Do you like brown female characters in anime?

Do you like brown female characters in anime?

Only when they are taking minotaur cock.

Only when they're being used as minotaur breeding stock.

I liked that doujin


Japanese women are brown in real life, so it's better for suspension of disbelief.

hah who didn't m8?

God yes

Yes they are great!

Yes. Delicious anime brown gets my dick so fucking hard. Tanlines can go die with pineapples on pizza

I'm not particular about minotaurs, monsters in general work

She was so good

They are great.

Tanlines count?





Absolutely. Especially DFC ones.

This show had a lot of hotties, its too bad it was a shit show.

Something something minotaur cockslave something

time to reread that doujin


do i?
yes, a lot

also isn't it a it unfair to use asanagi stuff to prove your point?
i mean, anything becomes gourmet shit when drawn by him

I wonder what Sarah is up to these days.


Brown Women > White Women
especially in anime form


DFC is definitely nice on brown girls. I didn't know I liked that until I played Pokemon White version and saw Iris. Too bad the Anime ruined her

Now that you mention it, yes I do. Can't think of one I don't like.

Going old school with this one.

she's so much more fucking cute and fuckable in the manga

The browner the better the girl, prove me wrong.




More like only in anime. There's a direct correlation between skin color and IQ, skin color and aggression, and skin color and infidelity.

i want to MATING PRESS a brown girl!


Only if they have tanlines

I like brown girls period.

scent of cinnamon/california gold>everything

more like who gives a shit about 3dpd and "IQ", go BACK to Sup Forums, both of you

When does brown end and black starts?

Little brown girls are the best

No there isn't.


there is no such thing as black skin just like there is no such thing as white skin

brown is love




Skin color is a social construct!

Who fucking doesn't?

It really is. In the Jim Crow era black people could escape discrimination by wearing a turban and pretending to be Indian.

this discussion belongs on Sup Forums!


Iris little GAO before fighting in Rainbow road was glorious.

anime of 90 is really hot stuff too, but you are right, in manga is a fucking A bitch

Shouldn't take this long for the goddess to be posted



When they change race


what the fuck kind of question is that?




her "tan" is whiter than my pale ass


google is giving me nothing

can I get a name for said doujin?

Fuck no

Sure do

nvm I found it

DO I?!?

>California Gold

We're here to talk about 2D, don't be racist.

She must get fashion tips from Captain Falcon.

Step aside plebs

I can't


Buncha guys break into a house

You guys are talking about brown and you forget the best
Shame on you Sup Forums

Want more?

i like anything if it's drawn by fatalpulse

I want to fuck May.


They are the crowning achievement of mankind

>swn fuck you while making only cat sounds

I've always hated this chart. It doesn't matter how dark their skin is. What matter is how cute their face is, and the contrast of colors between their skin color, and hair and eye color.

But only with blonde hair.


Do tans count?


Brown (2D) girls are a miracle of the universe.
(other miracles include: tomboys, spats, fluffy hair, lonely Christmas cakes, underboob and shark teeth)


>tfw trying to learn how to draw like him
One day I will get there.

Gunsmith Cats, fun read/watch if you like guns/cars and cute girls. Minnie May a Cute


They are the best