Why was this allowed?

why was this allowed?

yeah i mean who would think removing her pigtails was a good idea at all

Stupid feminist gets taught a lesson.

It's a fighting tournament


>a person joins a fighting tournament
>gets beaten up

Who else's first boner was from this? I've been into ryona ever since...

>why is a person beating up another person in a fighting tournament allowed
What the fuck am I reading.

Talk shit get hit

I just loved it when she screamed in pain.

And Cuckhan did absolutely nothing to stop it. Goku or Vegeta would've destroyed Spopovich right there if their wives were getting beaten up.

Why are you trying to retract our freedom?

80s Japan. It was a different time.

Why are dragonball tards allowed to spam dragon ball threads?

Because fucking loli moe loving pedophiles like you should burn.

I wonder if toriyama knows how many fetsishes he has created because of dragon ball

Dragonball fags should burn. Mods should just kill all of them in one fell swoop. It'd make this board all the better.

Why hasn't anyone made some thing like this for the sweet sweet Kale ryona in the ToP

Because she is a shotacon and doesnt like men on steroids.

Why it shouldn't?

I'm a Dragon ball fag and I agree. Mods should just nuke them until the shitposters go away.

>enters tournament
>gets beat up
What a twist

Nigger, Goku would shit talk Chichi for losing on top of her getting beaten up.

because men and women are equal you pig.

This is the same tournament that let Tenshinhan literally break Yamcha's arm after he was already down.
They clearly don't give a shit.