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What is Smoothie's wife like?

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A bartender.


This so bad that not even Oda dickriders can defend it.

I mean it's not very creative to use the same expression and angle but I don't see what the big deal is.

>There are people that don't like this arc

Why? I admit the Sanji/Germa stuff was weak, but everything else is great.

There's no big deal. Sanji used this face once they started making the cake and then when they finished baking the cake.

They just don't like One Piece. And they are pissed it's more popular than their favorite series. It's just bitterness.

From last thread

Detailed Spoiler out:

I'll translate whatever seems interesting:
>Luffy uses Kong Gun and Katakuri matches it with his Power Mochi. He notices that Luffy is shrinking. Luffy notices that Gear 4 is ending and thanks Katkuri for telling him. He says that he'll leave for 10 minutes, but will be right back. Katakuri reconises that Gear 4 has a time limit he attacks Luffy and asks if he hasn't noticed that Katakuri is invincible. Luffy agrees, but says that he (Luffy) is the only one who can take Katakuri down. Then the rest happens like the spoilers.

>Additionally Amande begs Big Mom to stop.
>Perospero shouts that neither the cake nor Luffy are here, because this is Nuts Island. Then he notices Luffy and Amande does too. All the people shout strawhat and perospero tells Big Mom that he arrived, Big Mom screams his name. Luffy asks Brulee why Big Mom is here and not chasing the Sunny. He then takes her and runs. Perospero creates a candy wall, but Luffy uses Gear 3 to crush it. Amande appears behind him and attacks him, but he dodges. Her attack(Does she use a sword? I don't remember) gets trapped in Perospero's candy. Perospero releases his candy and Luffy wonders if Nami and the others are safe.

So did Oda do this on purpose because he's too lazy or did he legitimately screw up and forgot that he already drew Sanji like this a couple chapters ago?

>On the Sunny, Jinbe and Nami discuss how they have to go to cocoa town in a straight line to avoid missing Sanji's ship which is troublesome to do.
>There is a large broadcast announcing to all island, that the strawhat crew, bege's crew and the sun pirates are wanted and shall be killed today. There whereabouts are unknown.
>On cocoa, the chefs wonder if Sanji put poison into the cream he made, because the taste is so good, you'd die for it. Pudding says that Sanji's secret is in the cream he made. It's a refreshing cream or something like that, I guess a reference to Ivankov. Everyone wants to taste the cake, but they say, they woudl be killed if they did.
>Chapter ends with Sanji saying that they'll defeat Big Mom now.

Meh. I don't think it was intentional. Sanji's scheming face when he's imaging a perfect cake is the same as when he completes that perfect cake.

Brulee is the best cake this arc. It looked like her and Caesar were going to be a thing before he ran off. Hope she ends up happy.

It has been exactly 1 year and 6 months since we last saw the my nigga Zoro.




>loves cute things
>wears the pants in the relationship

He could've used other angle.
Oh well.

Probably the latter, but you never know.

>tfw your imouto gets GOMU'd

That's it Big Meme is going down in this arc.

Defeat by cake.

When the scans properly come out we can play a 'spot the differences' game.

Sanji would kick Nami to death before he'd ever poison food

Considering that Katakuri was rather lenient with Brulee when he saved her at the tea party, given the problems her imprisonment had directly resulted in, I can only imagine how pissed off he's going to be that she's gone and done the same thing again.

le monke

I don't think he poisoned it (he did put razors on Zoro's bento), I think he meant it literally.
The cake taste so good you will die, in Big Meme's case she would need to rest for a while to recover.

It's KO via foodgasm.

Please tell me this isn't gonna be some shit like Big Mom liking the cake so much she will let the Straw Hats go

>he did put razors on Zoro's bento
Zoro requested that, and it was fuckin deliciouos

>sanji is defeating a yonkou


Hey man, he needs some kind of win. He's been jobbing for the whole timeskip.

Sanji should teach Pudding how to make the cream.


I need this with shopped faces on it

magellan,vasco and pizarro are all names of spanish conquerors.
are this character all fishmen related to each other?
I find the erotization of in-universe ackward characters kinda disturbing

Whos eating the Yuki Yuki fruit, bros?

I wouldn't look past that possibility being the case, user, given the way Sanji seems to be talking about 'defeating' Big Mom to some degree. The thinking here being that, given the damage already inflicted on Big Mom's territory, her allowing them to leave without prioritizing their immediate capture or destruction is a large net loss for her and the Big Mom pirates as a whole, so as to consist of an effective defeat.

The big problem with that idea would be that such a potential 'defeated' state for Big Mom would likely only be temporary. Once that period is up she would have to deal with the losses imparted on her and would almost assuredly want some form of revenge against the parties involved, be it direct or indirect.

It's still not clear if Oda actually wants to deal with Big Mom fully here and now, if so then something pretty significant will have to happen as it's pretty clear that she can't be defeated through conventional means and obviously would take a lot of convincing to just let them off the hook.

Alternately, he could be shelving her for the meantime, only to deal with her at a later point. However, given all the time spent focusing on her and the Big Mom crew, it would be odd to come back to them again later, albeit not impossible. I think a big element that would give a hint as to what Oda intends to do with the Big Mom pirates as antagonists rests on what Luffy ends up doing with Katakuri. If he is genuinely able to defeat him then I can't see the Big Mom crew getting much focus in the future, given the de-escalation of the threat posed by them as Katakuri is the vaunted threat of the family.

However, that's no guarantee as Big Mom herself would require a lot of focus to be dealt with. That could ultimately be an alternate path taken too, Big Mom herself is dealt with at a later point, perhaps Elbaf, and her crew is dealt with here and now.

I like One Piece

Based Luffy does it again!


Is Katakuri based on Hard Gay?

