This is a boy. How does this make you feel?

This is a boy. How does this make you feel?

it's not gay if he's a girl

That user needs some glasses

Not gay

Why does he have boobs?

>Literally shows tits
>It's a trap
OP you are literally retarded shut the fuck up and get the fuck out of this board, faggot

use your brain not and figure it out yourself.

It's literally a boy.

She isn't

>draw a girl
>call it a boy

She had to disguise herself as a boy to avoid beeing raped by her oni san

>doesn't even watch the anime
>doesn't get the joke and call other people retarded
maybe you should kill yourself newfag

>I-it's a joke, I was just pretending to be retarded!

Should have said "little brother" instead of "boy"

>draw a girl
>call it a girl

even more boring.


What does this article even say, I can't read Nippon or find a source discussing it

How so? It's been overused since the beginning of mankind. It's gotten old at this point.


you are literally retarded.
Have you even watched the anime?

I don't know what a joke means in your head, but a joke is supposed to be funny. If that really seems to be funny to you then you might actually be autistic.

It's a joke from the show that this thread is about, user

This thread is a joke

Fuck it. I came to a word I don't know -- I'm done.


Would you read this?

Only if someone paid me a lot

11/10 brother.