Which one is Naruto and which one is Bleach?

And which one will get cancelled first?

BNHA is Bleach.
BC is Naruto.
BC will be cancelled first.

My Hero Academia is basically Naruto without the drama so basically a nowhere as good version. Black Clover and Bleach are both shit.

Both of them are shit, Naruto and Bleach are unironically better than them.

Naruto, Bleach, Boku no Hero Academia and Black Cover are all better than One Piece.

BC is going to become its own thing.

Sick of all the bakas who think otherwise, just check your god damn privilege-des.

they're both naruto and you're stuck with both for the next 5+ years of your life, minimum

BC is a worse Fairy Tail and BnH is a worse Naruto.

Boku no Hero = HxH
BC = Naruto
Kimetsu = Bleach
TPN = Death Note
WT = Dead

BNHA is going to have the same problems as both (powerlevel syndrome, peaked early, etc). The one on the right will be the next Toriko unless it gets wildly more popular.

>Narutards are allowed to post on Sup Forums

>powerlevel syndrome
after 150 chapters, this is the first time that the protagonist has a big power-up, and is clearly temporary. holy shit, relax, man.

Both are Nardo, but if by Bleach you mean “getting canceled”, then BC.

Black clover will spawn new shipments type. In future people will ask?
“user what will be next black clover?”
Bnha? Bnha will be forgotten.

>>guaranteed replies

>and is clearly temporary
Yeah, that's how it starts. Then, it's a slippery slope with no way back up unless you cap that shit.

I'm not sure. I've watched all of bleach and Naruto yet I don't recognize either of these guys

>Naruto without the drama so basically a nowhere as good

Naruto with drama is shit.

No need to get defensive mate, but you're spewing if you can't see the writing on the wall.

All Might sort of is the cap anyway. Established very early.

This but the opposite.
BC is the new Fairy Tail.

Are you fucking tired of comparing Bnha with HxH and decided to move on to BC?

>Boku no Hero = HxH
Fucking stop BnHAfag

>Bleach unironically better than anything
Not after that last arc.

The one that sells the least

Neither of them is selling anywhere near naruto or bleach. I hope manga in general is dying.

Afo and Overhaul is stronger.

They are both Naruto-wannabes. No one likes Bleach.

I mean he beat AfO. And you are insane if you think Overhaul is anywhere near those two.

>Series going well
At this point no matter how much you hate either of them, Jump still thinks more economically.

>cancelled after 500+ chapters
I will accept it.