probably won't be an S2, and the fear that if there's, it won't hold a fucking candle to my expectations,

This is the literal opposite of what happened.

Screen cap or I don't believe you this is real

>roll my eyes
You have to go back.

You can see the hearts in his eyes


One of the good ones this season. s2 never.

Drifters was confirmed to have a S2.

Release date is never ever though.

He''ll use everyone? What's his goal? I thought he wanted to have a normal schoolife and make friends

no game no life


Flask Plan arc isn't quite as bad as a lot of people make out desu but it totally sucks that Medaka Box leads with its 2 weakest storylines. At least we got a whole Kumagawa episode.

>and make friends



Fucking SnW

I wasn't that surprised to be honest. The guy always felt like he just pretended to care I mean just listen to his tone and how he speaks sometimes forcing it for the sake of it.

Psycho pass

Are you serious?
Are you so stupid you couldnt tell that already. You think a person who doesnt seem to give a fuck about anyone or anything he does, thinks of others as allies. He literally says the only reason he does what horikita says is because its the path of least resistance.