Made in Abyss

What the fuck? You can't just end a heroes journey at the start of the third act. WHERE THE FUCK IS THE REST? PLEASE TELL ME.

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Anyone? pls ._.

The author dropped the project. Now fuck off.

Wait? So the manga is dead?


Go back to reddit

Go read the manga which is ongoing

>hasn't been updated in 6 months

dont listen to
the manga is still going on for now :)


My home boards are Sup Forums, Sup Forums, /his/ and Sup Forums. Jesus, Sup Forums. Why are you so fucking hostile?

Is there any hope for the rest of the manga to get a second season? Is there a way I can financially insensitive this happening?


>legal issues
Speaking of which, is it just me or does this animu reek of pedo pandering? Some of "those" moments between Reg and Riku are pretty qt, I guess, but overall it just comes across as hamfisted fanservice.

>look at this 12 year old girl being strung up naked XD

its on break untill around 2018 if im right but if you want to read it right now its on kissmanga

>my home boards are all containment boards
No wonder.

>Sup Forums
Reddit + GNU+Linux
>Sup Forums
Reddit + Fedora
>Sup Forums
Reddit + Facebook
Please, just go back.

How much more is there if I start where the animu left off? Are there any major differences?

/his/ is not a containment board and in its first year it was nothing but quality. Shame about the current state though. Also neither is Sup Forums.

install gentoo

Is there a place to download the CBR/CBZ/EPUB/MOBI/whatever of the manga for offline viewing? I hate using those websites.

I tried manga crawler, but it seems like all the sources have blocked it now.

t. 16 year old trying his best to fit in

just you, american

legal issues?

anime ends at chap 26
there are 16 more chapters after 26 i think not sure though

I'm German and degenerate as fuck. It feels forced, all I'm saying.

Madokami has everything.

Any info if there is a deal for a second anime season after there is enough source material?

Better than a crossboarding moralfag not trying to fit in.

just be yourself, bro

Really, though. I never understood the hate against "cross boarding". Am I not supposed to use more than one board, or what? This type of elitism makes no sense.

Welcome to anime.

>a heroes journey at the start of the third act
This whole thing is literally a descend to hell the fuck are you talking about.

What did he mean by this?

means made in abyss is cancelled

Don't let it bother you. It's straight autism.

the manga is still going on, so maybe i dont know go look at the wiki or smthin

I kept scrolling down and found a post where he said he was anxious because he wanted to go out and buy a Neritantan plushie but had to stay in and work

I think it probably means he went a friend to buy one for him

Nearly every board that was ever okay is going to shit anyway. Sup Forums is trash though. Joke's on you, I used gentoo for 6 months.

>literally a descend into hell
Exactly. Go read Campbell . Or Peterson

>You were issued a warning! ;_; Off-topic; all images and discussion should pertain to anime or manga.

Am I not allow to use non anime reaction images, or what? The fuck? And I through Sup Forums's moderation was draconian.

no account.

Anyone have a MEGA link?

You must adapt yourself and evolve according to the environment
Don't expect this board to change its ecosystem for a lost faggot with snowflake complex like you

>Don't expect this board to change its ecosystem
Where did I ever imply that I wanted it to, you fag?


Why is why generals are cancerous. Multiple threads popping out before the other one is even filled.

Is this the type of cancer that the general spawned?

>Am I not supposed to use more than one board, or what?
It's to preserve board culture. Sup Forums has no need for frogposters who use emoticons. You can talk about anime without those. Avatarfagging is against the rules too.
>non anime reaction images
Yeah pretty much. Also you're not going to make many friends if you keep saying you're from Sup Forums.

I've been using that fucking frog since at least 2012. Not my fault it became the most iconic cancer this website ever produced.

Nanachi's and Riko's big round heads look weird from that angle.

How long have you been posting on Sup Forums with it? Different board, different rules.

Man, it's easy setting up a Madokami account.

Just follow the instructions on the .txt

This is not a real MiA thread

This show is nothing but shitty feminist propoganda.

