Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso o Kasaneru







Dumb phone poster.

Who's kida?

I'll wait for the dump to get excited.

I'm at lunch in Japan, whatever dude

Awww Yiss.

Not him but you should've uploaded the image directly (easily done on the phone) instead of making some stupid screenshot. Also your OP looks retarded in general.


Dump coming through. And yes, it looks like Botan did win.

You can't save pages from these viewers actually.

You can't do that



Man, shut up, I bet you didn't even know when the chapter would hit






Fuck off and kill yourself, jesus christ.







Why are you angry now?



I always felt a bit sorry for her and she wasn't so bad. But Botan was just too good.



There was just no way for her to come out of this with a victory.


[Embarrassed Botan noises]







I don't have reaction image good enough to express my grin.


Was kind of hoping author would pull each girl dating the male/female version of the MC.
Still counts as best girl winning though.

>I hope my very first lie in my entire life is effective

Aww. Willing to swallow her own feelings for the happiness of her best friend.

Final chapter on December 8, it's over next month folks.

I was angry happily

>suki da


>Gomen ne

Botan is love
Botan is life.

At the same time though, Itsuki and Botan did help break her out of her shell and set her on a hopeful course for the future. And I'm sure they'll still be friends she can confide in.

>I will only say this once

>---ke you.

>Umm... People are...
>You bully

>...What happened to A-chan ?
>Ah, Um...


I think this is one of the first times the horse I backed actually won

Seriously, so happy.

So many people saying namo would do something retarded, so many people not actually reading the series.

Feels good, and such a relief

It's coward not bully.

last chapter?


Do you not know what final means?

Next chapter is final one apparently.


>last chapter
We had better get to see Itsuki and Botan actually doing couple things.

I just didn't want to believe that I went through all of this and nothing absolutely worthwhile (aside from botan) happened and it ends before it got good

Oh right.

>Since Senpai is a coward
>As a punishment, you'll have to fuzz all over again.
>When you came home
>I'll call you

Now I just need Yoshino to win and all will be right in the mango world.

Did Botan really win?


I have so many happy reaction images that I never get to use, and now it's a bitch to find them.


I feel bad for her.




Maybe there's a god after all

I'm so happy right now I just wanna cuddle all you anons and snuggle on a big floofy pillow.



Fuck no that bitch ruined his life, she doesn't deserve him.


All those times we said
>do it for her
and now she actually did it for us

>First girl didn't win
>Best girl won
Even though I feel bad for her I'm just happy best girl has a happy ending.

I'm sure you never did stupid shit when you were 7 years old, right? Perfectly emotionally mature.


This manga has taught me if I crossdress I will find a cute girl to love me.

The worst I did was tell a girl older than me I liked her.


>liking older girls
You absolute fag.

Best girl won—


It's a Christmas miracle a month and a half early.

>dumb mobileposter
>reddit spacing retard
Fuck off.

>I will only say this once
Say it every morning and every night you cunt

Christmas status: SAVED anyway.

Are you retarded?

Oh god, I'm almost tearing up, fucking author didn't let me down.

>muffled I NEED A HERO in the background

Is he completely girl at this point, lol.

He can take it on and off

How long has the ride been for you guys? I remember jumping on this manga after the Boku Girl threads went to shit. I liked this manga so much I kept posting pic related on OPT threads for a month because I knew this manga deserved more fans than what it had at the time. I spent so much time waiting for translations and now I can finally say it's completely paid off, I am so happy.

I was prepared to crash and burn with my Botanbros but I'll be glad to take this instead.

The only ship I've had out to sea for the past couple years has at last landed safely in harbor.

>it's completely paid off, I am so happy.
why you people are always happy for so little paid off?

Is this yuri?

I was either the first or one of the first who brought it to attention on Sup Forums when volume 2 was being translated. However, I'd been reading it since volume 1 (and considered dropping it) and only became a real fan of it with the rise of Botan. I basically complained at the time saying "not again, it's another best girl will lose manga, I've been had"

just imagine what her sweet little lips would feel like, pressed briefly against your own

a moment that would stretch into a heart-thumping eternity

Don't pretend you read this series.