Love Live! Sunshine!!

What the fuck is her problem?

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She's an amerifat.

fetal alcohol syndrome

I mean being a schooru aidoru is literally her dream yet she doesn't give a fuck about dia/kanan lectures

She doesn't take it seriously because she is rich and doesn't need to be successful.

Meme answer:
Haha so ebin SHAINII XDDDD.
Deepest lore(headcanon):
Catching up on sleep because of school idol stuff with studies and responsibilities as director. Playing it as a joke so the others won't get worried.

With Mari it's more like schoow idowl

>Catching up on sleep because of school idol stuff with studies and responsibilities as director.

I'll believe it

>Mari start speaking engrish

>being a mari fag

>bullying maribros

Would you take being an idol seriously if you were in a group called flops?

>he's not a maribro
>he's not E L I T E

>he's a moosetard


Nice side mouth.

Homosexuality is comorbid with mental illness.

Cute Hanamaru-chan.

Being rich and spoiled.

Lewd Hanamaru-chan.

yeah but she a cutest


How do you feel about Mari's girlfriend though?

Daily reminder they couldn't afford their own ED screen and had to share.

so what happened to Dia's

>fucking foreigners
No honor.

They'll probably force her with Ruby again.

More like a.MARI.fat


Indeed. Mari is a joke.


Mari is only a joke in the anime.

>Has skillful singer as her seiyuu
>Has zero (0) chance to become center
Best practical joke right here.

Mari is the only American I'm aware of that I like and don't wish for their death.

This sucks a lot but I love it.

ok ahmed

>you'll never molest the stinkstar like this
feels bad.


who's the best tit tiddler?

why does this guy never show the tits, ass and pussy?

plus he really knows my fetishes.

The way they made those eyes so shiny is the real achievment of this show. I've been trying to replicate that and it's insanely difficult. I can't imagine how anyone can pump out 12 frames per second keeping that eye quality consistent. I wonder if they use CGI.


Is this Re:Creators?

>I wonder if they use CGI
Of course they use fucking CGI. How disillusioned are you in thinking that Love Live doesn't use it?


>mfw i share a birthday with cute chuuni
Who's going to leave SK looking like your typical Kpop girl?

Does Riko even know how to use a computer? She's making these songs but you never see her composing and that's a shame because her character is wasted on memes.

>This trigger Rikofags

It's implied that she's not spoiled at all since her parents doesn't even live with her.

Kanan spoils her.

I love Riko-chan so much a have a folder full of cute pictures of her!

I knew Hanamaru's things were big
but wow

How does that translate into not being spoiled?

Wow, you're special.

Holy shit. Hanamaru's marus are BIG.

>tummy pooch
What does she mean by that?


it was a story that came out today on the game and they're holding a photoshoot but she doesn't want to take a photo because she thinks her belly is fat but Kanan motivates her to do it by forcing all of them to do exercise

>inb4 /vg/

>Kanan motivates her to do it by forcing all of them to do exercise
Just according to keikaku.


>kimene being a big bully again

>exercise is bullying
Ok fatass

I think he hides most of his shit behind a paywall. I've noticed on twitter that it's almost always exclusively gooks that do this.

There'd be leaks if that's true. People are even offering money for uncensored version but he just brushes it off.

Remember to vote.

go away vg

I guess that's true. Still not sure why it's a gook thing to obnoxiously censor the pictures.

why do you tell me to go to /vg/? this is love live related. these girls may even get an anime in the future you never know

Mari has the best body in Aqours.

those are some ugly ass badges

It's definitely between her and Kanan, although Dia is also high on the list.

You has the 2nd best body imo.


Hot, but too skinny for my tastes. I like soft squishy girls, and Mari/You fit the bill.

do any of them have a six pack


Kanan likely does.

Fixed it for you.

she's got my vote

kill me

Disgusting. Dia's design is already perfect.


I want to share pocky with Maru on pocky day.

Bu-buu~ desu wa. Your sister is hotter, Dia-san.




I'm one day off :(

what a slut

> You will never analyze your dick

You and I have different definitions for being spoiled.

short attention span, they even told you that in the episode

Seems like a fun time.

Why is You in Chika and Riko's bedroom?

Gay idols are best idols

she broke into the house and drugged them

Hair down Chika is so hot.

Because she is a sorry slut who can't let go