>The story revolves around characters descending into a big vagina
>The male MC is a complete beta cuck, who's literally owned by the female MC and has no memories and no motives outside of her
>The female MC is an expert on the abyss and always knows what to do, is constantly coddled and protected in spite of treating Reg like shit
>Strong Womyn everywhere
>Ozen is a giant tranny who looks and acts like a man, LITERALLY feminizes one of the few men in the show
>Lyza is a smaller dyke who ignores her womanly duties, gets drunk a lot, kills lots of people
>Torka is a pathetic cuckold who got zero lines before dying, a worthless male discarded just so the narrative can prove female supremacy
>Nanachi is a tumblrfaggot 3rdgender who's still obviously a girl, again like Riko knows everything and is always right, can't cook to Break Stereotypes
>First male White Whistle is presented as a sociopathic sperg just for wanting scientific progress, whereas Ozen and Lyza are portrayed as angels in spite of everything
>Narehates are ruled over by yet ANOTHER Strong Womyn who goes around stabbing and claiming ownership of males with 0 repurcussions
>The story revolves around characters descending into a big vagina

didnt read lol

>shitty feminist propoganda
well that's a first I guess

I chuckled tho so here's your (You)

can someone give me an invite to AnimeBytes please

Proof that MiA attracts newfags.
You're either a fool or a newshit if you haven't realized anime has always been on the liberal side, despite the nips also being nationalists.

Now this is good pasta.

thats pasta you nitwit

Ch.43 is not coming

It's so sad

I just wanna bury my face in the bun and never let go

FRESH pasta though

Aren't the Olpympicks supposed to be in Japan soon?

And didn't Made in Abyss have more than a bit of loli and shota fanservice?

And now author is talking about "legal troubles"?

I smell a conspiracy.

>implying this isnt planned specifically to confuse potential sjw when they are confronted with loli and shota in progressive feminist manga

Not all heroes wear capes.


bah. I tried using an IRC client and on the rizon in-browser chat. They gave me a usename and password but I get a 404 error when i try to log in.

I'll just watch the anime.


Since you tried I'll be a good person and upload it for you

Dawwww, thanks senpai OwO

I'm having doubts now.

Well i can fall back to the standard Sup Forums stuff and call you racist and homophobic slurs if youd like... whatever gets you off bro'.

>Naa~ Welcome, user, come in!
>May i take your order?

Maybe you can just stop being a faggot?

I'm pretty sure this is a different person from the one you were originally speaking to

But i thought Sup Forums was all about being a faggot. Theres more pics of shota on here than /cm/.

Nope, i'm totally the same guy! O_O
He's just being a baka oni-chan!!! °w°

f a k e

I like where this is going

lighten up with a Nanachi dance

(best if you start the link below first, and go from there.)

Go back to plebbit gaylord.

I just wanna bury my face in the bun's buns and never let go


>also smells good


A bunny rub followed by a sniffy-sniff, please

>rabbits not having 6 nipples
it's defective. throw away

Authors in jail

It's a girl rabbit not a rabbit girl

Reg spilled his juice box


That scene where he thought riku was dead.... I was legit sad. Didnt read the manga so i really thought they were killing her off.

yeah i watched the anime first and that scene actually got me

her paws are not the biggest thing...

I knew Riko continued past the group meeting Nanachi, but this still made me second guess that.

arm was gross af

ok Nanachifags,


if i ever find a stray cat with 4 broken legs, i'm going to call it mitty, look after it and give it the best life it can


Would you raise her, pic related insted?

no they're not a cat!Lo9gXZIR!0o5l-KRl_PEWgJ0K5p9lyQ

Here it is

Sorry for the wait, I went to play Dark Souls 3 for a bit and the upload wasn't letting me get into the game.

what is it

The manga some user wanted.

This is some top tier dolphin porn. Thanks user!

That's right. I'm Ozen.


Read the manga you anime only babby

fuck off normalfag

Hi Ozen