So they're finally here
performing for you

If you know the words
you can join in too

Odd, Twiyon didn't update with the new chapter.

yeah, it's actually forbidden in saizen too.
I wget'd at just the right time and grabbed it, lmao

where is Carol?

JunxCarol and SenpaixTomo, when?

inb4 she accepted to get closer to Tomo.

This continues to be stupid.
Considering how close she already seemingly is with Tomo, that would be bizarre.


Maybe it has to do less with wanting to get closer in their relationship and more with being able to hang out doing her stuff more. If Tomo won't do girly shit might as well do manly shit I guess.

So basically, Misuzu accepted hoping she could spend some time with Jun learning how to become more like the both of them.

Ah; yeah, that would make sense.

>Tomo hanging with other guys

If Jun dates her instead of tomo. Then she won't ever lose tomo to jun

It's win/win

Man, I want to fuck young Misuzu.

Carol will symmetrically dock with Tomo and I will like it.

Why do you keep pushing this retarded pairing that has no basis in anything? Oh right we're in a Tomo-chan thread so it's okay to spam inane shit every thread.

Here you go

chained so she doesn't get pregnant like her mom

Who has largest boobs? Is Tomo bigger than Carol? How big are Ferris?

carol is bigger

Carol mom. She didn't seem so big, if anything Akemi is the other contender, but we already know Tomo is bigger

Carol's mom


>tfw you will never play sports with your tomboy in middle school

This fits in really well with the established themes of Misuzu's arc and would nicely explain her choosing to date Jun.

Neither did Jun.


>leaves Tomo chan thread
>sees a Nisekoi thread
>pic related is OP
What the fuck?

carol is shit

Shit thread.

Yeah so Misuzu had her own ulterior for dating Jun.

Both of them a shit.

when will tomo get a decent friend?

Carol gave her gold.

and fucked with her boy.

>distant lesbian yearning

>where is Carol?
It's a flashback, they haven't met yet.

They hadn't befriended her, but nothing prevents her from being in the background watching them all play, imagining what if would be like to be in place of one of them.

She's probably in England though.

they grew up in japland friend

>Not goals

Not as long as dad is running from the law.


shit page

Do 13 year olds have tits like that?

that's not a legal defense

Tomo is prime tomboy in this. I would double team some scrubs with her.

I would double team Misuzu with her if you know what I mean

But user, wouldn't it be better to double team Carol?

Man, short hair Misuzu is super cute!

>tfw tomboy wins

But Misuzu would never play soccer! Or basketball! You couldn't double team her if she doesn't play the game!

Yep, she totally is.

Jesus, middle-school Misuzu really does it for me.

So when did Tomo start to get big boobs?

Who is that handsome boy playing soccer?

That's some hardcore Captain Tsubasa copying.

we USSR now

With the same anatomy?

Slow thread today, huh.

Why do so many tomboys lose?

because they can't take the fucking hint on if a guy like them as a woman and how to treat a man how they want to be treated. its why so many tomboys end up in a shaky lesbian relationship that they are confused about but getting told sweet words to keeps them there until they either wake the hell up or live miserable

That's not how my partner is.

>Misuzu just want Tomo to calm down to be best friends with her and do girl stuff

>because they can't take the fucking hint on if a guy like them as a woman and how to treat a man how they want to be treated
That's pretty much every female character in anime though, not just tomboys.

It's divegrass, not apehoop. It's goals. Change that.

That's a really good edit.

The last copy of chapters yield shit discussion, and became quite dead. I don't want to blame Misuzu, but I am going to blame Misuzu.

Dumb burger.

6th year alementary school


I'm not even a burger but
Literally means 'How many points'
It maybe make more sense to use goals here but the translation is literally correct.

That's why they're perfect for each other.

Why did Misuzu start narrating?

Why not?

Misuzu is going to end up alone, isn't she?

cause it's not a LN

Nothing happening: The page. Yanagida is a hack.

Not if I have a say in the matter.

Even better, she'll probably settle for Tanabe.

It's Jun's flashback, so how can another person start narrating another person's recollection?

Misuzu doesn't know how sports work so that's how she remembered the scene

>That one retard constantly asking where a character is who wasn't introduced yet
And now this retard asking for Misuzu to start narrating in someone else's flashback.

Misuzu looks like she's holding up her skirt and exposing her underskirt.

What if it's Misuzu's flashback now?

It's actually showing that Misuzu is still hanging out with/ waiting for Tomo. She's watching and waiting for Tomo despite having literally zero interest in sports. That tells you something there. It's also an excuse for cute tomboy moments.

Will Jun ever be able to tire her out?

he wants to, but apparently her reply to people asking if she was dating Jun caused a deep scar. just know there are like 44 more pages left.

>tfw i will never have misuzu as my gf



>mfw no Carol on this ENTIRE ARC

>He thinks that Carol won't get a cameo in this arc

She'll casually walk in from the future, comment on how cute and young they all look, then go back through her time portal and none of it will ever be explained.

>Why did Misuzu start narrating?
She's done that before
It's a flashback centering on jun, but it's not Jun reminiscing about what happened that's a big difference. Otherwise stuff like pic related also wouldn't have been done since you could also say that was Jun's flashback too and he wasn't present for their discussion.

fucking rich people man, I swear...