This is a real gun


Not much you really can do against him with human ability. Even with prep time the odds would be incredibly against you.

Talk about wanpi

Ask him his favourite manga and tell him why he have shit taste, if he kills me, he loses, if he doesn't kill me, he loses.

pull his finger

Talk about One Piece and hope he lets me live.

Hit him on the ground

Tell him I love him

Tell him his voice actor is shit before I get splatted.

Tell him "If you kill me, you'll just be like him"
If he asks who, i tell him "You know who i'm talking about."

Then after he kills me he'll keep wondering about what the fuck i was saying and he'll enter depression over it.

Do you think the person who drew this used somebody's hand for reference?

>"What are you gonna do, shoot me?"

better than sakurafish

Tell him to get it over with desu


>quote from the man was shot

>BANG me, I won't die

>Your next line will be "Bang!"

thank god it's over

Wanpi is shit and Oda is a fucking hack.

Can he beat the TAAMINETA


>If you ki-

But the whole point was that this retard wanted to get some genuine reaction, he didn't kill her and her dad straight away.