Boku no Hero Academia

Complete spoilers tonight, so now we wait in peace faggots
No fujo/waifufaggotry/whatsyourquirka/shitposting/etc allowed. I mean you can post your waifu, but don't spam her like a retard.

So now that this is settled, lets discuss what is up for tonight:
Is Sir dead? What is Shiggy's deal? Does Mr Compress kidnapped Nejire? Is now Kaijuhaul just a blood pulp?

Damn this two weeks were long as fuck

>Nightjobber not dead
FFS Hori

So what now?

The only one I care about now is Mirio? Is he still bleeding out down there in Overhaul's sex dungeon? What is that incompetent mutant frog doing?

First of all, you can’t tell me what to do. And no, Sir’s probably not dead, at least not yet. He has to reconnect with All Might.

Fuck. I forgot to delete the first question mark

Ripping off HxH with shogi instead of chess. Can you make it more obvious Horishima


>Deku: Nigheye! I wasn’t able to tell you this! All Might! He said he wants to live! And that he wasn’t able to see you straight in the eye…! So let's meet him again no matter what! Meet him…again! So… don’t give up!!
>Nigheye: A fight just to rescue one girl. Although it’s not a situation to be happy about considering the many injured people we have…But Midoriya kun…

[Last Page]
>Shigaraki: When it comes to Shogi…it’s about taking down the Gyoku, right?
>Dabi: No it's not that simple!
>Mr. Compress: Yes we came here as I told you. Okay, good work you two!
>Inserted text: “It’s not over yet?!!”

Reminder that everyone in class 1A is a pure child with ambitions to be great heroes for the good of those around them.

Well, it seems like we haven't completely jumped the shark into total retardation quite yet.
That week did Hori some good.

>Nighteye is alive
Well that's anti-climatic. I guess I shouldn't expect anyone to die unless they get literally chopped in half. At least he lost an arm maybe he'll be paralyzed since a giant spike went right through him, but I doubt it.

What the fuck is wrong with Hori? Sir can't be alive for fucks sakes he was stabbed with a fucking rock in the fucking spine and also now he doesn't have stomach or any guts.
If he is alive i'm going to be fucking mad.
>now he is in a wheelchair
Still mad as fuck

why the villians are so trash


>Aizawa and 13 didn't die during the USJ attack
>All might and AFO are still alive
>Stain lives after a pierced lung
>Muscular survives a 1000000% punch point blank
You should've expected this?

Toga was fucking soaked watching Deku

>Paralized Nighteye
>Can become BNHA's Stephen Hawking
It's better than killing him off imo

Does no one in this manga die?

Should they?

It's a good group of kids


>>Can becomes BNHA's Stephen Hawking
Not when the fucker could talk perfectly fine when the spike was STILL in his stomach. He be more like Professor Xavier.

Hori still has a chance to kill off Aizawa. Let's see if he has the balls.

It's a superhero series aimed at 10 year old yamato boys. Silver age themed no less. Go watch Naruto or Akame Ga Kill if you want wanton gore and edge.

Honestly the cliffhanger from the last chapter didn't seem like a finishing blow to me.

>no vanilla pregnancy.
You massive fag.

That's funny, it felt exactly like that to me. It was a clean shot right to his jaw.


Same here. What a shitty fight. Overhaul was a chump.

This panel looks like Nighteye is dead though. He could be rushed to the hospital but still dead on arrival. But we won't know in several more chapters later.


Eri died multiple times.

Looks like he just lost consciousness


Naruto is not that edgy, Sauce is edgy, but Naruto itself is pretty much not. Akame Ga Kill is just a edgy series that tries using shock factor(lots of character deaths,gore, etc.) to look "mature" but fails.

One transvestite have.

Rappa too, and he also killed that random guard after Eri escaped

Did you niggaz really need to make another thread before its got scanlated?

user I don't think blood and gore equates to a better story, but we just saw a man get impaled by a giant spike and have his arm ripped off. Not only that he was talking perfectly fine when he shouldn't be able to talk with a spike going through is stomach/lungs and I bet you there's a 50/50 chance we'll see him walking in the future when he should be paralyzed from the waist done. A line needs to be drawn on what is fatal injury for characters other wise people won't be shocked when a character gets gravely injured because their logic will be "They'll be fine others have survived worse."

Rip Deku's virginity.

Than let's place our bets, is seriously dead or alive

So what do you want after this arc? I hope we get some SOL chapters and then the Class B joint class, I want to see Shinso again.

