>Eriri and Utaha getting drunk over their loss

This is priceless.

I am glad this garbage is over

>that was their last formal appearance
>just minutes before, Megumi tongued Tomoya for three seconds

Megumi always wins in the end.

They still won technically since they didn't end up with a huge dunce like Tomoya.

>its the bargaining stage
It's hilarious seeing the losing side turn to "the mc was trash anyways so all the best girls were spared" when they get BTFO.


>this rationalizing

Megumi got the guy she loved. Eriri and Utaha didn't.

Eriri and Utaha got each other.

>eriris spin-off was canned
i thought she was the second most popular heroine of the three?

Utaha a best.

Eriri a shit.

Not even close.

Their side story explicitly denies yuri.

Reminder that Eriri was Tomoya's real first kiss.

Irrelevant retcon.

then why did eriri get a spot in the popularity poll in that festival that just passed? is utaha only more popular with anime viewers? regardless megumi is number one.

>“Hey, Tomoya!”


>“Did you love me?”

>But even that last remaining courage of him is stolen by the mischievous smile of Eriri who suddenly turns around.

>“Did you love me ten years ago?”

>And yet again, Tomoya’s weak self is saved.

>“…L, like I care about that.”

>Failing to say the words he had wanted to, all he can do is repeat the phrase caught in his heart over and over.

>“I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t caaaaaare~!”

>“Ahaha, your face gave it away.”

>Looking at Tomoya’s face who is ruined by tears that simply won’t stop, Eriri puts on a refreshed smile one more time.

>“You’re as stubborn as always, huh, Tomoya…”

>Along with that smile, Eriri disappears into the house. And looking at that smile, all of Tomoya’s regrets which should have already disappeared come rushing back to him.

>As she left, Tomoya thinks that maybe this was for best: that there is no point in him saying that “at that time, you’re the only one for me,” and that it would only hurt both the people who are living in the present and people who are looking back at the past. But in the end, he still couldn’t stop all the pain he’s feeling and his overflowing tears right now.
How can anyone say Eriri didn't get some sort of win?

Utaha wasn't included in the poll.

Do you guys think that Megumi is generous enough to let them in on a foursome?

but why? shouldnt the more popular heroine be included instead?

They also included two Tohkas instead of Kurumi.

Utaha isn't as important as Eriri to the story. Eriri and Megumi are a special duo while Utaha is Michiru and Izumi tier.

>this rationalization
Or the simple reason is because Utaha isn't as popular as she use to be.

That's not surprisingly given Tohka and inverse Tohka's role in recent volumes.

>boring bland girl win
Every fucking time. Fuck this garbage and Japan.

Megumi won in the present.
Eriri won in the past.
Utaha won nothing and gets the short end of the straw, effectively BTFO.

They wouldn't know about how popular Utaha is without a proper poll.

>Megumi says she doesn't care if Eriri feels sad from her taking Tomoya

Megumi is cold.

She won this fair and square and isn't going to let any harlot peg her down.

At best she's going to let Izumi blow Tomoya off.

The whole thing was rigged. Tomoya said that there wasn't any choice other than Megumi from the very beginning.

But unlike most other haremshit series, the shitty tsundere didn't win.

That doesn't mean he was going to choose Megumi. He could remain single.

There's nothing to be proud of in winning a rigged game. Megumi needed real competition.

>Megumi and Tomoya about to fuck like rabbits

How badly did she want it?

Indeed. Utaha didn't win.

This and the bath scene with Megumi are great. Eriri got the best closure and went out with a smile that produced an emotional bang. Most rivals in romcom can't do that.

From the kiss scene in V13's beginning, really badly. Funny how Megumi turned out to be the lewd and aggressive one.

>best closure
>not a literal night of sex

She's going to go to her first day of college with her tummy full of Tomoya's seed.

Tomoya wouldn't fuck her without a condom. She'd probably have to practically rape him if she wants him to cum in her.

Do you really think Megumi wasn't already prepared with contraceptives? This girl is sly and wouldn't let those small details slip past her.

>at the end of V13 Megumi already had her bag prepared for staying over

You just know she brought pills.

It's cute seeing Megumi and Eriri fight over who's the real sore loser.

Was Eriri right? Would she have won if she just hadn't messed up elementary school?

We know that Tomoya loved her then, so most likely, yeah.

What the fuck did that moronic traitor think?
I hate Maruto for making such an awful girl.

That must have stung for Megumi. What a dick move.

Eriri has great development. By the end she's very likable.


>all those Eriretards since s1 aired saying Eriri wouldn't get absolutely blown the fuck out
Makes me laugh every day.


>got first kiss
>loved at some point
>got her friend back
I don't see it.


I don't think my heartboner could handle Megumi and Mayu in the same series.

Except everyone including Eririfags said Megumi was going to win, THK. You need to bait harder.

“…Hey, Eriri.”



“Even if you say that, there are so many things you should be apologizing for that come to mind that I can’t tell which one it is. Is this for losing to Fields Chronicle XIII? Or for getting me to work at the camp last month? Or for dragging me to your circle in the first place?”

“…Not all of them. In fact, I don’t think all of those things you mentioned are bad at all.”

