Hajime No Ippo's adversaries

Usually in manga and anime, adversaries are depicable until they lose. Then you get the moment of empathy, at the same time that they get the moment of insight after being defeated or during their demise.
But in HNI is different. You are already been exposed to all the reasons to empatize with MC's rival, and during the combat you are not 100% with the MC. In fact I want the black boxer to win.

What do you think of this? I'm not used to be made to empatize qith the rival before the combat.

It's about both characters motivations and reasons to win. The world isn't Jason Ozuma or Volg.


That's exactly how I felt when I saw that fight for the first time.

the kid that trained at their gym, sucked and came back later as sort of a veteran that had to cheat to win was way more relatable.

You are supposed to hate some of his opponents. Not everyone is Ozuma.

Only Hawk has built up to be an unredeemable asshole.

Most of them are still shitheads

Funny how this thread pops up just as I'm getting to the Osma fight in my rewatch


Don't get spoiled.


Just because it's a rewatch doesn't mean the same things happen. Osma can win this time

Look out! Ippo has launched an attack at you coupled with 16 quintillion feints with sakki! It's a perfected neo blood trance Dempsey Roll that he hasn't used yet in the fight but spent the whole training session practicing. Furthermore, your mouth guard got knocked out with the last punch, you've just finished your flashback monologue about why you want to win the fight, your coach is currently ranting about how he hates Japanese people, and the rhythm of the fight is not in your favor. What do you do?

throw a jab with my non-dominant hand for 8 rounds

move around and use both arms

Also, do not forget to breathe. Oxygen is important.


Sawamura had a tragic backstory so he kinda sorta gets a pass.

Use both feet to move! His dynamite punch is of no use if you aren't in its blast radius.

Now Ippo swings with a right, what a beautiful swing!
And the punch raises the Bear clear out of the ring.
Miyata is still rising, and the ref wears a frown.
For he can’t start counting ’til Miyata comes down.
Now Miyata disappears from view.
The crowd is getting frantic,
But our radar stations have picked him up. He’s somewhere over the Atlantic.
Who would have thought when they came to the fight
That they’d witness the launching of a human satellite.

Breathe in deep enough to remove all the oxygen in the room.

I have two ears, so I win

someone post that image to complete the thread

>I'm not used to be made to empatize qith the rival before the combat.
Get used to it.


I'm actually genuinely mad by how Morikawa refuses to acknowledge Kojima directly anymore.
I wonder if we're ever going to find out what the fuck happened to him after the match, because there is some seriously dark implications about what happened with his family after he got BTFO by Ippo.

people say this every thread and then every thread people post him being a hobo

It's like endless 8 in real life