If Steel Ball Run is so good, why is there no Steel Ball Run 2?

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>If Steel Ball Run is so good, why is there no Steel Ball Run 2?
It's called JoJolion.

I wish Jesus would give me advice.

You know too much.

It's called knowing how this series works.

Well, to be fair, not even the author know
how this series works.

Araki forgot.


I can't stop masturbating to Jotaro Kujo!


What's your Stand, anons?

I don't have one.
Stand Generators are dumb.

>not making up your own
Don't you know thyself, user?

I did have a basic idea, but I'm not autistic enough to go from there.

>not autistic enough
More like not creative enough. Get to it, user.

If I had one, it would definitely be called 『Morning Glory』

『Victim of Changes』 or『On Impulse』

>try a Stand generator
>get an OP Stand

Is it gay to cry over Caesar's death?

I hope not.

No. Everyone cried during that scene.

Jojo made me cry more than movies like Hotaru no Haka, for example, which are supposed to make you cry a lot.

Because the bait is weak

>implying it's bait

If you ever consider Speedwagon useless, remember this guy:

If you ever consider Tonpetty useless, remember this guy:

I literally don't, who is he?

Read the manga.
He's a random dude who only appeared in two pages of Battle Tendency, right after the first fight between Joseph and Straits in the middle of the city, and before they go to the bridge.

But I don't blame you, he was so much of a minor character, he didn't even make it into the anime adaptation.

You're not a TRUE fan unless you know that guy!!

I am literally rereading battle tendency right now and just got to the part with the wedding rings. I still didn't notice him.

Obligatory Kakyoin post!

Brute confirmed for most forgettable character of all time.

Yes, he wasn't even a likeable character.
Never understood part 2-fags

I hope JJL gets a Bittersweet ending, I feel there's going to be a good couple of watery moments coming.
Please stop the murder.
>Speedwagon is useless.
I was going to make a Mountain Tim joke, but I feel bad.

I'll stop once there are no more Rock Humans.
The day of the pickaxe cannot come soon enough.

He's here, btw.
Along with best reporter.

I just want Yasuho and Gappy to hug already. And maybe, just maybe, hold hands. But only if Yasuho is okay with that.

I agree with you user.
It's frustrating because as soon as I sour on Yasuho, something like the hands on the swing happens and I realise they have a nice bit of chemistry with them.
I wish she could do more, but I like very much that she's back and doing things. Gappy getting shitty with Rai made me grin.

The stand generator is fucking stupid. The thing about stand abilities is that they are typically really abstract and specific and also tend to be some sort of reference to the song they are named after. Stands with generic super powers are boring.

Gappy belongs to Daiya.
She's going to win the tetrabowl in the end.

Koichi >>>> Yasuho

Daiya is a slut.

Log off Rohan.
She's going to be the accidental death during this arc that exposes Jobin.

I wish I was Daiya so I could hug Gappy and be intimate with him.

Nice try doc.

Not necessarily Daiya, but I agree on someone dying because of Jobin. Some member of the family is going to see him burying the lego white house and that will be a problem to our main villain.

>Jobin kills Kyo

It's going to be Tsurugi.

If it's Hato or Kyo, I'm dropping JJL.

It would be 『Cruel Sun』 or 『King Of Nails』

That's highly improbable.
I can't imagine Jobin killing his daughter (male)

>Someone actually cares about Hato
I'm surprised.

There's more reason to care bout Hato than Kyo

Reminder that Hato is a whore who even fucked this disgusting thing.

『Smooth Criminal』, 『Human Nature』, 『Lady In Red』, 『Lazy Nina』any of them

Is it a surprise? I really love her and she' surprised me constantly.
i thought Araki would keep her as minor half joke character for the downtime but as the stories gone on, she's been much more. Her interactions with the family are always cute and feel natural. I really felt for her during Vitamin C when things got serious and I'm glad tat she was one who managed to incapacitate Damo before Gappy delivered the punch. Not even just the kicks through the window, but the stop from the roof too, I feel you really see her vengeance and love for her family. comes up again in Mother and Meeting where she takes control of the Kaato situation and looks much like the head of the house. It never felt forced with her character and I'm really rooting for her to end up becoming the actual head of house over Jobin.
I'd fuck Damo. Fuck you.

One of the reasons any JoJo part is good is because Araki doesn't beat his horses into the fucking dirt. It allows it to have a beginning, middle, and end where the status quo can change several times.

Not riding stories into the ground is a good thing.

>That's highly improbable
I don't think you know how Araki's mind works and I'm not sure even he understands it either.
It's a bizarre adventure for a reason.

Having a loved one die is a better motif of reaching the top (happiness) than someone who works for the family.

issa meme


kono filesize!!


Based hairposter.

Based pointing it out poster

『Swimming Pools』

Okay, Araki's mind works in mysterious ways, but you have to think about the japanese manga industry itself. Back in the 80's it was acceptable to see a character killing his own son (like it happened on Phantom Blood) but nowadays, you don't see that kind of things anymore, or at least, not in manga outside of the seinen genre.

>but nowadays, you don't see that kind of things anymore, or at least, not in manga outside of the seinen genre
That's exactly why it would be bizarre.

Either way JJL is seinen.

You just want to see Daiya dead, don't you.
What has the poor child done to you.

And by that, I meant Tsurugi.
Fuck my keyboard.

>What has the poor child done to you.
Do you really want to know?

Tsurugi killed my parents.

Wait, what is that image.
I'm confused.

It seems that this image has piqued your interest.
I suggest turning back now while you still have the chance.

This is something very dangerous.

Jojo is emotional but, come on, nothing comes close to hotaru no haka

I'm sorry, your father was a good man.

Maybe there's something wrong with me, I don't know, but Hotaru no Haka couldn't make my cry, not even close to it.

I'm tempted, but I'm at college right now, so better not look for possible NSFW content. There's a lot of people here.

We have Four Ball Run though

I prefer Ronald-kun's buff Tsurugi though.
>NSFW that's not Garik's or Yasuho.

There is nothing NSFW about it, but let me tell you this...
After seeing it all, it has drastically changed how I perceive JoJolion.
It has made me a madman, and all I do now is constantly write theories of what is going to happen next in the series.

This will unlock something inside your head and turn the gears in your brain.
You will not be the same person as you were before.
I cannot stress this enough. It's a miracle I'm still me.

You will have to find it on your own because I do not want to cause innocent people to lose their humanity.

What have you done?

『Good Vibrations』

>hey man sbr is best part desu
>jhonny's ass is what i like

Delete this right now!
You have no idea what you're doing! You'll kill us all!

Only the good parts get a sequel.

I'll do more of him in the future.

Oh yes.

I emptied my balls to lewd pics of Jotaro. Somebody help me.


I teared up at Oldseph's "death" knowing full well he'd be fine.

Whose smiles do you want to protect the most?




Jotaro is too atutistic to dress like that, he would insist on wearing his coat and cap over the suit.

Is it true that JoJo turns you gay?




When did someone kill his own son in Phantom Blood?

Jotaro really look like young Joseph here

Oldseph's, desu fampai