So is this just a show for fat lesbians with a loli fetish that want to have a family?

So is this just a show for fat lesbians with a loli fetish that want to have a family?

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For that and for me

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I know the truth hurts.... But I really didn't see any other redeemable qualities.

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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid throws the notion of the nuclear family out the window and its exploration of what this relationship means. The odd couple Tohru and Kobayashi, both disenchanted with their lives, find comfort in each other's companionship. Tohru makes no secret about a romantic and sexual attraction to Kobayashi, and while she never explicitly returns those feelings, Kobayashi accepts her role of a parent/partner raising their daughter, Kanna. The series shines not for exaggerating their eccentricity, but normalizing it. As wild as its gag comedy can get, Maidragon isn't afraid to slow down and soak in a moment. It derives both its humor and heart from the mundane goings-on of this family. Through each other, they find a sense of belonging, of togetherness, of home.

None of them have a support system in their birth family, be it due to physical separation, trust of lack of care. By the end of the series, their family with each other allows them to rediscover home, their family makes each feel whole again, despite her misgivings toward Humanity, Tohru find the acceptance she never got from the humans or dragons in Kobayashi. Kanna gets the loving and nurturing attention she didn't get from her family, while Kobayashi regains the feeling of purpose she lost in the monotonous, lonely shuffle of a regular life.

As the family circle expands, each new member finds something they were missing. Maid Dragon is an emphatic tribute to the power of family; how it shapes us, binds us together and gives us place. These invaluable connections allow us to feel complete, fulfilled. Family can be as regular or irregular as necessary to give you that feeling. There is no singular idea, as it carries different weight to every person.

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I can't be the only person that felt like this would be infinitely better with a male character taking Kobayashi's place.

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>fat lesbians with a loli fetish that want to have a family
Literally me.


Just fucking watch it retard.

I am fat, I like women, and have loli fetish, am man though.

nah, it wouldn't be cute that way, and it's nice to see a different kind of "tomboy" girl in anime

>Op clear just wants to lay into Mrs Kobayashi's Dragon maid
>Op is clearly a fag.

I am an adult male that wants to have heterosexual intercourse with a dragon in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation

Who are you quoting?

Watashi mo senpai

It's a show for fat lesbians I know.
You didn't have to write so much just to prove that

Tumblr is the only place that actually believes this show is for lesbians.

It's just like every other male-targeted yuri anime/manga.