Yakumo-san wa Edzuke ga Shitai 32

Shouhei is so hot.
Also, big sister's face is FINALLY revealed.

I am so hard right now

a fucking leaf

I wonder how rui will react when she hears about Yamato hooking up with Yakumo

Ran-san is kinda hot too

eh she looks like s less hot version of Yakumo's friend

Of course, Yuri is 8 years older. We are living in the age of attractive and mature cakes.


but Rui's friend is pretty good

Of course she is, such shame she is younger than me

I don't understand why these pedophile manga are allowed. I mean this story is literally an old lady luring the high school boy next door and grooming him for herself.

Puberty ruins boys.

aw fuck off man you know he is the one gunning for her.
childhood friend is going to lose

Is this weekly?

I thought it came out every 2 weeks


Next chapter comes out the 16th but I think it’s more the magazine having a really quick release even though it’s monthly.

It's biweekly
It comes out each 1st and 3rd Friday

next chapter is going to be both of them acting awkward around each other.

>that cliffhanger
Surprised no one's brought it up yet

My dick brought it up

I look forward to it