Who is the weakest member of the Akatsuki?

Who is the weakest member of the Akatsuki?

Only counting from Naruto. Not counting any that are still alive in Boruto.

Hard mode:
List from best to worst

Zetsu or Konan, probably Konan.

>Not counting any that are still alive in Boruto.
Aren't all of them dead? Don't tell me they revived someone for Boruto.

shark or konan

Zetsu would have lost a one on one against any of the other guys.


What was special about black zetsu?

I never considered Shark weak.
I still don't. Had that sword not betrayed him, he'd wreck everyone's shit in my headcanon, maybe except Hidan. Then again, it's Hidan.

Best to worst
Itachi, shark guy, pain, voodoo guy, sasori, diedara, guy with a lot of hearts, zetsu, konan

You kidding me?

She made an entire sea of paper bombs and nearly killed Obito.

In solo against any other Akatsuki Hidan is unlikely to be able to set up his shit
Zetsu is utility

Didn't that take months/years of prep

Hidan got beat by shikamaru

Paper looked so versatile. I would say Konan is at least top 5.

Easily Hidan

> Got beat by a chunin
> Immortal, but has no regenerative abilities
> Depends on Kakuzu to be put back together if dismembered
> Requires to be stepping in a small blood circle for his jutsu to work

Sasuke and his gang were Akatsuki for a while.

He's literally behind pretty much every major happening of the shinobi history, plus he rused Uchihas into believing that their stone spoke the truth.

Him and the Toad elder were there since the very fucking beginning.

No one was revived in Boruto as far as I know...

Though wouldn't Orochimaru count?

Orochimaru is cool

And most important, he is fucking stupid. Being outwitted by Shikamaru is no shame but that guy is borderline retarded.

Aren't Hidan and Konan still alive?
And Sasuke/Orochimaru/rest of Hebi

Hidan is dismembered in a hola, Konan got choked to death.

He died from starvation.

Agree. Shark literally lost to a guy who almost killed Madara at his strongest. I dont know how is that ever weak.

In that case...

Karin. (Or Zetsu).

Naruto beated Ichigo in death battle

Shark should still be weaker than the eye hax users and Kakuzu

1. Obito
2. Nagato (Pain)
3. Itachi
4. Konan
5. Kakuzu
6. Sasori
7. Kisame
8. Deidara
9. Hidan
10. Zetsu

We don't know that.

Kodachi might pull him out again to fight Asuma's daughter if he wants.

I'd put Kisame higher. He's a fucking monster.

>Though believed dead by Akatsuki,[45] Hidan is in fact alive but is dying slowly from a lack of nutrition.[13]

"Can I copy your homework?"

"Yeah, just change it up a bit so it doesn’t look obvious you copied."

We don't know how slow. It's battle shounen user, don't you know that.

Deidara after I train him into a sissy

Even so I can not imagine Shikamaru doing poor job in restraining fucker who killed his master. That would need master tier writing to excuse without backlash.


>Naruto more chunnifag than Sasgay

shit list

Kisame below Sasori, Kakuzu and Konan is just plain wrong.
Konan is a big maybe, her fight with Obito is an indication that she's not to be trifled with, but that huge jutsu looks like it needs a shitload of prep time.
All other members can just be at full power every time without setup, aside from Hidan with his ritual.

Obito is super gimmicky, someone like Itachi could have seen through it after an exchange or two.
I don't want to be the Itachi fanboy, but he might as well be over Obito and on par with non-cripple Nagato - blame Kishi for making him retardedly strong at literally everything.

Kishi made everyone that lasted long enough (while being relevant, unlike Sakura for example) absurdly OP, obviously including Itachi. He even admitted himself at some point that he just doesn't know how to defeat Madara. And that's probably how alien gods "twist" came to life.


Supoused Hidan is alive, but considering that he needs to worship his God for maintain the inmortality, he probably is dead nowadays.

All of them > Deidara > Sasori > Hidan
Hidan is a turboscrub, and Sasori has a lot of rather constraining limitations.