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s-stop looking at me



what happened to it just being a hair in the window

I never thought I would ever see the face


Classrep a best


The tripfag is also a newfag. Color me surprised.

Kasumi > sumika

I'd have kids with Chizuru


erase me sensei

snip snip


good taste

I'll allow you to date Classrep tomorrow on Saturday

Classrep is literally worst girl how can anyone even like her

I LOVE Sumika!

Going through Muv-Luv Extra right now. Finding it surprisingly enjoyable to read.


>worst girl
>great body


Friday Stream link for those interested.

Prepare for suffering.


good luck

That's Alternative right? It's difficult trying to imagine this cast of characters in a mecha military situation but I guess I'll see how it's handled eventually.

Akane is bester.

The softest

Unlimited is also suffering. Far less than Alternative, but still.

I also just started playing around the beginning of the week. Don't know why I put it on my backlog for so long, the mecha element doesn't annoy me one bit. I'm deep in Alternative now and can't wait to go home, grab some snacks and beer and finish it off in one go.

Best muvluv.


You know the drill

Years later, still the best girl.


She's got the best body out of the side heroines.

>literally goes to whore herself like her mother after being bullied a bit

And I mean a bit, that's shit tier bullying for nips.

You really want to start this?

It's really no contest. She is also alive which is a bonus.

Pump and dump Yui

Dumb childhood friend is a best!

What the fuck.