Is she the greatest bully in anime history?

is she the greatest bully in anime history?

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Not since she was defeated by the Archdemon Satania.

flukes don't count

Satania hijack lol

this is a thread for people
not losers who eat alone

the cutest customer in town
She went too far

satania never eats alone
a bunch of totally fukken invisible devils always surround her, talking to her, you just can't hear them because you're not cool enough

I suppose you'll tell me this didn't count either


air-akumas don't eat


>eats alone
>doesn't know how to use chopsticks
>is too retarded to understand what portions means

Satania can eat hot peppers
can you?


Oh god I wish I was more like Satanichia-sama

Satania is as easy as sunday morning



second season when?

This demon just keeps on winning

Sexual predator Gabu, the stinky NEET, roughly gropes the innocent Satania's breast, RUINING her purity.

Only if she bullies her target through college and has a child with them.

That would be pretty great. She just needs to find the right sort of willing victim.


Can't come soon enough user

That's what she said too.

Raph is good, but she'll probably be dethroned soon.