Cowboy Bebop continuation thread from yesterday, let's have a comfy thread away from all the celeb related shit

Cowboy Bebop continuation thread from yesterday, let's have a comfy thread away from all the celeb related shit.

Post favorite music, episodes, whatever.

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Anyone here tried a Prairie Oyster?

There's a board for this content. It's called Sup Forums.

Cowboy Bebop cannot be discussed there, so this is the next best board.

Reminder the rise of Sup Forumsedditors coming over to Sup Forums as a result of Bane memes has led to a shift in taste on Sup Forums

99% of the anime threads here are made by Sup Forumsedditors who only watch LE EPIC MANIME shonen trash and are too scared to post on Sup Forums because no one wants to talk about the same 5 old classic anime that only entry level newfaggots know about. Then they cry about Sup Forums having shit taste and proceed to buy their next avengers movie ticket.

Sup Forums has actually done a fantastic job at keeping out you Sup Forumseddit scum and so all you faggots come crying here because no one wanted to accommodate your newfaggotry.

Also you all treat Sup Forums as a place to ask for recommendations when was made to deal with garbage threads like these that aren't actually discussing anything. This thread should be deleted but since Sup Forums mods are garbage it won't.

This is good though because it justifies news related threads being posted here since Sup Forums drones claim Sup Forums is too hostile/fast/whatever which means we can do the same with Sup Forums

There he is, there he goes again!

Sup Forums does not like CB. Another evidence that is good.

OT: what do you people think, did Spike and Faye,, or Faye and Jet ever had something going on, but left on the background?

>There are anons on Sup Forums who were born during Cowboy Bebop's heyday on Adult Swim.

or perhaps I simply choose not to be associated with pedophile scum that is Sup Forums?

>Sup Forums does not like CB.
Its on all their rec charts you fucking newfag post bane drone

Guess what? It's not meant to be discussed here either. Fuck off.

Cool story, bro.

Is out there any list of CB references? Can Sup Forums contribute to make one? Cinema, music and themes, is a lot of stuff.

>post-bane drone

Not that guy but Sup Forums has the worst OC, and always used to have the worst, most cringe inducing OC on Sup Forums, even a decade ago. So when you people make shitty content like bane and act like retards without an ounce of humor you hardly reserve the right to complain when you attract other shitters.

Whatever, we had a nice thread going yesterday.
Also, is Sup Forums related if the cinema references are discussed.

So instead you come to Sup Forums where actual pedos that want to prey on real children post?

Fuck off back to redit, boards here have specific purposes.

Yeah, nice ones I see.
I bet you are the same faggot that called the 2049 threads reddit.
Better talk about celebrity scandals, pedo stuff and capeshit, amrite?

>My sister he
>My brother she
>but there is only me in the family

What did she mean by that?

Call Me Call Me-
Top 3 right there

I'm sorry I distracted your feeble mind during its selective process of catalog browsing, I'm sure I made you neglect your MOMMY MILKY, WHAT DID HE MEAN BY THIS and last but not least, INEVITABLE BIOPIC quality discussions.You can just go back a page and continue your thought-provoking internet experience.

One of the greatest songs. If we had more chilled MC's like Spike anime would be better.

>his whining got moved to Sup Forums

>toonamifags too insecure about their sacred cow cartoons to post on the right board
I'm so sorry you had to see this, Sup Forums.

user who only started it yesterday here.

>its the Faye eats all the food like a cunt and doesn't let the doggo have any episode

fuck faye

>celeb related shit
What does this mean?