Nighteye couldn't have spoken then since he's already not in the scene, so there's something wrong with that translation.
Nighteye lost consciousness
A door slam sound effect, Deku and dragon lady looking concerned.
>Nigheye: A fight just to rescue one girl.
Not possible, since that text is inside the narration box, so that is Deku narrating it. It should be:
Narration: A fight just to rescue one girl.
Deku: Although it’s not a situation to be happy about considering the many injured people we have
Ryukyu: But Midoriya kun…
It's Ryukyu since she's the one standing next to him.

You left out NTR/cuckary.

Alive for sure. The real question is if he's paralyzed or not.

Alive, but fucked up, just like his pal All Might

If he's alive, at least let Mirio stay quirkless. When the arc started, I feared that something bad would happen to Mirio and was very against the thought, but there needs to some sort of consequence in all of this. I've already tolerated enough BS from this but no consequence would be too much.

They should have build up chronostasis as a more powerful villain and had him mainly fight mirio instead of overhaul, having overhaul be fodderize by LeMillion before his fight with izuku , took away all the sense of danger and excitement

You should move loli up or Deku is going to be in trouble.

Nigga is going to be a gimped informant.

Shinsou is going to be involved in possibly the next arc or the one after. Hori's said he has some kind of development planned for him this year.

Which class a kid should get the spotlight next arc

>tfw he just walks around and talks like nothing happened in the chapter after this

>ugly bastard

Momo and/or Todoroki

Jirou or Tailman.
Jirou because her quirk seems underrated as fuck and Ojiro because maybe Deku can learn some combat skills from him

Its going to go back to Iida, and Shoto with them confronting Izuku on why he did not let them in on his problems. Asking if they are really is friends.

There's a bunch that could use it, any of Hagakure, Jirou, Ojiro, Sero, Tokoyami, and Kaminari would be preferred by me.

Needs to be more involved.
Fuckin' Hori just give her something to do.
Shinsou's arc seem next maybe he'll play arole? Either way, he's underrated in-universe.
Follow up his development in the Finals exam.
Pls Hori
More details on her quirk as well

>Deku won
Into the trash it goes

Ochako, and Tsuyu were completely blown off this arc even though they were involved.

If he lost w/ 100%, it would be more BS.

Wait, what the fuck happened? where is Eri?

She's the villains daughteru now

That's all we have right now, so who knows? I'd assume someone already took her out of there since that looks like the end of the chapter.

No one cares

>What's happening
Hopefully Sir's death

If you could make one change to the arc in order to make it redeemable. What would it be. Condition, you cannot take remove, kill or add characters.


>mfw this arc counted as Tsuyu and Ochaco's "turn"

Toga uses her Deku disguise to rape Ochako

That was the Training Camp arc.

Shorten Suneater's fight. Make it so we didn't have a giant Kirishima flashback just before the final punch of that fight.

Ochako uses her Toga disguise to rape Deku

don't tell me what to do

Have AIzawa be kidnapped for his eyes.

Kill kirishima

That's already happening

What I said here


>Cosplay: All Might
Now I kinda want to see Ochako and Deku have roleplay-sex, but with Ochako dressed up as All Might. Only for the scene to end with Deku having a tent in his pants and asking Ochako to try saying "MIDORIYA SHOUNEN!"

Shinsou rescues Aizawa himself


>. A line needs to be drawn on what is fatal injury for characters other wise people won't be shocked when a character gets gravely injured because their logic will be "They'll be fine others have survived worse."
Stop fucking posting dumbass.

Nejire is curious

Does anyone know if twisting your dick would hurt?

It wouldn't if your an Amajiki that ate one of those corkscrew cock rape ducks.

They were the best part about this arc

Kill off Kirishima and I like Kirishima

What's she gonna do now , she seemed pretty surprised about izuku strength

Remove Mina and Kirishima flashback. Worst girl. Dumb as bricks.

How I hoped this ti be real.

fuck Twice

Remove the flashbacks.
I think that alone would have helped the arc tremendously. We would have been done with it literally a month ago if there hadn't been the flashbacks.

>Wants to be a hero
>Gets expelled for heroism without a license
I really don't think shinsou is a good enough character to carry an arc on his own.

She needs to learn about personal space

The flashbacks reall do feel like they should be added to the volumes like the extra pages Hori draws for chapters. Or animae only.


Mr compress exists doesn't he?

Shiggy probably thinks he's cool as fuck with that retarded pose