Is Gone Gon?

Is Gone Gon?

For now at least.

Is Killua Kill?

Is Leorio Oreo?

Is Kurapika a girl?


Why don't they use Alluka to wish for Gon's nen back?


Who would name a boy Kurapika?

Going going Gon

Gon is faggot for killua


It did say he would eventually meet Gyro.
So my money is on no.

I want to hug him

So, new chapters when? I thought Togashi said his back was feeling better when he put out the last few chapters.

Kurapika is neither.

Yes it's feeling better, so he can go back to playing Dragon Quest.

>author ditches his protagonist it

>loses interest

>series dies

lol, what an idiot

last hiatus said it would return before the end of this year

not really holding my breath though

Have faith

you got the leorio kurapika one?

No, sorry I don't


That's the entire point of the series.

He's a literal Hunter Hunter.

Up to this point all of his willpower has been driven by this goal.
Hunting down his dad, the greatest hunter alive.

He trades away this power, compromising his objective for revenge, which robs him of this destiny.

He's only saved by a literal wish-granter at the behest of his friend.

He meets his father in the wake of this, and his power fades.

He needs a new goal.
A new hunt.

Two possibilites:
>He decides to hunt down his friends who he presumes are in grave danger.
Seems kind silly, since there's not much in the way of alerting him to their danger, and he's aware they all knew how dangerous it would be going in.
>He independent of Ging, discovers the identity of Don, and begins hunting for him.
I think this is most likely since it has a sort thematic continuity from tracking his father, to tracking his great ancestor.

Obviously there's other potential hunts.

>always assumed o my nitro rice would be used to asspull kurapica's lifespan back to normal
>just realized that Don Freecs has been snacking on nitro rice for generations

O my, indeed

Over a decade of fandom, and I've never considered the possibility that the wacky title Hunter x Hunter might be a literal reference to the overarching plot of Gon hunting his dad, a hunter. I feel like a brainlet even if it's bs.

What did you think it was about? Gay shit like hunters fucking other hunters (male)?

Viable. Maybe the endgame is that it means Killua (hunter) x Gon (hunter). Shown me the light

I thought that at first, but then Togashi went out of his way to say that the title is actually Hunter Hunter so it makes more sense it's just about Gon and his dad

can the pitou or killuaiscute spammer please come back





Are you in pain?

Not them, but I can give you a cute Killua

Killua is no longer cute. He hit the target called my heart.

killua's cuteness is eternal user

I want to see Killua grow into a manly man just like his dad, Silva. I want to see Killua with burly muscles, and a chiseled face!


nissin gave him a fuck ton of noodles apparently. its been close to two months and he is still eating them. hopefully he gets bored of them soon but i doubt it

I'm genuinely curious, what games does Togashi like playing besides DQ?

He should be like Touya and not ugly like his dad.




Gon should've died.
Don't give a fuk about him and haven't miseed him at all.
I miss Leorio who's on the fucking boat more than I miss gone.

To be fair, you have to have a pretty high IQ to understand HiatusXHiatus. It's basically the Rick and Morty of anime

They have to go hunting for Don


I thought thats her skin? She was born with them on

We never saw her birth.

You believe Togashi?

I want to fuck this ant

Is Hunter X Hunter Dead X Dead?

guys its not fair. as a leoriofriend i started the series so excited for the 4 best boys to adventure together and become powerful nen users. instead, togapedo decides to drop best boy and best girl (male) in favor of the shotas and it all goes down hill

double dubs speak the truth

Being a Leoriofan is the purest suffering

dumb mentally ill fag

>mfw they nerfed him even more in the 2011 anime

>quitting bowling to work again
Next year user.

>togapedo decides to drop best boy and best girl (male) in favor of the shotas and it all goes down hill
I'm sorry you have shit taste user. Nothing can be better than shotas.

>implying Killua isn't edgy cancer shit that faggots swear isn't trash