Season 2s we'll never get

Season 2s we'll never get.

>still following anime adaptations

Pic related

>tfw still fapping to the doujins of this series to this day

author die, so even mangafags are fucked

I know that feeling.


>tfw we'll never see Hana animated in those prisoner booty shorts
kill me


same here

At least I have the LN

I'm still mad.

I'm ok with this, the anime ended in a good place that it works as a standalone series that's still really entertaining, and the manga after what the anime adapts drags on and on and has such slow pace it would take be nearly as good if animated

Pic related, also Darker than Black


I heard the LN goes to shit real hard shortly after the events of the anime, just enjoy what we got.


Darker than Black got a second season and an OVA, you retard.



>IM preventing Berserk
>LL preventing this
Idolshit is cancer.


Izayoi a shit.
Worse than Kirito and Touma

No it didn't.

thanks God.

Stop telling lies on the internet, user. Newfags read these threads too.

unironically drink bleach


I need more cutesy romcom shit in my life.

Is this atleast fun


Now I won't be able to sleep because of how fucking mad I am

Wait no, fuck , I meant

It's too early to say this will never get a season 2 but I honestly hope it doesn't. It's not fair MiA gets a general


The girls are better anyways

It's fun trash. The manga is ongoing at least, and there's a more-than-usual divided fanbase over art style differences between the anime and the manga.

like pottery

i rewatch this every christmas season

It's not fair

I post this for that one sad soul on Sup Forums who really loves Rurumo.

Are the doujins good, I love Saya.

It's not fair bros

I don't understand Sayafags. She's got a great body, but the tsundere act is obnoxious. Everything that she does, Saeko does better.

I guess it ended solidly enough, but I still want more comfy mystery solving and debates about the nature of the truth.


Watamote ;_;

Nyan Koi! Rip Mangaka-kun.

I want 2nd Season of Nozaki... I want more Chio!