Am I the only one who doesn't really give a fuck about the arcs but about what happens when they end?

I couldn't care less about the fights. I just want to know what the century void is.

>anthony burch.gif

>Please tell me this isn't gonna be some shit like Big Mom liking the cake so much she will let the Straw Hats go
Pudding could pull out a bit of memory.

Tashigi. It respawned on the marine ship and she ate it while her glasses were off and she couldn’t tell

This might be buildup to a gag.

is this guy stronk or just a scheemer?
How do we know the criminals are strong and not just jailed up because they killed the weak?

the giant seems quite goofy and innocent 4 eggsample.


what I want to know is how that fucking wadatsumi descendant follows the crew. Its too big for a boat, but too small to walk on the sea bottom and still breathe. It has to be half gyojin.

Stop defending this.
It's lazy, uninspired and uncreative and callbacks are meant to be subtle for maximum effect.

They'll call it hackish and a retcon with "UH YEAH IT WAS INTENTIONAL I'M GOING TO EXPLAIN MY MISTAKE BY TURNING IT INTO A GAG" like they always do.

>It's lazy, uninspired and uncreative
Like your shitposts?

Outrage! Cancel one piece immediately! I'm glad comics don't use the same panels like gay anime does

Why doesn't Brulee just defend herself? She could literally match Luffy quite easily.

maybe he uses one of those inflatable rings that children use? :D

>She could literally match Luffy quite easily.
I don't know how much you understimate Luffy or how much are you overstimating Brulee

People hate when comics do this shit too. What is your point?

>Why doesn't Brulee just defend herself?
Surprise and a lack of speed most likely.

>She could literally match Luffy quite easily.
u fuckin wot?

Do you not remember the scene in the Seducing Woods where Brulee just used her powers to turn into Luffy, powers and all?

Was Pizzaro part of Kaido's crew?

>everything that disagrees with my opinion is a shitpost
>sucking Oda off this hard

I also remember when she was caught off guard by Nami's attack. Nami user, fucking Nami user

he was looked up for too long,kaido seems the same age.

To be fair leaving the whole Sanji panel aside, your shitposting is very lazy, unispired and uncreative hackposter. Is always the same shit

we do. Oda doesn't.

That's the catch, though. She can't mirror more than one opponent at a time.

user she wasn't mirroring anything. She couldn't even dodge one of Nami's attacks and you seriously think she can outspeed Luffy?

Big Mom. Sanji put the fruit in the cake so that when she eat it she'll die.

Big Meme going down!

To be fair, did we ever see how fast she can mirror someone? It's not clear how instantaneous the process is.

nice deflection, literally no one here reads or cares about capeshit.

I wanna fuck rebecca and waifu her. Is this normal?

So why did it take Luffy so long to pick up on the fact that Katakuri is just using CoO to dodge all his moves? Did Bege not inform him that Katakuri can see the future? Seems like a pretty critical detail to inform your allies of when you're attempting to assassinate someone.


Even the panels distributed the same way!

Dear God...

It is. Not like she serves another purpose.

Someone suggested Sanji is making the same face because pudding fucked with his memories, is something like that possible?

So predictable. Yawn. Get new shitposting material, you're not the least bit entertaining at all. Even Oda's cock has more creativity than you do.

Actually no they don't, unless this is baby's first manga.

It's reaching. It's at best a small callback. I wonder what Sanji's saying, because if it's along the lines of "Time to deliver/decorate the cake that will make Big Mom faint" then it's intentional.

they do

It's possible, but it comes across like a massive, unclear stretch and would go against Pudding's seemingly genuine actions for the last bunch of chapters since Whole Cake Chateau fell.

Don't*, unless this is baby's first manga.

That would be neat.

But then I would have to admit I got fooled by the Hackposters.

I shouldn't have seen this. I remember lmaoing so much at Perona and Sugar's reaction, now the gag is spoiled....

Best ship is Smoothie/her hot sisters.
Prove me wrong.

Wow, it's almost identical. 100% chance he quickly traced it.

I was having an autism brainstorm last night and was thinking what Vasco Shot could possible do, Alcohol based logia user? Sake Sake no mi

It's so sad. Brulee used to be intimidating; now she's a chronic hostage.

Maybe not because we don't know if liquid based Logia exist.

Brûlée was and always be mid tier

Wow just like Caesar

A woman isn't allowed to be threatening in One Piece.

Big Mom doesn't count. Oda is treating Big Mom more like the weather than an actual person. For example, like a tornado.

I guess we will never have a Female Version of Akainu in One Piece.

The nightmare just wont end for Brulee.
I feel sorry for her.

Caesar was a real hostage. They had his fucking heart. But brulee is not excusable.

Freaking epic my dude

>Brulee used to be intimidating
For what one chapter?. Do i have to remember you that half the shit he pulled off at the start of this arc was thanks to the seduced woods confusing Luffy and co

>anything that disproves my argument doesn't count!!!!!
well isn't that convenient

>odacocksuckers will defend this

>A woman isn't allowed to be threatening in One Piece.
>Big Mom doesn't count because reasons

Why? She clearly has taken the lead now for Luffybowl.

She's about to get Gomu Gomu'd.

Do you think Smoothie's power is an insta-kill?
Maybe that's why Oda has left her out.

Highly doubt the cake would KO Big Mom.

Remember that Big Mom constantly desires different food after she finishes getting what she wants.

That little amount of cake would satisfy Big Mom.

Also, Oda is going to have Sanji fail because the Wedding Cake was not made with love.
Streusen made the Wedding Cake with Love.

Sanji didn't.

The key ingredient, Love, is missing. Big Mom won't get KOed because of this.

Can we take a minute to talk about what a shitty character Zoro is?

Does anyone even like him? I don't.