Love Live School Idoru Project

I cried harder than I have in over a decade at the end of the School Idol Project movie

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Nico is the best

Muse is dead, move on

Who cares about muse desu

Try the live viewing of the Final Live in a cinema packed with chink weebs senpai.

tell that to the big decision makers, seriously why are they still marketing those old hags?


I've already seen it

cried 2bh

Crack ship

Even though this is a soulless project made by nips in suits to make an easy yen, I still managed to shed tears in the end. Their last song made a bittersweet ending even better.

See, that's what I thought too until the latest episode.

I watched it earlier this week. It was just okay.

>I cried harder than I have in over a decade at the end of the School Idol Project movie
The only part of the movie I liked was when they were in New York.

I loved what they did with the lighting in the nighttime New York scenes

The execution of the latter end of the movie was admittedly mediocre, but the fact that it was truly the end of muse was significant

Also the bokutachi wa hitotsu no hikari segment at the end will always be a tearjerker

It was a fucking disappointment.
Nothing made sense.
Muse a shit.
We need more future Honk.

Might as well watch/read the other shit that isn't the anime about Muse

>sunny day song

>its hasn't been sunny in my heart since the last time I saw the movie

>that being an issue


Whats wrong with his body

Cute chicks

Riko > rest of myuzu > Aqwhores

Umi is love

>Aqours thread
>dead thread
k e k

delet pls!!!

>aqours threads
They last for around 2 days and reach page 10 constantly. Don't be delusional flopshitter.

Dead like muse lel

You're a little bitch OP.

I miss Rin. None of the sunshines come even close to her level of hotness.

it's okay to be gay

>meanwhile hagshit threads....

But /llsifg/ is the hagfag thread and they are on 1502, and still move faster than Sup Forums flop threads when they have a god damn anime airing. What now flopfags?

Link please ? I also get teary eyed watching the movie.

Rin's outfit in Hello, hoshi wo kazoete was cute as fuck

I love my wife, Rin!

Boys can't be wives.

Good thing Rin is a cute girl

>m-muh /vg/ !!!!
>muh hags are still relevant!! FUCK FLOPQOURS!!!
my fucking sides

You should stay there

haha Rin boy

>they have a god damn anime airing
you do aware if you're playing that Hag Ga(y)me daily right?



I see aqoursfags are still upset over the mean reception.
Weren't you the ones that were crying that evil Musefags were leeching of your threads, but now you come here to voice your hate against them?
What happened to muh >we are discussing aqours, Muse are discussing how much they hate us?

I don't remember that she ever said that!

A pity bump for you, hag fags.


I will always love you, Honoka-chan!

What's wrong, hags?

>>no muse and aqours


>friends doing friends things

Voted for best grill.
The badges are all shit.

Everything else I agree with.

Watched the damn thing iin theaters and oh boy everybody cried like a little bitch. I cried like a ultra macho Chad .

I cried like a baby for half Love Live! movie, and I barely shed a tear once while watching Your Name.
What does that mean?

I know people who think Coldplay is god's gift to music and feel nothing when they listen to Miles Davis. Some people just have shit taste.

It's okay, though. The media you consume has literally no bearing on how smart you are.

It means you have excellent taste and aren't some idiot teenager like most of the userbase here

Are Kanan's cannons canon?

>Love Live movie.
>excellent taste.

Hanamaru has much cannons

Still better than pretending to like overrated movies just to fit in with le ebin 4ch animu erito.

>pretending to like overrated movies
"Overrated" isn't synonymous to "bad", brainlet.

The movie was as good after they left New York.

that's how tiny japanese men look like when naked

yeah but you just know they're way too soft to be enjoyable. Kanan has a tight body and that means hard perky tits

>too soft to be enjoyable
what did he mean by this

µ's won't die if you let them. Instead, if you want, let them live on and show it.

It's outstanding how they ware capable of making a cast even more one-not.

Aqours is flopping because they're µ's-less.

>muh generation wars
it's all so tiresome

>Kimi no na wa

>Kimi no na wa
It was excellent.

I refuse to believe anyone old enough to post here thinks that


All the characters and writing were catered to a teenage psyche. You would need to be mentally immature to find it emotionally engaging

>All the characters and writing were catered to a teenage psyche.
How so?

imagine being this much of a pompous stick in the mud.

I'm not sure how to articulate it any better

>All of the characters and writing were catered to teenagers. It didn't to cater to mature and nuanced minds like myself.
>"Can you explain why?"
>Just because, man!!!! I just dunno how to explain it!!!

I can overlook the characters for the absolutely shitty writing

The many faces of Umi Sonoda

>the implication of a fang

Nice thread.

watch the most similar flag to u's font letter be chosen

Think of how your muse waifu would feel after she hears you're bullying her kouhais.


I mean that unlike you I'm not a virgin and I have actually held tits in my hands

>I'm not a virgin
sure you aren't, scooter.

Nozomi will always be best Raibu, and NozoEli is the best ship. These are eternal truths of the universe, written into the fabric of reality for all time.

tight Bs > soft Ds

source: also not a virgin

I fucking hated it. They made it a fucking musical, although the series was never one.

>hurr durr the show had music so it was a musical too

FUCK no. The difference is that in the show the songs were actual presentations to an audience and whatnot (99% of the cases) but in the movie they literally went inside a building for instance, having normal dialog, and then all of the sudden they started fucking singing about what was going on in that moment with no audience or anything, just got up and sang for some god damn reason. That breaks suspension of disbelief and I. FUCKING. HATE IT.


>although the series was never one.

Nico is cute!

>the songs were actual presentations to an audience and whatnot

The movie just expanded on stuff like this.


Disgusting slut.

Nico made Love Live, show some respect you cunt

I wonder what her chest smells like.

what chest?