“That selfishness of yours always ticks me off everytime.”

“I’m not talking about what happened in these recent years.”


“I’m sorry, Eriri… For not being able to become your rival ten years ago.”


“I’m sorry for being jealous when you keep improving yourself… and giving up on catching up to you.”


“I’m sorry, Eriri… For not being your ally ten years ago. I was too fixated on being an otaku that I prioritized my own pride over your feelings.”

“Stop it…”

“I’m sorry, Eriri… For not being able to become your best friend ten years ago. Sorry for blaming everything on you and leaving your side.”

“I said stop.”

Eriri is showing a painful expression as she looks at Tomoya.

“Why are you saying those things now…”


“Why are you apologizing?”

“The me at that time was an unsightly brat who couldn’t understand people’s feelings and didn’t care about my friend, a bad otaku in its own right…”

“I was also that way. Even though I understood people’s feelings, I was still a self-righteous and cowardly kid, a bad girl in its own right…”

“Even so, I should have tried my best… I should have tried my best in the right direction. That’s why, I’m really sorry after all.”

They got into the same college, we might see them together in a sequel.

“…I can’t really stand that sort of self-satisfaction.”

“Well, you’ve got a point…”

Tomoya who has been crying all this time strangely has a refreshed look on his face, while Eriri wears a painful expression.

“Despite everything that has happened, thank you for becoming my friend again…

Thank you for joining my circle even after becoming this good.

Thank you, Eriri.”

“Shut up.”

>a sequel

I wish.

They were having a friendly exchange and some banter. Besides, Megumi was the one who fired a shot first and tried to imply that Tomoya and Eriri didn't end up together because Megumi stole him from her.

From the Eriri and Utaha side story.

>"So, last question, 'what's going to happen to you guys from now on?'"

>"We can't answer that now. After all, an offer for a sequel came a long time ago."

>"...does he really feel like ending this series?"

When will they fuck?

I hope it happens. It would be great.

Whenever Megumi is willing for a threesome.

So never.

Of course Megumi is one creepy bitch

A cute.

Megumi is gonna get cucked.

A superior version of Megumi who is an illustrator attends the same college as she does

>A shit.


>all that shilling for Megumeme, not to mention the terrible treatment of the rest of the cast
>the second most popular still comes this close
Boring heroine indeed. And before you you get your panties in a bunch and accuse me of being an X-fag, keep in mind that I've always said that Saekano is Maruto giving up in crafting interesting an compelling characters like those of his days as a VN scenario writer, in favor of appealing to the lowest common denominator in order to make big otaku bucks instead of making meets end.

In consequence, I have no predilection for any of this characters aside from thinking Utaha's design is by far the hottest, which is actually the LN artist merit and has little baring on her as a character.

>superior version

Not with that flat chest.

How would the final version of this chart be?

>using a poll early in the anime for current series popularity

Megumi's current popularity would totally annihilate all the other heroines'. Keep in mind the anime hasn't even touched the events of V11 and what comes after and how the audience reacted just from Flat episode 8.

Except Megumi was never shilled more than Eriri and Utaha. She wasn't even the face of the series before the anime and she was still the most popular girl.

Not him, but what about 2015-2017?


>implying BTFO when this happened
Eriri is best girl and even if she didn't win, what she got in return and out of this journey is something meaningful and ironically priceless.


Hmm. Seems like the 2014 event trolled to follow Maruto's tongue-in-cheek's teasing.


>Eriri is best girl

>Eriri is best girl

>They used the same images from last year for Megumi and Sisti


It followed the gimmick of the LNs by not having Megumi on the covers by then.

Tomoya really lost out on hitting and quitting Utaha. She would have let him do anything.


Is there any other heroine BTFO this badly? She started out with importance on Eriri and Megumi level and by the end she's struggling to even be Michiru or Izumi level.


God tier:
Utaha, Megumi, Mayu

High tier:
Izumi, Icy Tail girls

Mid tier:
Michiru, Machida, Eriri

Low tier:

Izumi > Eriri

good post

It doesn't change the fact that she's a traitorous cunt. On top of that, she never made any real effort to change herself until it was far too late.

I don't give a fuck about some long-winded spiel, what I care about is what I saw, and what I saw is that Eriri is a bitch and traitor who is a goddamn disgrace to twintailed tsunderes. I dropped Saekono and never looked back.

t. self-insert faggot

>Eriri's face when she realizes all her suffering was pointless as she sees Izumi improve without giving things up like Eriri did

This times three. Utahafags can't say anything.

Izumi is too underrated, man. Not to mention her hot short stack body.

Yes I can. Second best girl won and outclassed Eriri, and best girl Utaha still has a running spin-off of arguably superior quality than the main series.

How is it pointless? She wouldn't be where she is if she didn't move on and out under the slump that she was in. Izumi is a good rival who will make Eriri grow as an even better artist, anyways.

Eriri would have been able to move on from her slump had she just waited a bit and Tomoya got together with Megumi. She didn't need to go through all the pain and suffering under Akane because Izumi improved just as much at the circle.

Agreed. Good concubine potential for Tomoya.

You don't know that though.

So much fun can be had with those two.