Try naming an anime with better openings and fairy fail miserably

Try naming an anime with better openings and fairy fail miserably.

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I want Lucy to sit on my face

Monogatari, which has a new opening every 3-4 episodes, almost all of which are sung by the character's seiyus and all of which are also fantastic.

Unironically F/Z. Truth be told, fairy tail 10th opening is based

Unironically Nardo



Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood


Everyone knows Bleach is all about the endings

Good monogatari openings: Nadeko's openings, Yotsugi opening, platinum disco, Senjougahara x Kaiki opening, that chocolate opening by cat.
The rest are pretty meh.

there is not a straight man on this earth who doesn't

Fuck that, 03 had way better openings.

>forgetting Sugar Sweet Nightmare and Mathemagics
I shiggy


Mathemagics sucks I don't know why Sup Forums liked it over Ougi's.

posted wrong link heres original

Every Astro Fighter Sunred OP is great.
All 2 of them.



>No Dark Cherry Mystery, Mathemagics and Kaerimichi.
You'r shit taste is impressive as always tripfag.

Chuu2 S1, epilepsy-inducing version

Also Big O, both OPs

>Try naming an anime with better openings
I agree with you about the S1 OP, but S2's was awful.

For years i've been waiting for a thread like this.

So from my understanding fairy-tail is the story of an autistic adopted dragon wizard named natsu fagneel who, on his many quests with his friends: gay nutbuster (an edge-lord faggot with a hard-on for his dead teacher/mom (Oedipus complex)), lucy cunt-feelia (a retarded blonde girl who has never seen a dick in her life (save for her dad's maybe)), and erza who-gives-a-shit-what-her-last-name-is (an escapied irish refugee who had a crush on this one dude who became the wizard equivalent of a satanist); sets forth thoruh thik and thin on incredibly streched out episodes, to do whatever the fuck, oh, and also to save their guild. Because the closes thing that faggot, fagneel, has to a family (due to his dad up and laving him) is a bunch of gay retards in a special ed class :^). Honestly the entire cast came off as autistic to me, is that the case? Anyways, they are accompanied by a blue cat named fredrick, who was adopted by fagneel when this girl who really liked him was around (and she was dead but not really, idfk, apparently no one likes being around fagneel except other retards), the blue cat thing comes from an anti-world (cat world) where humans are under the subjugation of cats, and apparently erzas crush comes from there and rules over there as a shadow-wizard now (or something), honestly the entire plot is a fucking mess. Also the most powerful wizard in existence is the brother of fagneel, or somehing. Oh and the original founder of fairytail is his friend or something, wtfe honestly i give up trying to explain this gay plot. Holy fucking shit, is every anime plot this convoluted?

the sheep key that lucy owns is pretty fucking hotsu though, so when i got to episode 200 that was the only thing keeping me going. The cast is week, the plot is autistic, and the villans are sub par. also, the friendship mott makes it feel like this is a disney production. an okay watch if you want to waste time.

Forgot pic

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Detective Conan.